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The White Light (title presumed from dialogue, not official) is the final boss of Attack the Light. It is located in the Fire Zone and is the combined light of all the Prism Monsters. Its fighting style is based on randomizing the Prism Monsters' abilities by shifting to their specific color.


(Ability titles presumed from gameplay, not official)

  • Cumulative Strength: Being the combined energy of all the previous bosses fought, it has all their powers, as well as the powers of the unfought Lights.
  • Light Change: White Light will change its color. The color White Light changes into determines which attack it will use next.
    • Blue Shock: Blue Light skill. White Light will take aim and fire a blue electrified orb towards a Gem. If not blocked, the Gem will be paralyzed for a couple of turns.
    • Red Fireball: Red Light skill. The creature will charge a large red ball in its left hand and throw it towards a Gem. If not blocked, the Gem will be inflicted with the burned status.
    • Orange Barrage: Orange Light skill. The creature will take aim to the sky and fire, one by one, three orange fireballs that are targeted toward each Gem (Garnet, Pearl, then Amethyst). If the attack successfully connects, it will lower the target's defense.
    • Green Heal: Green Light skill. The creature will do a dance that will restore 50 HP.
    • Indigo Spawn: Indigo Light skill. The creature will occasionally summon small scorpions to aid it in battle. Unlike Indigo Light, it summons red scorpions instead of indigo.
    • Indigo Laser: Indigo Light skill. White Light will shoot a laser beam that attacks one Gem. It cannot be blocked by quick time actions, but can be blocked by Steven's Bubble. White Light will always use this move if the player picks the wrong dialogue choice.

Boss Fight

White Light has all the powers of the previously fought bosses and more. Once its health is low enough to be immune to any attack, it will begin communicating with Steven clearly. At this point, the player must choose the right dialogue box or White Light will interrupt with Purple Laser.


  • Despite not being fought in the game, White Light has the powers of Violet Light, Yellow Light, and Red Light.
  • The boss does not have an attack with the Yellow Light form but will always communicate to Steven in this form.


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