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This article is about Unknown Gems. You may be looking for Minor Gem Characters.

Unknown Gems are Gems who have been visually shown through holograms, drawings, named, or other methods. They, or their gemstones, have not been officially identified.

"Cheeseburger Backpack"

"Serious Steven"

"Steven the Sword Fighter"

"Sworn to the Sword"

"Keeping it Together"

"Historical Friction"

In Steven and Jamie's play, "Beach City or Bust", props for a Crystal Gem fusion and Corrupted Gem Monster can be seen. Not strongly resembling any other fusions, this is a fusion between some (or all) of the Crystal Gems. This fusion fights off a Corrupted Gem resembling both the Centipeetle Mother and the Big Bird.

"When It Rains"

There are holograms of many unknown Cluster Gems in The Prime Kindergarten Control Room in "When It Rains".

"The Answer"

There are many unknown Gems (represented in silhouettes during Garnet's flashback) in "The Answer".

Image Color Gemstone (Shape, Location) Other Info
The Answer - Unknown Gem 2
Dark Burgundy Oval; Right Elbow She has Ruby-esque hair in two buns.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 3
Teal Tear Drop; Chest She has pointy hair and a knee length dress.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 5
Sky Blue Tear Drop; Chest Her hair and gem placement are similar to that of Yellow Diamond. However, her dress, gem cut, and colour in the picture are different.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 10
Deep Blue Tear Drop; Back Her body, hair, outfit, gemstone, and gemstone placement are extremely similar to that of Lapis Lazuli.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 9
Cerulean Rectangle; Collar She has poofy hair in a bun, and she is wearing a dress. She is very similar to another unknown Gem that appeared in "Cheeseburger Backpack"
The Answer - Unknown Gem 11
Gray-Blue Upside-Down Tear Drop; Chest Her hair is similar to that of Dr. Maheswaran, and is also similar to an unknown Gem seen in "Cheeseburger Backpack".
The Answer - Unknown Gem 13
Light Pink Hexagon; Navel Her hair is similar to that of Rainbow Quartz and has a pointy nose; this unknown Gem is very similar to one seen in "Cheeseburger Backpack".
The Answer - Unknown Gem 17
Pink Square; Navel Her hair is similar to an upside-down comma.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 8
Burgundy Rhombus; Right Eye Her body, hair and gemstone shape are extremely similar to that of a quartz.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 7
Pink Rhombus; Right Eye Her body, hair and gemstone shape are extremely similar to that of a quartz.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 15
Burgundy Circle; Chest She was bald and very bulky, muscular, and large. She was poofed by Pearl.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 16
Hot Pink Circle; Chest She was bald and very bulky, muscular, and large. She was poofed by Pearl.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 14
Carnation Pink Circle; Chest Her hair is in a pointed "swoop", and she is wearing a robe.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 4
Lavender Unknown She has short hair and is the only Gem whose silhouette does not contain defined hips and hands. Her gemstone's shape and location are currently unknown.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 6
Mauve Oval; Left Elbow She has hair pointed to the left and a muscular build similar to that of a quartz. Her hair, however, is short, a characteristic not yet seen in any quartzes except the defective jasper from "That Will Be All", Skinny.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 1
Salmon Oval; Chest She has hair in two buns. Her body shape is similar to that of Garnet although her single gem, its cut, and its placement are different.
The Answer - Unknown Gem 12
Lavender Triangle; Chest Her hair is pointed in two triangular buns and is wearing a floor length dress. This gem (except her gemstone's cut) bears a strong resemblance to that of Holly Blue Agate.

"Same Old World"

There are a few unknown Gems featured in Lapis' flashback.

"Monster Reunion"

There are a few unknown Gems featured in Centipeetle's flashback.


These are the "other Crystal Gems" who were mentioned by Bismuth, except for Nephrite, which is most likely a Homeworld Gem. They appear to be her close friends. Their statuses are unknown.

  • "Crazy Lace" (Crystal Gem, mentioned by Bismuth)
  • "Biggs" (Crystal Gem, mentioned by Bismuth)
  • "Snowflake" (Crystal Gem, mentioned by Bismuth)
  • Nephrite (Homeworld ship pilot, mentioned by Bismuth to Pearl)


Many Corrupted Gems are seen trapped in cages in the Beta Kindergarten. Their bodies are hidden by shadows and only their glowing yellow eyes can be seen.


Another Corrupted Gem can be seen in a cage. Only its two eyes and large six clawed hand can be seen.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

Unknown small gem

When Steven is adjusting the Roaming Eye's form calibration system for the Crystal Gems, a small type of Gem can briefly be seen on the panel, which subsequently alters the Crystal Gems' forms to be small.

"That Will Be All"

That Will Be All 060

There are hundreds of bubbled Rose Quartz in Pink Diamond's Zoo sanctuary.

Other Media

Attack the Light

There is an unknown Gem from Steven Universe: Attack the Light.

Steven Universe Comics

There are some unknown Gems from the Steven Universe comics.


  • The unnamed Gem warrior from "Sworn to the Sword" is voiced by Michaela Dietz. This may imply she is an Amethyst or some type of Quartz.
  • The Gems mentioned by Bismuth all correspond to real-life minerals. "Crazy Lace" is a variety of agate. "Biggs" is a variety of jasper. "Snowflake" is a type of obsidian. "Nephrite" is one of the minerals called jade.

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