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This page is dedicated to establishing a general overview of historical or important events that take place before and during the events of Steven Universe.

Ancient History

Eons Ago

Cheeseburger Backpack 050

Ancient gems at the Lunar Sea Spire.

Over 6,000 years ago

Rose's Scabbard 177

Rose Quartz warning Pearl about the costs and dangers of joining her rebellion.

Over 5,750 years ago

  • Rose and Pearl defect from Homeworld and form the Crystal Gems.
  • The cut of Rose Quartz is thereby recognised as a threat and every Rose Quartz is removed from labour, specifically from Pink Diamond's entourage.
  • Pearl learns the human concept of being a knight at the Ancient Sky Arena.
  • Blue Diamond arrives on Earth. She establishes her court and oversees the removal of the then-forming Rebellion.
  • Sapphire is sent to Earth along with three Ruby guards at the request of Blue Diamond.
  • The Crystal Gems lead a direct attack on Blue Diamond's court.
  • Garnet is formed for the first time.
  • Garnet becomes a Crystal Gem after being outcasted by Blue Diamond.
  • Pink Diamond continues ravaging the planet.

Around 5,500 years ago

  • The Rebellion officially begins.[1]
  • Some of the first battles in the Rebellion take place at the Ancient Sky Arena.

Over 5,300 years ago

Same Old World 153

Lapis Lazuli about to get poofed by a Gem that resembles Bismuth.

  • Lapis Lazuli arrives on Earth to visit for a short time and is caught mid-war and poofed by a Gem that resembles Bismuth.
  • Lapis Lazuli is then collected by a Homeworld warrior and mistaken for a rebel. She is imprisoned in a mirror and used as a source of information.

Over 5,000 years ago

Around 4,500 years ago

  • Homeworld Gems evacuate Earth.
    • Lapis Lazuli's mirror is abandoned at the Galaxy Warp and her gemstone is trampled over and cracked during the evacuation. Many Homeworld Gems such as Centipeetle get left behind.
    • A flash of light is set off by the Diamonds, corrupting all Gems caught in it. The only known Gems who were unaffected are Rose Quartz, Pearl, Garnet, Bismuth, and Lapis Lazuli.

Over 4,000 years ago

Unknown - Ancient History

  • All Rose Quartz Gems are bubbled for Rose's treason.
  • Homeworld's resources become limited as Era 2 of Gem production begins.
  • Blue Diamond takes over Pink Diamond's Zoo in her absence.
  • The Galaxy Warp becomes inactive.
  • Pearl finds Lapis Lazuli's mirror at the Galaxy Warp.
  • Amethyst emerges and is later discovered by the remaining Crystal Gems.
  • The Crystal Gems construct the Crystal Temple.
  • Peridot is created on Homeworld.

Recent Events

19th century

  • Rose Quartz begins traversing the Desert with a pack of lions.
  • Captain William Dewey and his crew are attacked by a Corrupted Gem and rescued by an unknown Crystal Gem fusion. Dewey goes on to establish Beach City.[2]
  • Buddy Buddwick leaves Captain Dewey's crew to begin his career as an explorer and author.
  • One of Rose's lions dies and she resurrects him.
  • In the summer of 1862, William Buford Buchanan, Beach City's most notorious arsonist, sets a record of 335 fires. He drowns after diving into the ocean trying to evade police.[3]

20th century

  • In 1965, the author of the No Home Boys series, Dustylegs Jefferson, dies after being hit by a train at a book signing event in an active train yard.[4]
Story For Steven 050

Greg at the end of his tour.

  • Ocean Town is abandoned after an unspecified catastrophe involving fire.[5]
  • Greg Universe's family gathers annually at the Barn for a feast.
  • Greg drops out of a community college to become a professional musician and tour the country.
  • He changes his surname from DeMayo to Universe and forms a partnership with Marty.
  • Greg's family began moving away from each other leaving Andy DeMayo alone to explore the world in his plane.
  • Greg records Space Train to the Cosmos.[6]
  • Greg falls in love with Rose Quartz and decides to stay in Beach City at 22 after cutting ties with Marty.[6]
  • Greg begins working at It's a Wash, eventually becoming the owner.
  • Greg records "Let Me Drive My Van (into Your Heart)".
  • Greg attempts a fusion with Rose Quartz and proves that human x gem fusion isn't possible.
  • A mud tornado, nicknamed "The Mudnado", hits Beach City.
  • Lars, Sadie, Ronaldo, The Pizza Twins (along with Jenny's group) were born in the 1990s.
  • Rose Quartz records a video for Steven and Nora.[7]

21st century

Present Events

Season One

Tumblr nc2ip8O48b1thczr6o1 500

The stolen ocean.

  • Cookie Cats are discontinued, Steven uses his shield for the first time, and the Crystal Gems defeat the Centipeetle Mother.
  • A Homeworld vessel appears on earth for the first time in over 4,000 years.
  • Steven discovers his mother's laser light cannon and uses it to destroy the Red Eye.
  • The Lunar Sea Spire sinks into the ocean.
  • Steven and Connie formally meet for the first time, Steven activates his Bubble Shield for the first time, and the Worm Monster is defeated.
  • The Pyramid Temple is destroyed.
  • Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma win the Beach City Tag Team Championships.
  • Lion is found by Steven in The Desert.
  • Pearl and Amethyst form Opal and retrieve the Heaven and Earth Beetle gems.
  • Steven discovers his ability to manipulate his biological age.
  • Pearl is damaged and poofed by her holographic counterpart and reforms two weeks later with a new design.
  • Dogcopter 3 premieres in theaters, Steven and Connie discover Rose's Secret Armory, and destroy one of Rose's robots.
  • Steven gains access to Rose's Room.
  • Garnet and Amethyst form Sugilite and destroy an active Homeworld communications hub.
  • The Sea Shrine and a powerful time traveling artifact is destroyed and Steven accidentally creates an alternate timeline.
  • The Centipeetle Mother is released and forms a friendship with Steven before being poofed, The Ice Monster is destroyed, and the Shooting Star is retrieved by the Crystal Gems.
  • Steven discovers his ability to heal with his spit and Connie's eyesight is cured.
  • Lapis Lazuli is released from her mirror by Steven, attempts to flee Earth by stealing the planet's ocean, and engages in battle with the Crystal Gems. Steven befriends her and heals her of the damage done to her gem; she peacefully leaves Earth and returns the ocean.
    • It is also revealed by Pearl that the Corrupted Gems on Earth were once normal Gems over 4,000 years ago.
  • The Geode is repaired by Greg and Steven temporarily loses his healing powers.
  • The Invisible Gem Monster is defeated by Sadie on Mask Island.
  • The Crystal Gems form Alexandrite to impress Connie's parents.
  • Steven's army of watermelon offspring retreat to the ocean.
  • Steven discovers Rose's video tape inside Lion's mane.
  • Peridot arrives at the Galaxy Warp on a scouting mission and flees upon learning the site has been recently compromised by the Crystal Gems.
  • Stevonnie is formed for the first time.
  • Steven learns of Garnet's ability to calculate events in the future.
  • Steven and Amethyst retreat to the Kindergarten she was formed in, a fight between Pearl and Amethyst break out, the two eventually make up.
  • The "ghost" of Beach City's Lighthouse, revealed to be a Corrupted Gem, is captured by Steven.
  • Steven learns of Garnet's ability to transfer future vision to other individuals.
  • Amethyst and Greg rekindle their weakened friendship and a new year passes.
  • Steven confronts Peridot at the Prime-Kindergarten.
  • Lion retrieves Rose's scabbard from the Strawberry Battlefield.
  • Greg tells Steven about the time he and Rose first met.
  • Steven and Greg intercept a message from Lapis Lazuli warning them of Homeworld's imminent arrival.
  • A small fleet of Homeworld Gems, led by Jasper and Peridot, arrives on Earth. Lapis Lazuli is ousted as the one who revealed to the Homeworld that Gems still live on Earth. Beach City is evacuated en masse and Steven learns about the gem war and dark secrets about the gems. Jasper mistakes Steven as Rose Quartz, Garnet is destabilized, and the other Crystal Gems are captured.
  • Steven is introduced to Ruby and Sapphire for the first time, the Gem Warship is destroyed, Peridot launches an escape pod to an unspecified location on Earth, Jasper convinces Lapis to fuse with her as Malachite to defeat the Crystal Gems, and Lapis betrays Jasper, dragging them both to the bottom of the ocean.

Season Two

Full Disclosure 060

The smoking wreckage of Peridot and Jasper's crashed Gem Warship.

  • The citizens of Beach City begin repairing damage caused by the Gem Warship.
  • Steven attempts to keep the Gem Warship incident away from Connie.
  • Steven discovers Peridot's escape pod in an abandoned field.
  • Jamie returns from Hollywood, Kansas after his acting career goes south.
  • Amethyst reforms after being poofed multiple times by the Slinker.
  • Connie takes on sword fighting lessons from Pearl.
  • The Crystal Gems discover Peridot's location. After she escapes, Garnet and Steven discover a nest of forced fusions created from pieces of shattered gems.
  • Greg tells Steven of the time he recorded a music video with the Crystal Gems, met Rainbow Quartz, and attempted to fuse with Rose.
  • Steven discovers his ability to enter the consciousness of other individuals and learns that Lapis Lazuli is suffering under the ocean.
  • Garnet and Pearl fuse to form Sardonyx to destroy the Homeworld Communication Hub after Peridot rebuilds it. Amethyst and Steven learn that Pearl has been lying to Garnet about subsequent repairs to the Communication Hub, presumably done by Peridot, to keep fusing with her.
  • Ruby and Sapphire open up about their feelings over Pearl's betrayal during a trip to a motel.
  • Garnet and Pearl forgive one another and work together to capture Peridot, who eventually escapes.
  • Connie's mother discovers her daughter's secret sword fighting lessons. Connie and Steven save a hospital from an infestation of Gem mutants.
  • Peridot is poofed and captured by the Crystal Gems; Steven eventually befriends her and she takes shelter in the Beach House's bathroom.
  • Peridot reveals to Steven that a massive cluster composed of millions of shattered gems is resting below the earth and is overdue to form and destroy the planet.
  • The Crystal Gems use Greg's family barn as a base to build a machine that can stop the cluster.
  • Steven turns 14.
  • Garnet tells Steven the story of how Ruby and Sapphire met and formed Garnet.
  • The Crystal Gems travel to a Homeworld base on the moon where Peridot reveals the Homeworld's original plans to colonize and drain the earth of its natural resources.
  • Peridot confronts Yellow Diamond and defects from Homeworld, becoming an official member of the Crystal Gems.

Season Three

  • The Crystal Gems defeat Malachite on Mask Island and rescue Lapis Lazuli. Meanwhile, Steven and Peridot travel to the Cluster and successfully contain the weapon.
  • Steven helps Lapis adjust to life on Earth. Lapis reluctantly moves into the Barn with Peridot, but eventually warms up to her.
  • A squad of Rubies arrive on Earth to retrieve Jasper, but are tricked into leaving following a baseball game with the Crystal Gems.
  • Steven develops his mother's floating abilities.
  • Greg becomes a millionaire after reuniting with Marty.
  • Greg and Pearl settle their differences regarding Rose.
  • Peridot develops metal manipulation powers.
  • Steven's mental powers are further developed with help from an unwilling Lars.
  • Steven resolves a feud between the Fryman and Pizza families.
  • Steven uses his dream abilities to help Kiki overcome a family affair.
  • Steven learns more about the Gem War and reunites Centipeedle with her own kind.
  • Jasper returns.
  • Connie goes on her first mission with the Crystal Gems and encounters Jasper for the first time. Jasper begins building her own army of Corrupted Gems.
  • Amethyst is promptly defeated by Jasper and nearly destroyed until Stevonnie intervenes.
  • Amethyst trains with Steven to become stronger, with both learning new tricks and bonding over their insecurities.
  • Steven accidentally releases Bismuth from her bubble inside Lion's mane. Bismuth reconnects with the surviving Crystal Gems and provides upgrades for their weapons. Steven learns the reason for Bismuth's imprisonment and is forced to bubble her again. Afterward, he explains her imprisonment to the others.
  • Steven, Amethyst and Peridot track Jasper to the Beta Kindergarten. They discover Jasper's origins along with what has happened to the Corrupted Gems.
  • Amethyst and Steven form Smoky Quartz for the first time while fighting Jasper. Jasper becomes corrupted after attempting to fuse with a Gem Monster. Before she is finally defeated by Peridot, Jasper reveals her reasons for coming back to Earth.
  • The Rubies return to Earth. Amethyst (disguised as Jasper) convinces them to take herself and the other Crystal Gems to the Moon Base. Upon arrival, Eyeball, as a firsthand witness, confirms that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. Eventually, Amethyst's deception is discovered and the Rubies attack. Sardonyx knocks the Rubies (and Steven, by accident) into space.
  • Steven and the Rubies become stranded in deep space. Steven finds Eyeball and rescues her, eventually revealing Rose's Gemstone. Believing Steven is Rose Quartz, Eyeball attempts to shatter Steven, forcing him to eject Eyeball back into space. After some time, Steven is saved by the Crystal Gems, having hijacked the Rubies' Roaming Eye ship. On the ride back to Earth, the Crystal Gems confirm and justify Rose's actions toward Pink Diamond.

Season Four

  • While cleaning up Jasper's mess at the Beta Kindergarten, Peridot manages to poof and bubble her first Corrupted Gem.
  • Steven and Amethyst reveal Smoky Quartz to the other Crystal Gems. Sardonyx attempts to evaluate Smoky, ultimately realizing they are special in their own way.
  • Steven and Connie discover a journal by Buddy Buddwick.
  • Steven overcomes his regrets with help from Connie.
  • With help from Steven, Mr. Smiley reconnects with his old friend and partner Mr. Frowney.
  • Steven meets Onion's summer friends.
  • Andy DeMayo reconnects with his estranged cousin Greg over a family dinner with Steven and the Gems.
  • Steven investigates a strange dream he is having, despite frequent warnings from Garnet. After Blue Diamond abducts Greg in Korea, Steven and the Crystal Gems travel to Pink Diamond's Zoo to rescue him. Lapis, Peridot, and Connie are charged with protecting Earth in their stead.
  • Despite issues with the Roaming Eye's gravity drive, the Crystal Gems arrive at Pink Diamond's Zoo. While Holly Blue Agate gives Sapphire, Ruby, and Pearl a tour of the facility, Steven is inserted into the Human Zoo and reunites with Greg.
  • Despite a comfortable existence inside the Zoo, Greg ultimately rejects the "choosening" ceremony of the other humans. Steven and Greg are subsequently captured by the intervening Amethyst guards.
  • Brought to the guard quarters, Steven and Greg are surprised that Amethyst has quickly befriended her sisters, both for their common heritage and mutual dislike of Holly Blue Agate. While Holly Blue browbeats the guards into preparing for Blue Diamond's surprise return, Steven and Greg take refuge in a large room full of bubbled Rose Quartzes, hiding when Blue Diamond arrives to pay her respects. Yellow Diamond enters immediately after, attempting to convince Blue to move on. Afterwards, Steven and Greg sneak back out while Sapphire stalls Holly and the Diamonds for time. Upon entering the hangar, Holly catches Steven and Greg attempting to escape. She tries to stop them, but is thwarted by Garnet and the others. The Crystal Gems and Greg successfully escape the Zoo.
  • While Steven and the Gems are away, Connie, Lapis, and Peridot protect Beach City, with disastrous results.
  • The Crystal Gems and Greg return to Earth. The car wash's sign is replaced afterward.
  • Steven resolves his mother issues inside Rose's Room.
  • Ronaldo temporarily joins the Crystal Gems.
  • Steven and Amethyst officially retire from Beach City's underground wrestling scene.
  • Navy crash-lands on Earth. Posing as a defector, she eventually steals back the Roaming Eye and escapes into space.
  • Steven discovers another of Rose's secrets with help from Lion.
  • Steven and Connie do a stakeout with Mr. Maheswaran, though the culprit is not who they suspect.
  • Steven, Sadie, and Lars are invited to a party hosted by Buck and company. On the night of the party, however, Lars is nowhere to be found.
  • Steven, Connie, and the Gems investigate several mysterious disappearances. Steven encounters Aquamarine and Topaz for the first time, and Connie is captured in the process.
  • Steven and the Crystal Gems confront Aquamarine and Topaz, with the former explaining their reason for visiting Earth. In order to save his friends, Steven reveals his mother's gemstone and turns himself in, departing Earth for Homeworld.
  • Eyeball somehow returns to Homeworld during this time, possibly rescued by Navy.

Season Five

  • Steven discovers that Lars is still on the ship. Nevertheless, Aquamarine and Topaz escort them to Homeworld. Topaz tries to help Steven and Lars escape, but to no avail.
  • Put on trial for Rose Quartz's crime of shattering Pink Diamond, Steven (represented by a blue defending Zircon) goes up against the Diamonds (represented by a yellow prosecuting Zircon). Steven learns that his mother may not be responsible for the shattering. Both Zircons are poofed by Yellow Diamond.
  • Lars and Steven escape the Diamonds and meet a group of rogue "off color" Gems (Padparadscha, the Rutile Twins, Rhodonite, and Fluorite). Lars is killed by an explosion while protecting the group from a pack of Robonoids.
  • Steven revives Lars with his tears, causing him to turn pink and gain powers similar to Lion. Steven uses Lars' pocket dimension to return to Earth, while Lars and the Off Colors stay behind to search for an alternate way home.
  • Connie gets mad at Steven and leaves with Lion. Mayor Dewey resigns his post, allowing Nanefua Pizza to take his place.
  • Greg and the Crystal Gems take Steven to a place called Cool Ranch to help him relax, thinking that he is upset about space.
  • Lapis Lazuli leaves Earth once again and takes the Barn, not wanting to get caught in the middle of another war with the Diamonds.
  • Peridot, Steven, and Amethyst return to the Kindergarten to turn it into an actual garden in order to cheer Peridot up, but instead encounter a Flower Monster. Peridot gets over the fact that Lapis left her.
  • Sadie quits her job and joins a band with Buck, Jenny, Sour Cream, and Steven.
  • Kevin returns and invites Steven and Connie to his party. At the party, it is revealed that Connie was trying to get in touch with Steven all this time. Connie and Steven make amends and leave on Lion.
  • During this time, Lars and the Off Colors escape from Homeworld and become a rebel cell against the Homeworld Gems.
  • Steven and Connie visit Lars and the Off Colors, only to be shot down by an Emerald while protecting Lars' new ship.
  • Stevonnie gets stranded on a nearby planet and learns more about Pink Diamond's past.
  • Lars and his crew rescue Stevonnie off of the Jungle Moon.

Level-2 Canon

"Level-2 Canon" refers to events that occur in Steven Universe media outside TV releases that present a narrative that takes place within the TV show's timeline. Such narration is considered to be canon until the TV series overwrites such canon with its own. This section lists the events that have not been overwritten so far.



Tumblr inline nren6wY1mT1qgz2eg 500

Original intended airing order for Season 1


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