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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode begins outside the Abandoned Warehouse. Another wrestling match is ongoing.]
Mr. Smiley They're the team you love to hate, but also hate to love!
Lars I love wrestling!
Mr. Smiley Ooh, another devastating move by Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire tonight folks! Looks like Shark-O-Mania is seeing starfish after that last one!
Steven Let's finish him off with our special move!
Amethyst Yeah, why not?
Steven Take my hand!
Purple Puma takes Tiger Millionaire's hand and spins him in the air.
Mr. Smiley Here it comes, ya'll. The Purple Millionaire kick!
Purple Puma spins Tiger around so he kicks Shark-O Mania in the face, knocking them on their back.
Mr. Smiley And Shark-O-Mania's out cold. Somebody put that fish on ice before it stinks up the joint! Folks, Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma have done it again! They are still your tag team champions! Will their special brand of jungle terror ever come to an end?
The crowd cheers loudly, including Lars.
Lars Yeah! Don't ever stop!
Steven Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma forever!
Mr. Smiley Such dedication to teamwork! And friendship- (Purple Puma takes his microphone) Wha-
Amethyst (sighs) Hey, it's been fun but, I'm over this.
The crowd gasps, and goes silent.
Steven W-What's going on?
Amethyst I'm through with this place! Here's your belt back. (drops the mic)
Mr. Smiley Hey now, that mic is expensive! You can't just (she removes her tag team belt and drops it) Oh, no, you're just gonna do that and leave?!
Steven runs over and picks up the belt, picking the microphone up.
Steven Uh, sorry everyone. I guess... this is over. Bye, Mr. Smiley
The crowd begins protesting and booing as Amethyst and Steven exit.
Mr. Smiley What an unbelievable shame, folks.
Lars What! That's it?! You can't quit now!
Mr. Smiley What a sad and anti-climatic end to one of the greatest tag team careers to ever grace the squared surface.
The door closes behind Amethyst and Steven, and she shapeshifts back into herself.
Amethyst Ahh! Got my Saturday night spank.
Steven Did you really mean what you said? About being through with wrestling?
Amethyst Come on, Steven. Wasn't that match kinda boring? We don't need wrestling to have fun anymore, right?
Steven Uh, right!
Amethyst Yeah! Let's go home and get some grub.
Steven looks at the belt and it shines. It then cuts to Steven walking in to the big donut.
Steven Hey Sadie, hey Lars! Can I get the special?
Lars drops Steven's order on the counter.
Steven (Picks up his order) Uh.
Lars (Groaning) Tiger...
Steven (Gasps)
Lars ... he left wrestling at the highest of his career. (Groaning) Why~?
Sadie Why don't you just ask Steven?
Lars You and your theory. Steven is not Tiger. Tiger's ripped and like seven feet tall.
Steven Well, I heard Purple Puma didn't want to do it anymore
Lars So what! Just because Purple Puma quit doesn't mean Tiger had to.
Steven (Pensive) I also heard Tiger didn't think of that.
Lars Well, he shoulda. It's the least he could do for his fans.
Steven (Pensive) Hmm... (Leaves the shop)
Sadie O-uh. It is him, right?
The scene shift to nightime. Steven goes to the abandoned warehouse wearing a shawl
Mr. Smiley Now I know these days we are in a depression. But underground wrestling is too big to fade. We got two new fighters on loan and they are here to collect. Ladies and gentlemen, The Wolves of Wallstreet!
Billy Bank Assets We'll huff! We'll puff! And we'll blow your stocks down!
Lars What a ripoff.
Steven enters the building and jumps to the ring
Mr.Smiley What's this? It looks like we have a new challenger making his way into the ring. What mystery could possibly lie beneath that identity-concealing shawl?
Steven, dressed as Tiger Millionaire, removes his disguise. Cue Tiger Millionaire's theme.
Mr. Smiley I don't believe! It's Tiger Millionaire ladies and gentlemen.
Steven You are wrong Mr. Smiley. Tiger Millionaire, is gone forever. He retired to his huge pile of money. But he realized it didn't make him happy. So here I am ready to give back to the fans. Tiger Philanthrophist!
Tiger Philanthrophist throws money to a very excited crowd. Sadie is confused. Lars is unamused.
Mr. Smiley So the millionaire becomes a philanthropist. A person who gives money away! But I ask you. Can the Purple Puma's backup make it solo?
Steven Bring it on!
Steven Hey, tough boy! You need a loan to start a small business?
Billy Bank Assets Oh. I'm actually pretty financially stable-
Steven 'cause you've just been approved.
Billy Bank Assets But I guess that-
Steven charges at Billy with an elbow strike and knocks him down.
Mr. Smiley Oh my dang! Billy Bank Assets just got a taste of The Philanthropist business loan elbow!
Mr. Smiley Howl Jones is still in this match thought! He's gonna make a withdraw! Oh! Overdraft!
Steven (Throws money at Howl Jones) This should cover your medical bills!
Mr. Smiley What a generous wrestler! Oh-what? Looks like Shark-o-Mania is back for revenge! With a new partner! The Sea-Wasp! Which is a very poisonous type of jellyfish.
Steven Ha! Looks like we'll have to give them the old Purple Pum-(Looks behind, and realized Amethyst is not there)
Mr. Smiley Dang! How is Tiger gonna get out off this fishy situation?
Steven Ahhhh
Steven charges at Shark-o-Mania and Sea-Wasp and takes them both down with an arm to their guts.
Mr. Smiley Oh! He hit 'em with a charitable Take-Donation! And now a wringing-catapultist! Did you see that? He's paying for their medical bills too! It looks like this philanthropist is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen! No one is leaving here tonight unimpressed.
Steven looks at Lars and frowns, noticing a look of disinterest on his face.
Steven (Cheery) Hi Lars!
Lars (Deadpan) Uh, what.
Steven So... how was your evening?
Lars Fine I guess. Kind of boring
Steven What do you mean kind of boring?
Lars Why are you so worked up over how my night was?
Steven Oh, uh. Well, I was wondering if you've seen any good wrestling matches lately?
Lars Hmpf. Now that you mention it, no!
Steven But I heard Tiger Millionaire was back. He's your favorite, right?
Lars Yeah, but he came back as some lame, Tiger... Phil-harmonic donations-thing. Whichs honestly, is such a weird angle, you know? The whole thing just felt so off.
Steven What do you mean off?
Lars He took off his tie, and is throwing money at everybody. It's like, the sequel no one asked for.
Steven What! It's the sequel you asked for!
Lars Well, he just didn't seem into it you know? He used to care about his money. Now he's just giving it away. And he still just wins like, every match.
Steven Oh, I get it. You want him to lose and keep his money, right?
Lars No, I don't want him to lose, just-
Steven What do you want him to do! Just tell meeee!
Lars I don't know! I don't even know what I want for breakfast half the time! I'm a complex individual teenage boy. Now get out of here and stop taking such a personal interest in my habits and well-being!
Later. Just outside Steven's house.
Steven I don't get it. I don't even know why I'm wrestling anymore. I guess I'm doing it for Lars and he doesn't even care. I liked it better when I was doing it for you.
Amethyst But who needs it you know? I mean, I needed it when I felt like eh I wasn't good enough. But I don't feel like that anymore. Do you?
Steven No. No, that-that's never why I was doing it. I just, liked it was our thing we did together. But, you're right. Doesn't make sense anymore. I think I should just do what you did. Just tell everybody I'm quitting and... leave like it's no big deal.
Later, that night. At the abandoned warehouse
Mr. Smiley Ladies and gents. Tonight is a very special night here at the Beach City Wrestling Arena Dome and Building. I'll let my good friend Tiger Mill- I mean Philanthropist explain.
Steven Thank you Mr. Smiley.
Lars What now.
Steven Tonight will mark my greatest and finalist act of philanthropy. Tonight, I am giving away the Tag Team titles. Whoever can grab them first can have them.
The crowd boo Tiger Philanthropist.
Lars Boo! Philanthrophy is lame.
Steven Boo all you like! I don't care anymore! These belts don't mean anything to me! They never did.
The crowd keep booing Tiger. Cue the Brothers Construction theme.
Mr. Smiley I know that sound! It's the Brothers Construction! Concrete Heat and Chunk Truck! So sad to see Tiger giving up those belts without at least putting up a fight.
The Good-Looking Gang theme plays as they enter the warehouse.
Mr. Smiley Oh no! It's Good-Looking Gang music! They are back to finally claim the tag titles! Look like things are heating up on the ring, who'll be the next tag team champion!
A Puma's Roar announces Amethyst's entrance.
Amethyst Whoa there, Tiger!
Steven Amethyst?
Mr. Smiley He's back! The legend has returned to the ring! Purple Puma!
Amethyst Those belts aren't yours to give away! Those times we wrestled together meant everything to me! (Jumps on the ring) You can give away all jungle bucks you want. But I will not stand by and let you give up our memories!
Amethyst hugs Steven, and the crowd cheers!
Mr. Smiley Oh what a display, ladies and gentlemen.
Steven You came back!
Amethyst I'm sorry. This was our thing we did together and I just quit on you
Steven It's ok. You were right. We don't need this anymore.
Amethyst Well, how do you wanna go out?
Steven With a bang!
Mr. Smiley It looks like this fight for the belt it's still on! The Brothers Construction look like they are ready letting down a foundation of pain! But Oh! Shark-o-Mania is back again! He's not even in the match!
Shark-o-Mania charges and head-butts Tiger.
Mr. Smiley Tiger Philanthropist is down!
Lars What!
Shark-o-Mania and Concrete Heat grab and knock down Tiger Philanthropist and Purple Puma respectively. As they stand up, Chunk Truck punches Tiger and Concrete Heat executes a Double Axe Handle on Puma
Lars This isn't fair! Stop the match! They're gonna be destroyed!
Steven and Amethyst Finish it.
Mr. Smiley No! The Good-looking Gang hit the Star-Cross Lovers our Puma and Tiger! This is their chance! (A scene of purple/pink confetti fills the ring.) The belts are hanging free and clear! They got it! It's official! The Good-Looking Gang are the new Beach City underground tag team wrestling champions! This is truly the end for Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma. What a way to go out!
Sadie keeps the warehouse door open as a security guard escorts Lars outside the building.
Lars How can this be happening! It was just getting good! You can't quit now! Tiger! (Sobs)
The screen closes in a star shape on Amethyst and Steven, as they wink at each other.

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