• I'm certain that everyone that has seen the trailer for the new episodes has noticed the turmoil between steven and Connie for Steven's decision to go to Homeworld for the hullabaloo and drama Steven cause by going.

    I have a pretty good understanding as to why this would happen, Steven made an exceptionally rash decision that he could have VERY easily died from, it's hard to forgive people for making decisions like that sometimes because you have to grapple with the idea that your lover may be dead, but only to have them come back seemingly unchanged.

    This probably why Connie is rejecting Steven, He could Easily have died and she'd lost hope that he would come back, but he did and she wants to clear her head on whether if she wants to have a relationship with someone who decided to walk out on them for a question they don't value as much as steven does.

    it's interesting, I can't say I know what lion is thinking though cause he leaves too, maybe it's because he thinks that Steven will want to be more in with Homeworld, but doesn't want that so he effectively cuts steven off from lars and by extension Homeworld.

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    • I'm glad they worked it out!

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    • Yeah, I was sorta late to the party, legit I forgot to watch "Kevin party" when I did I was like "well that reconcile was fast".

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    • Yeah, I actually knew they weren’t going to fuse, but I am so relieved that lion (and Connie) are back with Steven. Ok ok, I’m kidding... I’m glad both are back XD

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