• Despite being the leader of Crystal Gems, Most of recently Episodes of Steven Universe have Garnet get a less Screentime than Amethyst and Pearl and I wonder why is that?

    I mean look at Pearl, She have so many episode about her and beside Steven, She got more Screentime than Garnet.

    I assumed Estelle is a very busy person and she is very famous beside Michaela Dietz and Deedee Magno-Hall. It's doesn't help that she recording her voice in DIFFERENT Studio! She doesn't appear in that video where it have Zach Callison, Michaela Dietz, Deedee Magno-Hall, Rebecca Sugar, Kimberly Brooks, Charlyne Yi and I think Shelby Rahara was there but Estelle didn't appear in that video.

    Maybe it could explain of why Opal and Sugilite doesn't speak a lot. Aimee Mann might be busy or I don't know what is she doing now but I know Nicki Minaj is also busy person because she is very famous and popular and it hard for Crewniverse to get the hold on her! They make fun of Nicki Minaj in Know Your Fusion where Sardonyx says they need to pay that person joke.

    It's begged the question. Why Garnet get less Screentime in recent episodes. Why?!

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    • Hmm.. interesting question. For outside of the show, we might not know when it comes to cast members and their personal lives. But I think Garnet's role has just been limited, maybe just to give Estelle a break? Maybe. Or... they're planning something major for Garnet's character.. I mean there is a big storm coming in soon. Plus, there haven't been many Gem missions this season right now, so there's no need. 

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    • I don't know. She only appeared 4 times in the Summer of Steven (Week1+2) and yhat was 11 episodes.

      Steven Floats, Restruant Wars (Non-Speaking), Monster Reunion, Greg the Babysitter (Flashback Cameo)

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