• Huh, since it's been already proven that Ronaldo's theories often foreshadows future events, it'd be interesting to hear your own predictions about upcoming episodes judging solely from his lines in the show and his tumblr blog

    Let me begin.

    I got some idea from his latest "How to identify rock people" post. I don't know about the whole "form dissolving in water" idea (because foreshadowing is hardly ever literal), but wouldn't it be super cool if it turned out that Gems can disguise themselves as humans? And that there are actually more Gems than just CGs on earth? You know, maybe allies that hide from Homeworld or enemies like Homeworld spies. I know that gems are able to shapeshift, but they aren't able to actually change their colour (so even if a gem shapeshifted to be more human-like, they would still be of an unnatural colour + they can't keep their new shape forever). Maybe there is a bit more complicated way for them to fully transform their looks? And maybe there's a way to see through and break this disguise (it might be water, but not necessarily). What do you think?

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    • Having enemies disguise themselves as important humans...hmm, that is possible, maybe it's a combination of shapeshifting and some type of tech that changes your skin color and maybe they'd hide their gem under their hair/clothes? Hmm, an Onyx could probably do it, yeah a bunch of Onyx gems and other gems with human looking colors could invade Earth.

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