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Speaker Dialogue
Steven pops out of the water coughing.
Steven Where am I now?
Steven notices Greg in the distance being groomed by two humans.
Steven Dad?
Greg Huh? Steven?
They both run over and give each other a hug.
Steven Dad, it's you!
Greg Steven! My little man!
Steven Dad! When Blue Diamond took you, I got so scared. And then the Gems said you might be in some horrible human zoo all chained up to a wall doing tricks for peanuts. [Sobs]
Greg Hey, hey, it's okay, schtu-ball. Your old man's perfectly fine. Wait, how'd you even get out here?
Steven We got on a Gem ship from Earth. I'll tell you about it on the way home. I got separated from the Gems. We got to find them and bust you out of here.
Steven reaches into the water from where he popped out.
Greg Well, you're not gonna get out that way. I've already tried.
Steven What? Well, there might be another way out if we can find it.
Wy-Six Ga-reg! Who is that with you?
Jay-Ten Is this a new friend, Ga-reg?
Greg Wy-Six, Jay-Ten, this is --
Steven Let me have my dad back already!
Greg Hey, don't be like that. Relax. These people have treated me so well since I got here.
Steven Wha?
More humans come out to greet Steven.
Greg Everyone, this is Steven. He's my son.
Steven Uh, hi.
All Hi.
Steven Thanks for braiding my dad's hair.
Greg Steven, these people are the descendants of humans brought here by Gems thousands of years ago. They've never seen the Earth before. Isn't that wild?
Wy-Six Ste-van, Ga-reg has told stories of you. "The bits, the bits!" That's you, right?
All The bits, the bits, the bits!
Unknown Come on, say it.
Steven Let's get out of here. We came across a door that leads into the zoo, but we couldn't open it from the other side. let's find it and try to open it from in here.
Greg A door? Really? All right. Let's find it tonight. It'll be easier to look for it after the routine.
The earrings begin to chime.
Little voice Greetings, everyone. It's time to start the daily routine. Please enjoy your meal during this designated eating period.
Steven Who was that?
Wy-Six Ste-van does not know what a little voice is. Just like Ga-reg when he first arrived.
All [Laughter]
Jay-Ten Our little voices guide us through life here.
Little voice You all must be hungry now.
Steven Um, Dad?
Greg Don't worry, Steven. We'll get out of here. But for now, let's just play along.
Transition to the designated eating period
Jay-Ten Here you go, Ga-reg.
Greg Oh, thank you.
Wy-Six Ste-van, today the fruit is purple.
Little voice Are you enjoying the food?
All Oh, yes
Little voice How is the food? Is it good?
Wy-Six Yes. It is delicious.
Transition to the playground
Little voice Now it is time to play.
Everyone rolls down the hill laughing except Steven who rolls down uncomfortably.
Little voice Now, everyone, reach up like you're going to touch outer space. That's it. Reach up high. Wasn't that fun?
Wy-Six I have not had that much fun since yesterday.
Transition to a shaded garden of flowers.
Little voice It's time to stop and smell the flowers.
Steven What if I don't want to smell the flowers?
Jay-Ten Why wouldn't you want to do that?
Jay-Ten puts a flower on Steven's head. Transition to the baths.
Little voice Time to clean up, everyone. Let's all take a refreshing bath.
Everyone relaxes. Laughter and splashes in the air.
Jay-Ten Watch my splash, Ga-reg! [Chuckles]
Greg Nice one!
Wy-Six Ga-reg! Watch mine!
Steven Those are the tiniest splashes I've ever seen.
Greg Watch this. Hey, Wy-Six, you ever heard of a cannonball?
Wy-Six [Chuckles] I've never heard it. Tell me what it is.
Greg Check this out. I'll show you. Cannonball!
All [Laughter] Cannonball! Cannonball!
Little voice Wouldn't you like to clean off in the pool?
Steven All right, All right.
Wy-Six Yeah! Cannonball!
Greg Hey, you hanging in there?
Steven I can't believe this. They're all so happy. It's like they don't even know that they're trapped here.
Greg Well, of course they don't. They've never been anywhere else They love it here. I mean, look at this place. Can you blame them? They've got everything they need, and they never have to worry about a thing.
Steven I guess you're right.
The light acting as the Sun is blocked off while the earrings chime.
Little voice And now it's time to say good night. Good night, everyone. Sweet dreams.
Greg Geez, I sure am tired from doing a whole lot of nothing. Well, good night, schtu-ball.
Steven Dad. Now's our chance to get out.
Steven and Greg sneak around the containment area to find the door.
Greg Man, little voice has really got me on that zooman sleep schedule.
Steven bumps into a wall which turns out to be the door they were looking for.
Steven Is that... It's the door.
Greg Great. How do we get it open?
Steven bangs on the door, then Wy-Six and Jay-Ten show up.
Wy-Six Ga-reg!
Greg Oh.
Jay-Ten Ste-van!
Steven Huh?
Wy-Six So you're the ones making the noise.
Jay-Ten What are you doing? Is it a game?
Wy-Six Can we play, too?
Steven It's not a game. We need to get this door open.
Jay-Ten What is a door?
Steven Like, this part of the wall but open.
Wy-Six [Laughs] Walls don't open. They're walls.
Jay-Ten There is a story of an opening wall. A very long time ago, a Gem came through a wall hole to help someone who was hurt.
Wy-Six What do you mean hurt?
Jay-Ten I don't know. I don't know what hurt is.
Steven I know what hurt is!
Together You do?
Steven Um, it's like when you feel bad.
Wy-Six Bad?
Steven Yes, like, the opposite of good. [Sighs] If that's the only way out, then, Dad, slug me in the face.
Greg What?! I'm not gonna hit you!
Steven It's our ticket out of here. One of us has to get hurt.
Greg Okay, well, then you hit me.
Steven You sure?
Greg Yeah. I'll take one for the team.
Steven proceeds to punch but makes a dud.
Greg Come on, give me all you got. I can take it.
Steven proceeds to punch Greg and send him flying into a tree.
Wy-Six Cannonball!
Steven Uh, how was that?
Greg Good. Anyone coming?
Steven Doesn't look like it. Should I try it again?
Greg There won't be anything left to rescue if you do.
Steven What do we do now?
[ Earrings chime ]
Greg Whatever she says.
Little voice It is time for the choosening. Please gather around the circle of choosening.
Jay-Ten Ste-van, Ga-reg, the choosening will start soon.
Wy-Six Come with us. It's-it's finally time!
Transition to the circle of choosening.
All [Laughter]
Jay-Ten Ga-reg, step into the circle with us.
Greg Is it somebody's birthday?
Steven Ste-van, wait here until the choosening is complete.
Jay-Ten The choosening is a very special event to us.
Wy-Six We're glad to have you with us at such a wonderful time.
Greg Glad to be here.
Little voice Let the choosening begin. U-12, please step into the center of the circle. F-3, please step into the center of the circle. You have been choosened for each other.
Greg Wait a second. Is this some kind of matchmaking thing?! [Groans] There's always a catch to these utopias.
Jay-Ten Ga-reg, whoever is choosen for you will be very lucky.
Little voice Jay-Ten, please step into the center of the circle.
Greg Oh boy. Steven, help me.
Steven Don't worry, Dad. You're new here, so maybe you won't get choosened.
Greg Right.
Little voice Ga-reg, please step into the center of the circle.
Greg Hold on, maybe there's been a mistake.
Wy-Six Ga-reg, Jay-Ten is waiting for you.
All [Cheering]
Wy-Six I see what's going on here.
Greg You do?
Wy-Six You are just shy!
Greg Huh?
Wy-Six Do not worry about it. [Laughs] Now touch hands.
Greg Hold on! This isn't how it works on Earth! I don't want to be told who to be choosened with.
Wy-Six Ga-reg, this makes no sense. Why wouldn't you want to be choosened?
Greg Look, Back on Earth, there was no voice to tell you who to be with. It was your own decision.
Steven My mom and dad didn't get together because someone told them to. They spent time getting to know one another and fell in love. They choosened each other 'cause that's what they choosed.
Wy-Six Hmm, I see. If that's how it's done on Earth, then... I choose Ga-reg.
Jay-Ten And I also choose Ga-reg.
All [Indistinct "I choose Ga-reg" talk]
Greg Wait! I get a say in this, too. You're all very nice, and I'm flattered, and yes, you get to choose whoever you want, but I also get to say I choose, um... none of you.
All [Sobbing]
Greg Woah! Hey, don't cry. You can choose someone else.
Jay-Ten I feel not good. I feel bad.
Wy-Six Could this be -- Is this hurt?
Jay-Ten Why would Ga-reg hurt us? Take this hurt away.
Steven I choosen [Grunts] to take my dad and run away.
Steven and Greg are being chased by the human inhabitants through the forest.
Greg Watch out for that -- oof!
Tree branch.
Greg [Groans]
Steven and Greg manage to hide.
Greg I haven't broken this many hearts since I had all my hair.
The door opens, and a bunch of Amethyst guards rush in to avert the crisis.
Amethyst(s) Hey, get back here.
Greg This is nuts.
Amethyst(s) Just come down. Let's talk about it.
Wy-Six I'll never choosen again.
Amethyst(s) Sure you will.
Greg Hey, that door's still open.
Steven This might be our only chance.
Steven and Greg run to the door but are stopped by an Amethyst.
Amethyst(s) Oh, no, you don't.
Steven Put us down!
Amethyst(s) You two are in big trouble.
The end

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