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"The Lighthouse" is a location that sits atop the hill overlooking the Crystal Temple.


"An Indirect Kiss"

Steven, Lion, and Connie are having a picnic while Steven recalls the story of why there is now a fence around it. Prior to this episode, there was not a fence around the top of the cliff that is formed by the Crystal Temple, but Amethyst falling off of the cliff near the lighthouse prompted Pearl to put the fence there to prevent others from falling and getting injured.

"Keep Beach City Weird"

Ronaldo Fryman researches paranormal activity here, as shown in "Keep Beach City Weird". This episode marked the first time the interior of the lighthouse was shown. A spiral staircase leads to the top, where there is a round room surrounding the light itself. The room has a few chairs and a large board documenting all of the paranormal activity in Beach City on one wall. The Crystal Gems broke a large hole in the wall of this room when they believed that Steven was in danger.

"Horror Club"

In "Horror Club", Ronaldo, Steven, Sadie, and Lars went to the lighthouse to watch scary movies. While there, they were attacked by a Gem who was stuck in a wall of the basement of the lighthouse. Once freed, the Gem projected images of the past where it showed Lars and Ronaldo were once friends. It is the former headquarters of the Beach City Explorer Club, which was located in the basement.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Ronaldo records his film Rising Tides, Crashing Skies in the light house.


  • It is unknown if the lighthouse is active or abandoned. However, nobody seems to mind Ronaldo spending most of his free time within it. It appears as if Ronaldo already decorated the lighthouse as his secret observatory base, which means he had been using the lighthouse for a long time now without anyone complaining.
  • Ronaldo and Lars both spent time there together during their childhood, acting as if the lighthouse was their club.
  • The lighthouse was possessed by a Corrupted Gem for an unknown amount of time.
  • A window that's above the front door resembles Rose/Steven's gem.


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