The Temple Gate is a magical entryway to the Crystal Temple, located in the Beach House. The Crystal Gems can access numerous rooms within the temple through this gate. It is directly opposite to the Beach House's door.


The Temple Gate allows any Gem to travel to their room by activating their gemstone. Each resident of the temple has a symbol representing their gem on the gate. The gem symbol on the door will glow at the same time as a respective Gem activates theirs, unlocking the gate and allowing entrance to the respective Gem's room. The top of the star is Rose's gem. The top-right of the star is Pearl's gem. The top-left of the star is Amethyst's gem. The bottom-left of the star is Ruby's gem. The bottom-right of the star is Sapphire's gem.

Amethyst's Room, Pearl's Room, Rose's Room, Sardonyx's Room, and the Burning Room are all accessible through the Temple Gate, as are Amethyst's Chamber, Pearl's Chamber, and Garnet's Chamber.


  • The "Star" on the Temple Gate Door is the ancient Earth Star symbol, aka Pentacle, with each point of the Pentacle and its corresponding Gem Room representing an Element of Earth. For Example:
    • Amethyst's Room is Earth.
    • Rose's Room is Air. (The pink triangle part of her herald is the alchemical symbol for Air)
    • Pearl's Room is Water.
    • Ruby's Room is Fire.
    • Sapphire's Room represents Spirit. (She's prophetic, contemplative and practices meditation)
  • A similar door can be seen in "Monster Buddies" inside the Ice Cavern while they were fighting the Ice Monster.
    • This could mean there could have been, or are, other inhabitants in the ice cave other than the Ice Monster and Shooting Star.
  • The gate specifically uses each gem for their respective rooms. In "Together Breakfast", Pearl exited Amethyst's Room while displaying the room's purple animation.
    • There is no evidence as to whether or not a gem can access another gem's room, so it is possible that the Crystal Gems simply travel to other temple rooms without using the gate.
  • When a specific Gem opens the door, they each have their own custom animation from the way they open.
    • When the gate opens to Rose's Room, the symbol which appears on it resembles the symbol on Rose's shield, scabbard, and flag.
    • When Amethyst's door opens, the edge of the door resembles bubblegum, referencing her theme as "the messy one".
    • Pearl's door's pattern is marked with smooth, glowing white lines, and fluidly opens, reflecting the character's emphasis on neatness and order.
    • When Garnet opens the gate into the Burning Room, two lines - one light red, the other a darker shade of red - meet below the star and then continue down when they connect. This is a clear reference to Garnet being a fusion, two gems becoming and acting as one.
    • When Sardonyx opens the door, the door itself turns into a curtain, representing her theatrical nature.
  • The door can be easily blocked while closing, as Steven stuck his arm through Pearl's doorway while it was closing in "Together Breakfast". Also, he can force it open enough for him to fit through.
  • The gates appear in definitive areas of the Gems' rooms.
    • Rose Quartz's/Steven's room's (mostly referred to as "Rose's room") gate appears in no specific spot and can be summoned when Rose/Steven wants to leave the room. It poofs into clouds once it closes.
    • Garnet's door appears on the Burning Room's wall, accessed through an archway near the ceiling.
    • Amethyst's door seems to appear at random locations within Amethyst's room. It fades away once it closes.
    • Pearl's door appears on the wall of her room. It simply merges with the wall once it closes.
    • The testing chambers' door appears in Amethyst's Chamber.
      • Doors similar to the gate appear connecting these chambers.
  • Ruby and Sapphire have not been seen activating their individual gates, assuming they exist.
    • It is unknown if other "combination" gates and rooms exist. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl can all activate their gems at once (while not Alexandrite), to access the testing chambers, implying that this is a possibility.
  • Rose Quartz's/Steven's gate is the only door that doesn't seem to be physical, only using Rose's symbol phasing in/out as an animation.
  • Rooms such as the Crystal Heart room cannot be accessed by the Temple Gate. The Crystal Heart itself is easily accessed (through several long corridors) from other rooms within the Temple.
  • In "Know Your Fusion", it is implied that each fusion has their own room within the Temple. These rooms can only exist while the gems that comprise it are fused. Once they de-fuse, the room will self-destruct, even when there are still gems inside.
    • Sardonyx is the only fusion whose (conformed) room has been shown.
  • Peridot can open the gate from inside the Burning Room in "Catch and Release".
    • This confirms that even non-Crystal Gems can use the Temple Gate.


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