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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. upper right hand of the Crystal Temple]
(Steven tunes his ukulele and Connie tunes her violin. The two then proceed to sing "The Jam Song".)
Steven *playing ukulele* The sun is bright, our shirts are clean, we're sitting up above the sea. Come on and share this jam with me.
Connie *playing violin* Peach or plum or strawberry, any kind is fine, you see. Come on and share this jam with me! I'll do my best, to give this jam the sweetness it deserves.
Steven *playing ukulele* And I'll keep it fresh, I'm jamming on these tasty preserves!
Both Ingredients in harmony, we mix together perfectly. Come on and share this jam with me!
(The Jam Song ends.)
Steven Woo-hoo! Jam buds!
Connie Nice jam session! *puts violin back in case*
Steven Don't forget the best part!
(Steven spreads strawberry jam on a biscuit and prepares to eat it, but is interrupted by approaching seagulls. Connie uses her violin bow to fight them off.)
Connie Yah! Hah! Hi-yah!
(The seagulls fly away.)
Connie Run back to your masters! Tell them we're not afraid of your kind!
Steven *giggles* Thanks for saving my jam snack. Unfortunately, it's not safe from me. *eats the jam snack* You're such a good sword fighter, Connie.
Connie Really? *glances at violin bow* I was just swinging this thing around. I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'd love to learn how to use a real sword!
Steven Oh! *swallows the biscuit* *starry eyes* Steven has an idea!
[Trans. Int. the Beach House]
Pearl You want me to do what?
Steven You should teach Connie to sword fight, she's already so good!
Connie *blushes* Steven!
Steven But you are! You helped me fight the robot floaty-thing, *turns to Pearl* she took down that evil clone of herself, uh... those mean seagulls just now...
Pearl You're awfully young to begin something like this. But, I suppose I was only a few thousand years old when I began fighting alongside Rose Quartz.
Connie *raises her hand*
Pearl Yes, Connie?
Connie Please, I wanna learn! I mean, I don't know what'll happen in the future, but if something dangerous comes along, I don't wanna be a burden, I wanna help! *blushes* I wanna be there for Steven, to fight by his side! The Earth is my home too, can't I help protect it?
Pearl *with tears of joy in her eyes* Oh... Okay...! *wipes away her tears and stands up* If that's how you feel... we should get started!
(Pearl starts walking towards the Warp Pad.)
Steven Woo-hoo!
(Steven follows Pearl to the Warp Pad.)
Connie Wait, now?
[Trans. Ext. Ancient Sky Arena]
(Pearl, Steven, and Connie arrive on the Warp Pad just outside the main arena. Pearl is carrying a sword that Connie will use for her training. Connie, initially floating above the Warp Pad, falls on top of it, face-down and giggling.)
Steven You okay? (Steven helps Connie up, who is still giggling.) It can take some getting used to.
Connie *giggling subsides* Woo!
(Connie almost falls over again, and she begins laughing again. Steven grabs her, keeping her from falling over.)
Pearl Hey, you two, this way!
Connie *turns to Steven* Race you!
(Steven and Connie run up the steps towards the main arena, laughing along the way. Pearl walks in front of them, until they all arrive at the entrance to the main arena.)
Connie Woah!
Pearl This is an Ancient Sky Arena, Connie, where some of the first battles for Earth took place. It was here that I became familiar with the human concept of being a knight, completely dedicated to a person and a cause. *Pearl turns towards Connie, presenting her with a sword* This is what you must become, Connie; brave, selfless, loyal... a knight! We begin with a bow, first to me, your teacher.
(Pearl bows to Connie. Connie gives a slight bow back.)
Pearl And now again, to your liege.
Connie Okay! (Connie turns to Steven and kneels to him.) My liege.
Steven Miss Knight.
(Steven and Connie begin giggling under their breath, not taking it seriously.)
Pearl I hope you two are taking this seriously.
Connie Yes, ma'am!
Steven Mmhm, mmhm.
(Pearl's gem begins to glow, summoning Holo-Pearl.)
Connie Cool, hologram Pearl!
Steven *grimaces slightly*
Pearl To begin, this Holo-Pearl will be your opponent.
(A sword forms in Holo-Pearl's hands.)
Holo-Pearl Level 0, beginner, set. Do you wish to engage in combat?
Connie *excitedly* Yes!
(Steven's gem glows, and Steven's bubble shield suddenly forms around Steven and Connie.)
Connie Steven?
Steven Hm? Oh! I-I'm sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. (Steven deactivates the bubble, laughing nervously, blushing.) Reflex. Uh, you just be careful, and I will go over here.
(Steven walks off towards the stands nervously. Pearl walks up to Connie and places her right hand on Connie's sword arm, guiding its movement, and her left hand on Connie's shoulder.)
Pearl Alright, everything begins with your stance.
(Holo-Pearl walks up to the two and crosses swords. Pearl and Connie begin singing "Do It for Her". Connie progressively learns how to sword-fight, her ability increasing remarkably throughout the song. This montage spans several days of training, as evidenced by Connie's changing outfits. Steven is shown various times, notably worried for Connie's safety. Pearl is also shown using her gem to show Steven and Connie an instance where Pearl defended Rose Quartz from an unknown enemy. Connie's hands are noticeably worn through the training, leading her right cheek and hand to be bandaged. By the end of the song, Connie is shown to be able to defeat Holo-Pearl in advanced mode (evidenced by Holo-Pearl's red eyes) on her own.)
Pearl Remember *singing* You'd do it for him. And you would do it again. You'd do it for her, that is to say you'll do it for him. Keep your stance wide, keep your body lowered. As you're moving forward, balance is the key. Right foot, left foot, now go even faster. And as you're you moving backwards, keep your eyes on me.
Connie Keep my stance wide.
Pearl Good.
Connie Keep my body lowered.
Pearl Right.
Connie As I'm moving forward...
Pearl Concentrate, don't you want him to live?!
Connie Right foot, left foot.
Pearl Yes, but put your whole body into it, everything you have, everything you are, you've got to give— On the battlefield, when everything is chaos, and you have nothing but the way you feel, your strategy and a sword, you just think about the life you'll have together after the war. And then you do it for her, that's how you know you can win. You'd do it for her that is to say you'll do it for him. Deep down you know you weren't built for fighting, but that doesn't mean you're not prepared to try. What they don't know is your real advantage. When you live for someone, you're prepared to die.
Connie Deep down, I know that I'm just a human—
Pearl True.
Both (Connie and Pearl both sing in different parts.)
Pearl But you know that you can draw your sword and fight.
Connie But I know that I can draw my sword and fight. With my short existence-
Pearl Good.
Connie I can make a difference-
Pearl Yes, excellent!
Connie I can be there for him, I can be his knight. I can do it for him.
Both (Connie and Pearl sings the same line) You'd do it for her-
Pearl Okay, now do that again
Connie Yes, ma'am
Pearl You do it for her, And now you say-
Connie I'll do it for him. (both bow down to Steven) (Steven makes an uncomfortable face)
[Trans. Int. the Beach House]
(Steven is shown reading How to Talk to People. His expression is noticeably apprehensive. Connie opens the door to the Beach House and enters.)
Steven Connie!
Connie Hey, Steven. *walks past Steven, approaching the Warp Pad*
Steven Connie, wait!
Connie Huh?
(The door to Pearl's Room opens, and Pearl walks out.)
Pearl Ah, right on time.
Steven Can we talk for a moment?
Connie Sure, what's up?
Pearl We have important training to do, Connie.
Connie Yes, ma'am.
Pearl She's been making great strides, Steven. She's going to be an asset to you.
Connie Humph. (She makes a determined expression.)
(Connie and Pearl warp away.)
Steven *sighs*
(The door to Amethyst's Room opens, and Amethyst and Garnet walk out. Amethyst is laughing hysterically.)
Amethyst Wow, Garnet, that was the funniest thing I've ever heard!
Garnet Garnet, master of comedy.
(Amethyst and Garnet walk onto the Warp Pad, but they stop when they notice Steven looking troubled.)
Amethyst Yo, Steven. Why are you standing there all sad like that!?
Steven W-Well, Connie is taking sword fighting lessons from Pearl, but I think it's getting a little too serious. She wants Connie to do all this dangerous stuff for me.
(Amethyst and Garnet look at each other, concerned.)
Garnet That makes sense.
Steven What do you mean?
(Garnet sits down near Steven. As Garnet talks, Pearl is shown getting defeated by the same enemy from Pearl's past, shown in the training montage, repeatedly. Rose Quartz is shown, noticeably saddened by Pearl's lack of regard for herself.)
Garnet Back during the war, Pearl took pride in risking her destruction for your mother. She put Rose Quartz over everything; over logic, over consequence, over her own life.
(The repetition of Pearl defending Rose Quartz and subsequently retreating to her gem is changed with Steven replacing Rose Quartz and Connie replacing Pearl. The sequence suddenly stops when Connie jumps to fight against the enemy, cutting to Steven's shocked and worried face.)
Amethyst You okay, dude?
Steven I... have... to DO SOMETHING!
(Steven pushes past Garnet and Amethyst and onto the Warp Pad.)
Steven *quickly* Thanks for telling me that, BYE! *warps away*
[Trans. Ext. Ancient Sky Arena]
(Steven appears at the entrance to the arena. Pearl and Connie are at the center of the arena.)
Pearl Remember, Connie. In the heat of battle, Steven is what matters. You don't matter.
Connie I don't matter.
Steven *gasps, running towards them*
Pearl Now... let us begin! *gem glows*
(Masses of clouds begin to conceal the arena.)
Steven Connie!
(Connie is heard screaming in the background, with the clashing of swords.)
Steven Connie, where are you? *searches frantically* Connie!
(Holo-Pearl approaches Steven.)
Steven *backs away* You wouldn't have happened to see Connie would you?
Holo-Pearl *raises sword, eyes redden* Unregistered combatant detected!
(Holo-Pearl is suddenly impaled.)
Steven *gasps*
(Connie is shown to have impaled Holo-Pearl, quickly dissipating as its saber falls to the ground.)
Steven Connie!
Connie Steven? What are you doing out here?
Steven *runs towards her* Connie, I don't want you to do this anymore! Not alone!
Connie *shakes head, grinning* No, Steven. I understand now! Your legacy, your destiny, you are everything! And I... I am nothing... but I can do this for you! I can give you my service!
Steven *shakes head* No! I don't want you to!
Connie Steven... I'm doing this for you!
(Another Holo-Pearl attacks, with Connie countering and impaling it.)
Connie I need to be able to protect you!
Steven But if you're the one protecting me... then who's the one protecting you?! *summons shield, countering another Holo-Pearl's attack*
Steven Someday soon, we may be fighting some really bad guys, and when that day comes, I want to fight with you, together! So please...
(Four Holo-Pearls appear on all sides, advancing on the two.)
Steven ... won't you share this jam with me?
(Connie grabs Steven's hand. All four Holo-Pearls leap up and land on Steven's shield.)
Connie This is much easier!
Steven That's the idea!
(Steven forms a bubble and pushes the Holo-Pearls off of his shield, causing all four Holo-Pearls to shatter.)
Steven No matter what comes, we do this together!
(The clouds dissipate, revealing Pearl. The bubble surrounding Steven and Connie suddenly pops.)
Pearl Steven, don't interfere. She needs to take me on herself.
Steven Why?! We're a team. She's the strawberry...
Connie And he's the biscuit!
Steven And that makes us... JAM!
Connie BUDS!
Pearl Wha—?
(Steven and Connie charge towards Pearl. Connie engages in a small bout with Pearl. When Pearl finds the opportunity to attack, Connie turns to reveal Steven, with his shield, blocking her sword's trajectory. Connie slides under Pearl's legs and bounds towards her. Steven does so as well.)
(Pearl knocks the sword and the shield out of Steven and Connie's hands.)
Pearl *heavily breathing* NO! In a real battle, Steven won't be there to save you.
Steven Yes, I will!
Pearl Steven, you don't know that!
Steven Yes, I do! If Connie is going to fight, we're going to fight together!
Connie That's right!
Pearl You shouldn't be anywhere near the fight! You're too important!
Steven I'm not!
Pearl Yes, you are!
Steven NO!
Pearl *breathes out* I... I mean... let her... do this. Why won't you let Connie do this... for you...
(Pearl's sword falls to the ground.)
Pearl That's... enough for today.
(Pearl walks off and sits at the edge of the arena. Steven and Connie exchange worried looks, and they both walk towards Pearl.)
Steven Hey... Pearl? I didn't mean to mess up your training, but all that "you're nothing" talk was really freaking me out.
Connie Did Rose make you feel like you were nothing?
Pearl *lets out a slight laugh* Rose made me feel... like I was everything. *shakes her tears away* I see now, how deeply you care about each other. *sniffs* That will make you both great knights!
(Pearl puts her arms around Steven and Connie's shoulders. Connie starts to giggle.)
Pearl Connie is practically an expert, so Steven, you have a lot of catching up to do. Oh, I'm so excited! I can't wait for the midair and underwater dueling exercises, it's going to be boodles of fun!
[Star-shaped iris closes on Connie's sword, ending the episode]
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