The Sun Incinerator is a Homeworld ship previously owned by Emerald. It was stationed on the planet Klavius 7, where sixty-seven elite Citrines were guarding it, until Lars and the Off Colors stole it. It first appeared in "Lars of the Stars".



The Sun Incinerator is a yellow-colored ship. The main part of the ship appears to be somewhat hexagonal, with two yellow wings attached to the sides and a yellow pole protruding out of the front.


SU Inside of the Sun Incinerator

The interior of the ship is circular. The ceiling is made out of a glass with the Great Diamond Authority insignia on it. The walls are green, with green diamond shapes covering the entire circular shape of the interior. At the front of the ship are three panels. Two staircases are going down to a lower floor where the ship's engines are stored, similar to Aquamarine's Ship. There is also a back door, which is presumably an exit.


"Lars of the Stars"

The Sun Incinerator, the fastest ship owned by Emerald, was stationed in a docking bay on the planet Klavius 7 guarded by 67 elite Citrines. After they stole and crashed Emerald's personal shuttle on the planet Upsilon 9, Lars Barriga and the Off Colors were able to sneak past the guards and steal the ship successfully.

Lars appoints the Rutile Twins to be pilots, Padparadscha to be a technical advisor, Fluorite to be the chief engineer, and Rhodonite to be the head of strategic operations. When Emerald contacts the Off Colors through the ship and threatens them, 'Captain Lars' has the piloting Rutile Twins have the ship take off and go into hyper-speed.

Emerald's ship, the Destiny Destroyer, later catches up to the Sun Incinerator, and the two ships engage in combat. With help from the Star Skipper, Lars is able to force Emerald to retreat.

"Jungle Moon"

The ship appears when Stevonnie contacts the crew to rescue them.

"Your Mother and Mine"

Lars and his crew cruise through space, unable to travel at hyperspeed after the nova thrusters were damaged by the Destiny Destroyer's laser. In an attempt to reroute power to the thrusters, the ship loses power. The crew is later able to restart the core, restoring power to the ship, as well as locate a nearby asteroid mine where they may repair the nova thrusters.

"Letters to Lars"

The ship arrives at one of Yellow Diamond's asteroid mines to fix the nova thrusters.


  • Nova Thrusters – The ship's engines run on Nova thrusters, allowing it to reach hyper-speed.
  • Communicator – The ship can display a screen and allow the user to video call another individual.
  • Blasters - This ship can fire the lasers.


  • In "Lars of the Stars", the on-screen description for the ship says it was "stolen from the heart of Homeworld". Since the ship was stationed on Klavius 7 and not Homeworld, it is either an overlooked mistake or Klavius 7 might be considered by Gem society to be nearly as socially important as Homeworld, or it is relatively close to the general area.
  • The seemingly bizarre name 'Sun Incinerator' is likely a reference to a spaceship in the podcast 'The Adventure Zone' (referenced elsewhere in Steven Universe), comically named the 'Starblaster'.

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