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Speaker Dialogue
Steven Thanks again for protecting Beach City while I was gone, Connie.
Connie No problem! And now that you're back from space, I officially relinquish control of your bed to you.
Steven Thank you for keeping it warm sir.
(Steven and Connie start laughing)
Connie I hope your dad liked the new car wash sign!
(Both begin walking towards the door)
Steven He loved it! I'm sure it'll look great when the Gems are done putting it up.
Connie I hope they're back in time for me to say bye.
Steven Uh, it might be a while? You wouldn't believe how many of them it takes to screw in a lightbulb.
Connie (opens the door) I wonder where my mom is. She should've been here to pick me up by now.
Connie dials her phone and calls her mom. A voicemail message is heard.
Dr. Maheswaran (voicemail) You've reached Doctor Maheswaran. Please leave a message. And if you're one of my patients, you shouldn't have this number!
Connie She's not answering.
Steven Well, look on the bright side! Now we can hang out a little longer, I'm sure she'll show up eventually.
Connie I don't want to impose, I mean, you must have a lot to think about after your space adventure. You almost lost your dad, and all that stuff about the Diamonds, and your mom? I'd understand if you need some space.
Steven Nah! The last thing I need right now is more space.
Connie Okay! What do you wanna do?
Cuts to hours later with Steven and Connie playing a game similar to Mad Libs
Steven The last word is a noun.
Connie Umm. Multi-hulled watercraft.
Steven Okay, here it goes. The wiggly baker baked some new wacky pastries. There were snail puffs, Lawn mower pies, and entrippy muffins, everyone was so fuzzy that they ate everything! Even the cheese caked shaped like a multi-hulled watercraft! (Laughs)
Connie This is really weird. My mom always answers her phone.
Steven Hmm, Oh! How about I give you a ride home on Lion?
Connie It's not getting home I'm worried about! What if she shows up here and we're gone? We should probably stay put until she comes.
Steven Well, while we're still waiting, how about another weird word game?
Connie Okay.
Steven Alright! Let's see what we got here. The first one is an adjective.
Connie Accidental.
Steven Accidental, and the next one's a noun.
Connie Mishap!
Steven Mishap. Adverb?
Connie Unexpectedly!
Steven Past tense verb?
Connie Crashed!
Steven Noun?
Connie Explosion!
Steven Wow, you're really worried about your mom, huh?
Connie Yeah, it's just she's never late for anything.
Connie tries to calm down, by meditating and taking a deep breath
Dr. Maheswaran Hello?
Steven and Connie (Gasp)
Dr. Maheswaran I'm coming in! (opens front door) Connie!
Connie Mom! (Runs and they hug) Mom, what happened? I kept calling but you weren't answering! I was starting to freak out.
Dr. Maheswaran The surgery went wrong, and then I had to cover for Dr. Stromberg, again! My phone died, I suspect one of my patients stole my charger, I'm so sorry Connie.
Connie It's okay, Mom. Everything's fine now.
Cuts to them being outside the house.
Dr. Maheswaran Thank you, and letting Connie stay late.
Connie Night, Steven!
Steven Night, Connie!
Dr. Maheswaran So, he's back from the spa, huh?
Connie No, I said space!
Dr. Maheswaran Huh.
Steven walks back inside the house but looks up, distracted by painting of Rose. Sighing, he heads to the shower, where he changes and takes the earring off. Later, he warms up food, and goes outside to eat, but a storm begins. Getting soaked, he runs back inside and sits down, looking at the painting again.
Steven You know, sometimes I wonder if it's even you up there, smiling all day and night. I just want to know the real you. Not the you that everyone tells me about. I just want to know the truth.
Gem glows and his room opens, he walks inside.
Steven Uh, hey room! It's been a bit huh? Is that a new cloud? (Laughs) So, I suppose you're wondering why I'm here, I know nothing in here is real but, I wanna see my Mom.
Rose Quartz appears from clouds.
Rose Quartz (Walks up to Steven.) Hello Steven.
Steven Um, it's nice to meet you.
Rose Quartz (Laughs) It's nice to meet you too.
Steven (Laughs) Sorry, this is a little weird for me.
Rose Quartz That's okay, so what do you wanna do?
Steven Oh, uh I guess I hadn't thought that far ahead. Do you like video games?
Game appears.
Rose Quartz So tell me about this game Steven.
Steven Well, I guess it's an arm wrestling simulator, which is a spinoff of a fighting game. Based on a show about a lonely swordsman that I like. It's kinda weird and hard to explain, but that's why I like it.
Rose Quartz That sounds just marvelous.
Steven Yay, I won!
Rose Quartz Yay, you won.
Steven What else do kids do with their parents?
A cloud football appears, and Steven grabs it. A montage of the football being thrown is shown as Steven catches it.
Rose Nice catch, son. (gives him thumbs up)
Steven This is fun. (throws football') Or would baseball be better?
Rose Steven. All sports are beautiful. Each sport is a unique experience. The adrenaline, the glory. (catches football and spins around) The sheer feats of athleticism, each one of them so complicated. And yet,exactly the same. (descends onto the ground)
Steven Whoa.
Rose Hey Steven!
Steven turns and Rose holds the football for him to kick on the ground
Steven You know, I always thought there was something strange about my adolescence. Maybe this is what I've been missing. Football!
Steven runs towards the football and Rose lifts it away at the last second and he misses the kick, flying in the air.
Steven Whooa! (falls to the ground, and he and Rose laugh.)Touchdown!
Rose Steven. (pats down the floor next to her for him to sit)
Steven (sits down) I've been, uh thinking about you a lot. More than usual.
Rose Is that so?
Steven Yeah, well...for my whole life, I've been hearing stories about you. About how amazing you were. That you were so kind and loving. And every time I'd see the painting hanging of you in the temple, you inspired. And reminded of how much I had to live up to you. I've (laughs) uh, even thought about dying my hair pink. More than once.
Rose (laughs and puts her hand on him) There's nothing wrong with your hair. It's wonderful just the way it is. Wonderful in every way. Just like you. (Steven lies down on her and she hugs him)
Steven Wow...this is it. It-it's really nice.(tears up) I-I should have tried this a long time ago.
Rose But Steven, don't you realize? We've been together this whole time.
Steven (closes his eyes and tears run) Oh! (laughs) That's-that's right! (sniffles and a tear comes down, and Steven lets go) Oh, this is the first time we've hung out together.(takes out phone) I gotta capture this moment!
Steven snaps a photo of himself and Rose. He looks down and only sees himself in the photo.
Steven There's nothing here but me. I'm just...talking to myself. (gets up, and looks at her) You're not my mom.
Rose I'm not?
Steven This is how I want you to be. But I don't know if this is who you really are. (Room suddenly grows dark) I've learned things about you. Things you wanted to keep secret. You locked Bismuth away inside of Lion, because she wanted to shatter Gems, and you never told Garnet or Pearl. But then you shattered Pink Diamond! Now all of Homeworld has it out for Earth, and the Crystal Gems and me! You put us all in danger, and you just disappeared!
Thunder rumbles and lightning strikes in the room. Wind blows and Steven is knocked to the ground. Rose stands still but begins floating in the storm.
Steven I finally know the truth. I know what you are! You're a liar! I thought you'd never want to hurt anyone! You hurt everyone! How could you just leave Garnet, and Amethyst and Pearl, and-and Dad?! They don't know what to do without you! (gets up) Maybe they didn't matter to you as much as hiding the mess you made! And that's why I'm here, isn't it?! Did you just make me so you just wouldn't have to deal with your mistakes?! (Steven sighs and falls to his knees, sighing) Is that what I'm all here for...?
Rose floats down and the storm calms down.
Rose Steven, you know that isn't true. In the tape I left you, I told you I how much I wanted to have you and let you exist. Do you think what I said to you in the tape was a lie?
Steven No... I'm sure you meant it. (Rose comes over to hug him, and it begins to rain in the room) I get it. I know you didn't want me to deal with your problems. You're a part of me now. I have to deal with what you left behind. (hugs her tighter, and she disappears into clouds)
The room door opens and Steven sadly emerges from it. He heads over to the couch to lie down and turns away. The front door opens with Greg and the Gems.
Greg Hey, Shtoo-ball! Guess who's back in jean shorts! And guess who also got you a pizza? (sets it down) It was me! (hugs him)
Steven Dad! Amethyst? Garnet? And Pearl, too?
Greg They were all out of pepperoni by the way, so I just got you mushroom. I hope that's alright.
Steven (picks up a slice) It's perfect.
[Episode Ends]

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