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File Policy

Files uploaded to the wiki must be within the wiki's rules.

File Policy

  • Please follow the image naming system.
  • Categorization is not mandatory, but if you understand the category system, feel free to do so.
    • You are not allowed to categorize other users' uploads.
  • Files that are not in use will be deleted without warning.
  • Any photos not canonical to Steven Universe such as fan-art and edited files do not belong on articles. They should either be posted on a blog, user page, board thread, or talk page.
  • Do not replace episode or character images with your own image, relevant or not.
    • If you have a higher-quality picture than an image found on a gallery, feel free to replace it.
    • Images used on the templates of main, major, and supporting characters require a vote to be changed.
  • Any large scale reupload of an entire episode for the purposes of replacing old images and improving quality must be first approved by an admin before its implementation. Please contact an admin if you wish to reshoot a gallery.
  • To upload a file to the wiki, a user must have an account over 4 days old.

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