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Steven Quartz Universe
Stevenqu clipped rev 1
Voiced by Zach Callison
Physical Information
Species Crystal Gem/Human
Gender Male
Personal Information
Friends Amethyst
Connie (love interest)
Peedee Fryman
Buck Dewey
Sour Cream
Family Greg Universe (father)
Rose Quartz (mother)
Occupation Guardian
Alias Tiger Millionaire
Current Residence Crystal Temple
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance "Monster Buddies"

Steven Universe is the main protagonist of Steven Universe and the only male member of the Crystal Gems.


Steven is relatively short with a thick build. He has curly dark brown hair and black pupils. He wears a red T-shirt with a picture of a yellow star on it. He also wears blue jeans and reddish pink sandals. His Crystal Gem, a rose quartz which he inherited from his mother, is where his bellybutton should be.


Steven has a fun and musical personality. He is often seen singing and occasionally playing on his ukulele. He enjoys adventures and wants to save the world with his fellow Crystal Gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, even though he doesn't have control over his gem yet. He treats them like friends, looks up to them like sisters, and takes their advice to heart. Steven has a very unique way of handling problems, often making them worse before solving them. What he lacks in experience and magical ability he makes up for by being resourceful, optimistic, and confident in himself. He tries to fix problems on his own first before seeking help, fueled by his happy-go-lucky attitude.

However, despite his cheerful attitude, Steven has his limits. Due to never getting to know his mother, he is extremely protective whenever someone badmouths her. As shown in "Lars and the Cool Kids," when Lars blamed his problems on Steven's "weird mom." Normally trying to make friends with the stuck up teen, Steven immediately snaps at him, much to Lars' own surprise.


All Gems have the ability to summon a weapon, shapeshift, and retreat into their gems after becoming injured to heal (though it is unknown if Steven has this ability, being half human), and fuse (It is also unkownn if he can fuse due to the human half of him). Although Steven does not have control of his gem yet, his weapon is a shield that can change shapes. He has shapeshifted his fingers, but with disastrous results. He can also change his age. He might be immortal unless he becomes sick, injured, or if he changes his age to old and dies. Steven can also create a magic bubble that protects him from many different energy projectiles and physical projectiles, as demonstrated in ""Lion 2: The Movie," when he was shielded from the giant floating automaton. He is also able to "bubble" gems. Surrounding them in a magical bubble and being able to send them back to the temple.


Rose Quartz

Not much is known about Steven's relationship with his mother as she had to give up her physical form to give birth to Steven. She gave him her gem, the rose quartz. However in "Lars and the Cool Kids" Steven defended Rose when Lars called her weird, saying that he was sad since he never knew his mother, yet he knows Rose saw beauty in everything. 

Greg Universe

Greg Universe is Steven's father. As seen in "Laser Light Cannon" and "Cat Fingers," they share a strong father-to-son bond and Greg is always emotionally supportive. Although Greg does not live with Steven, they often hang out.


Pearl acts more motherly to Steven than the other Crystal Gems do, as whenever he's in a possibly dangerous situation, she usually panics and acts first to protect him. Likewise, Steven seems to think of Pearl as a motherly figure as well, nearly crying at her defeat in "Steven the Sword Fighter" and keeping a framed photo of her in "Monster Buddies".


Amethyst acts like an older sister to Steven, often joking around with him and joining him in his misadventures. Pearl will often scold Amethyst for being too reckless with Steven when she misleads him such as in "Cat Fingers," which Amethyst admits is probably accurate. Steven seems to acknowledge Amethyst's reckless nature, calling her out when she didn't help him in "Joking Victim" and worrying for her safety in "An Indirect Kiss".


Garnet acts more like a mentor towards Steven, always encouraging him and setting a good example. It is shown that Steven respects her as he always listens whenever she speaks. Steven usually asks Garnet for permission before anyone else, as shown in "Monster Buddies".


Sadie is one of Steven's friends who, unlike her fellow employee Lars, is friendly and considerate towards Steven. In "Joking Victim," Steven helps Sadie by working at the Big Donut.


Connie is one of Steven's friends and a possible crush whom he saved in "Bubble Buddies" from a falling rock using his magical crystal bubble power. He is initially seen being relatively nervous to talk with her, but presently, they appear to be close friends. In "Lion 2:The Movie," they are shown hanging out.

Peedee Fryman

Peedee is Steven's friend whom he helped out in the episode "Frybo." Thanks to Steven, Peedee earned the respect of his father and doesn't have to wear the Frybo suit anymore.


Onion is Steven's friend whom he talks to in the episode "Bubble Buddies." Steven addresses Onion as if they're good friends. In "Onion Trade," Steven gives his favorite action figure to him as a gift, despite the fact that Onion had originally stolen it.


Lars appears to be annoyed by Steven. He is always making fun of him, although this may only be because he is jealous of Steven for being a Crystal Gem. Steven may be ignorant of this however, because in "Bubble Buddies," he refers to Lars as his 'BFF.' However in "Lars and the Cool Kids" he got angry with Lars and called him a jerk for insulting his mother. As of "Lars and the Cool Kids" Lars and Steven find a way to connect and Lars is seemingly on better terms with Steven.


  • Steven's gem stone, the Rose Quartz, along with Sugilite's, are the only gem stones belonging to a Crystal Gem to not to be a Birthstone.
  • Steven's name and appearance is based on Rebecca Sugar's brother, Steven Sugar, who is a background artist for the show.
  • In the transition from the pilot to the series, Steven underwent only one change, it being:
    • Removal of gold ring around gem
  • Steven is the only character that is not named after his gem.
    • Technically, Steven's middle name (Quartz), represents Rose Quartz.
    • Steven is the only Crystal Gem that doesn't have a color scheme that matches with his gem.
    • He is also the only male member shown so far in the Crystal Gems.
  • The rose quartz on Steven is faceted with a pentagonal shape.
  • In "Together Breakfast," he had a phone similar to an iPhone, but Garnet snatched it from him to destroy it after he took a picture of the Evil Scroll.
  • In "Together Breakfast" Steven seems to be surprisingly strong, as he was the only one to defeat the Together Breakfast in it's mutated state by himself without the other Crystal Gems. He also displays a large amount of strength in "Arcade Mania" when he rips off the top of the Meat Beat Mania arcade game to break Garnet from her trance.
    • This could possibly be because of his shape-shifting abilities acting up in times of need.
  • Steven has an ability to grow to whatever age he wants to be, shown in "So Many Birthdays."
  • In "So Many Birthdays," his adult version of himself is similar to Rebecca Sugar's Brother, Steven Sugar.
  • Steven's outfit closely resembles that of the character Duplica from Pokémon. This includes: a red T-shirt with a big yellow star on the chest and blue jeans that are folded over at the bottom.
  • Steven is homeschooled by the gems.[1]
  • He is revealed to be the first half-human, half-gem to exist. [2]
  • Steven's shield appears at least two times.
  • Steven has an ability to bubbling a gem or an item, shown in "Monster Buddies"
  • It was revealed in "Monster Buddies" that Steven keeps a framed picture of Pearl on the side of his fridge.
  • He is the character who cried the most in the series so far, 5 times.
  • There is a possibility that he will be retreating to his gem in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" Lion keeps laying on his face while he's sleeping.


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