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Steven Universe: Too Cool for School is a graphic novel published by KaBOOM! Studios on April 6, 2016.

Product Description

Steven Universe: Too Cool for School will give readers a closer look at the friendship between Steven and Connie and what happens when Steven tags along with Connie to school one day. (Hint: There is a reason Steven doesn't regularly attend school with humans.)[2]

The graphic novel will feature dodgeball, teachers, and food fights.


One morning, an exhausted Steven wakes up early, only to realize that a planned Gem mission was not going to be until later tonight. Amethyst is too lazy to do anything, while Pearl, and Garnet, were setting up the mission which was to catch a Pulmonate Gastropod "Mollusk."

Later, Steven takes his Cheeseburger Backpack, and goes around town on Lion completely bored. He finds Connie waiting at the bus stop. She greets him and says she was taking the bus today since her dad failed to get his car working before the first day of school. Connie lets Steven hold her books and he starts to get eager to go to school. Connie thinks he was joking as the bus comes, but realizes he was being serious. Connie takes his approval and lets Steven go to school with her, while she comes up with an excuse.

When they get to school, Connie introduces Steven as her Show and Tell project. She begins to talk to all the other students about Steven's family of the Crystal Gems, but it quickly becomes awkward, due to the fact that the Gems are hard to explain (calling them "Space Women" or defining their existence as "existing before dinosaurs" ). Steven tries to help by showing his gem to the classroom, but Mrs. Lezner, the teacher immediately tells him to put his shirt down, because of a "dress code" in her class. She tells Steven and Connie to sit down.

Some students begin to make fun of Steven's "Gem" story, which was interrupting the class. Soon it escalates and Mrs. Lazner gets furious. She threatens to send Steven to the principal's office if he doesn't stop. A student starts flinging objects at (like folded paper, and erasers) Steven, activating his bubble shield automatically, that pushes everyone's desks away. Mrs. Leznar was not pleased and Steven is sent to the office with Connie. Connie is embarrassed by Steven's commotion and he tries to apologize, but Connie knows that what he caused will go on her permanent record.

Later, both of them are in the office and Greg comes in, to find out his son was attending public school. The principal begins to have a talk with Greg, saying that Steven's little outburst causes him to have a benefit of a reality check of these so-called "Space Women" (The Gems), and to have Steven learn in a high education. After Greg fills in the papers to the school, he considers taking Steven home, but Steven wants to stay to make up everything he's done to Connie.

After Greg leaves, it was lunch time. Steven and Connie both manage to get some food from the school's "Taco Tuesday". Connie shows Steven the cafeteria, and the different groups of students in her school. One group that catches Steven's interest, was the Junior Safety Patrol. However, Connie mentions they get on her nerves, but she still sits with Steven. The topic of their conversation was how salty the food of Taco Tuesday. Steven suddenly has an idea and turn their tacos, making it into a salad.

When lunch time ends, Steven and Connie both head to gym class. The gym teacher comes out to explain about using teamwork (and not to flinch) because they were going to play dodgeball. He blows his whistle and the game begins. Everyone quickly gets hit and gets out. Connie almost gets hit but Steven manages to save her with his shield. The ball his shield deflected on bounces from person to person and almost hits the gym teacher. Steven apologizes, but the gym teacher mentions he doesn't mind.

After school was over, Steven return home and talked to the gems about his day at school during their mission, but they seem to be not listening, as they were more concentrated about the mollusk. Then Steven asked about the mollusk, as Pearl explained that the mollusk (such as the one they're looking for) can outgrow there shell very quickly, so they keep moving until it tries to find a bigger one. Then a broken pillar Steven was walking on, started to move, it was the mollusk new shell. Steven held on to the pillar, but Amethyst brought him down. then the Gems started attacking and poof it.

While Garnet bubbled it, Pearl began to question why Steven need to go to school, when they have the material to give him an education, Amethyst assumed she was jealous, and can't go with him, even Garnet joined it assuming if Steven feels the "Human Education System" is important, then they should be supported to him, but Pearl return to the question to Amethyst, that she can be in school, just for a "Parent teacher conference" that happens twice a year. As they walk to the warp pad, Steven found the mollusk small old shell, and decided to take it for show and tell, (also for extra credit) The Gems approved and wrapped back home.

The next day at school, Steven was the first one done with his test, Mrs. Lezner was questioning and asked to double check his answers before she could pick it up, but her timer end off anyway.

(may be finished later, To be Continued....)






  • Leigh Luna and Asia Kendrick-Horton took on the project after Coleman Engle dropped off of it causing the release date to be pushed back.
  • Rachel Dukes was added to the artist team to aid Kendrick-Horton on the last 50 pages.
  • Shannon Watters stated that Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle have "worked closely with Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey on the plot of the graphic novel "so that it aligns properly with the show".[3]
  • This graphic novel takes place some time after "Reformed" and before "Catch and Release", as evidenced by the three Crystal Gems being in their post-regeneration outfits and the absence of Peridot in their custody.
  • The Temple has no landline telephones, as Steven had to call Greg and the Big Donut to contact the Crystal Gems while he was at school.
  • Pearl is able to summon her weapon(s) in the form of tonfas.
  • Pearl does not understand the concept of assigning an object with a gender.

Cultural References

  • The sword Pearl picks out and purchases at Vidalia's yard sale is the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.
  • A student that resembles the character Frisk from the video game Undertale appears in the wreckage of the Mollusk after it has been defeated.


  • Steven's shirt is missing its star on one page.
  • Garnet is in her pre-regeneration form when warping back to the Temple.
  • Pearl's spear is missing its spiral when landing the final blow on the mollusk creature.
    • However, this may be a transformation instead of an error.


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