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Nothing can harm me. I am the wet one.

Steven in Steven's Lion

Steven's Lion
Season 1, Episode 10
Broadcast Information
Airdate January 27, 2014
Production no. 010
Viewers 1.512[1]
Written by TBA
Directed by Ian Jones-Quartey
Storyboard by Lamar Abrams and Aleth Romanillos
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Tiger Millionaire
Arcade Mania

"Steven's Lion" is the 10th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 10th overall episode of the series.


Steven makes friends with a magical lion but can't quite tell why it likes him.[2]


The episode opens with the Gems and Steven trekking through the desert, littered with large sandstone columns which erect and dissipate at random. Garnet explains that the "power in the structure has turned aimless" and thus, was raising stand alone structures at random. Suddenly, a loud roar interrupts their conversation and the Gems run off to investigate, leaving an exhausted Steven behind. Shortly thereafter, a mystical pink lion with glowing eyes approaches Steven. Though initially startled, Steven quickly realizes the Lion means no harm and begins to pet and converse with it. Not too long after, however, a large explosion captures their attention. The gems approach after defeating the monster which held the gem powering the structure known as "The Desert Glass", a red velvet pillow encrusted with a large Green gem (which Amethyst claimed as hers since she delivered the killing blow.) Pearl notes that she should take care as dropping it on sand would "rebuild everything". Upon seeing Steven with the Lion they quickly take up arms, only for Steven to assure them the Lion means no harm. Steven says his goodbyes as they exit the Desert and returns to the Crystal Palace.

Back at the Palace, Amethyst and Steven nap under a pillow fort, topped with the Desert Glass, when he hears scratching from the door. Much to his surprise, the pink Lion appears at his doorstep. Steven then attempts to play games with the Lion, but to no avail, as the Lion appears largely apathetic to all of his games. Slightly disheartened, Steven believes he knows of something the Lion "has gotta like". And brings him to Fish Stew Pizza which Steven enters hoping to brag about his Lion. Inside, Onion and Ronaldo Fryman are eating while Kofi and Kiki work the counter. Steven lets them know of his lion, which excites Ronaldo while Kiki is very much reserved. Upon exiting the pizzeria, they find no such Lion (though Ronaldo initially believed it to be invisible,) which elicits a bad lion pun from Kiki and an unsettling death stare from Onion. Steven finds the Lion back at his home, getting there just as he tears the door down and it becomes apparent that he is after the Desert Glass. This revelation angers and disheartens Steven, who becomes frustrated with the lion and subsequently throws the pillow off the balcony and onto the beach.

The ground suddenly begins to quake and massive sandstone columns begin to erect around the gem. The Gems run outside and Pearl explains that the Desert Glass is attempting to "rebuild its castle". Meanwhile, the pillow engenders a massive stand storm and wall which not even Garnet is able to break through. Steven, being caught inside, realizes that he must take it from atop the central tower. Upon almost reaching the top, the sand structure morphs and forces Steven to fall from great height, only to be caught by the Lion. Steven realizes the Lion only wanted to protect them from the pillow, and the Lion uses a magical roar to destroy the sand structures around them. They then burst through the top of the tower and retrieve the gem and all the sand structures dissipate shortly thereafter. Pearl reprimands Amethyst for not "bubbling" the Desert Glass in the first place and Amethyst states that, in her defense, she forgot. Steven indirectly asks the Gems if he can keep the Lion, which they (specifically Garnet) indirectly agree to.


Production Notes



  • It is revealed by Steven that Gems do not have to sleep. They can, however, enjoy it.
  • A three week hiatus occurred after this episode.
  • This is the first episode in which Pearl laughed at an offensive joke, as Garnet allowed Steven to keep Lion, as they kept Amethyst.

Cultural References

  • When Steven told Ronaldo that the Lion was pink, he replied with "How can it be invisible and pink?" A reference to The Invisible Pink Unicorn.


  • On Ronaldo's laptop, you can see the picture he took of Steven in "Cat Fingers".


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