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My dreams... I was seeing through her eyes. I've been crying her tears.


"Steven's Dream" is the 11th episode of the fourth season of Steven Universe and the 114th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

A strange dream prompts Steven to search for answers.[3]


The episode opens in a lush, grassy field, with the camera centered on flowers. Greg wakes Steven up, revealing it to be his dream, and tears pour down his face. Steven is shown to be in the van with Greg, having watched a movie before Steven fell asleep. He remarks he was going to let him sleep until Steven started crying, which was "less cute." Steven mentions he didn't know why he was crying because his dream wasn't sad and Greg decides to take him home. Greg summarizes the movie's ending to Steven as they walk up the steps, and before he leaves, Steven asks Greg if Rose had ever talked to him about Pink Diamond. Greg mentions that there were some things that Rose didn't like talking about, and he never pressed her about details. Steven asks why, and Greg tells him that they talked about a lot of important stuff, such as feelings. He says they both made a bunch of mistakes when they were young, and she felt that she could have told him everything, but he told her the past was the past. Greg also told her who she was in the past didn't matter, but what mattered was who she was in the present: an incredible, loving, being. Steven feels better and tells him goodnight. Later in his dream, Steven appears in the field again and looks around until he sees a pink palanquin. Steven abruptly wakes up again, with the tears returning.

The next morning, he calls Connie over, who is excited about his discovery, giving him Buddy's journal from the library. Steven flips the pages to the page with the palanquin drawing and she corrects Steven's pronunciation of the word, and they decide to ask the Gems about it. When the Gems appear, they go over to show them the drawing. Steven tells them he knows they knew what it was and Garnet responds quickly, telling him he can't go there. Steven asks why not, and she is noticeably quiet. Steven says he thought everyone was going to tell him everything from now on, and Garnet tells him to stop because Rose never wanted him to see the place. Steven becomes upset, saying that they weren't considering what he wanted, and Rose was his mom and thinks he's the one who deserves the truth the most. Angered, he thanks Connie, borrowing the book and storms outside. Garnet follows him and tells Steven he has to trust her. Steven doesn't understand, as Garnet is usually truthful to him, and she wishes she could tell him, but if she told him why he couldn't go, he would only want to go more. Steven is more intrigued and wants to go even more now. Garnet realizes the mistake and says he can't go because she can't go with him. Steven asks why, and she starts speaking through Sapphire, noticeably tearing up out of her right eye, saying she was scared and she can't get near her. Steven points out she mentioned "her," and is now more curious to go but she asks him to stay for her. Steven says he won't and Garnet sighs, saying she knows. Steven leaves to Greg's van, where he wakes him up.

Steven tells him about the palanquin in his dream and Greg takes the book, saying he knows someone who could take them to where he wanted. Later, they ride in Andy's plane, who they thank for taking them to Korea, where the palanquin was. Steven mentions that this was a serious mission and there was no time for fun, but Greg asks if there was a little time for fun, which Steven considers. In Korea, the two explore the surroundings of the city, eating some cuisine, and shopping for a bit around the country. Eventually, they get on a bus that takes them to the Korean Peninsula. Steven insists they continue going and they appear in front of a fenced area. Steven convinces Greg to help him jump over, despite his protests, and they head over to a field. They come across a blue palanquin, but Steven tells Greg the one he saw was pink and broken down. Suddenly, behind some bushes they can hear a voice express her sorrow and apologize to Pink Diamond, kneeling by her former palanquin with her Pearl. She wonders what she would think now, as this was "her planet." Steven realizes it was Blue Diamond mourning, and he had been crying her tears the entire time. They duck when Blue Pearl heads over, thinking she heard someone. Greg assures he can handle this and makes himself known to Blue Pearl, introducing himself to Blue Diamond. Blue Pearl tells Blue Diamond she found a native, and Blue Diamond tells her to "bring it here."

Greg follows, getting closer to Blue Diamond and she says that Earth was a strange planet, as she assumes Greg and all other humans live in the wild. She also mentions that the location they were at was where Pink Diamond was broken. Greg asks if they were close, and sympathizes, apologizing. He says he knows how hard it is to move on when you lose someone, to her surprise. He says he lost someone important to him, too; he misses her and thinks about her every day, but she's never coming back, and that feeling was so hard to be okay with. Blue Diamond is surprised a human being is capable of understanding how she feels, and it was a shame because there was a geo-weapon ready to emerge soon and destroy the Earth, but she realizes Greg didn't deserve it. She says she wasn't supposed to be here, but she's glad she was, one last time because she could save one last piece of Pink Diamond's legacy. She grabs Greg and summons her ship. Steven watches in shock as Greg struggles in Blue Diamond's grip and pleads for her to let him go. Blue Diamond goes into her palanquin and it floats up, entering the palm of her ship. Steven tries to give chase, using his floating powers until the ship blasts away at warp speed, causing him to start falling in the air. Garnet arrives from behind and catches him, apologizing to Steven, saying she saw Blue Diamond come here and find all of them (through her future vision), so she couldn't be there with him. Steven says she took Greg and that he should have listened to her. Steven asks her what they were going to do, and Garnet replies they are going to space, to get Greg back.






Instrumental Songs


  • All episodes from the Out of This World event were released on Cartoon Network's website and app on January 2, 2017 prior to the official air date of January 30, 2017. The episodes, with the exception of "Steven's Dream", were later removed until they had aired on television.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2017.
  • The movie, which Steven and Greg are watching in the beginning of the episode, depicts a blue alien with a spaceship bearing three diamond symbols, abducting a cow. This is most likely foreshadowing to the way Blue Diamond abducted Greg, later in the episode.
  • Pink Diamond is revealed to have been shattered in the Korean Peninsula during the Rebellion. She was in or near her palanquin at the time.
    • Blue Diamond is still grieving, millennia later.
  • Buddy Buddwick's journal drawings depict Pink Diamond's abandoned palanquin.
    • Blue Diamond's is still in her possession and is fully functional.
  • Blue Diamond's ship bears resemblance to the Gem Warship used by Peridot, Lapis, and Jasper in "The Return". While that ship took the shape of a giant hand, Blue Diamond's is shaped like an entire arm.

Cultural References

  • During Greg's and Steven's tour through Korea, the various montages would make it seem that Korea hasn't changed much with regards to the Gems' activities. It is still unknown if the peninsula is politically split as in its real-life counterpart, as most of the action seems to take place in real-life counterpart South Korea, as well as it simply being called Korea and not North or South Korea.
    • A palace resembling Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁) is seen. Constructed during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), it was the main palace (with albeit an interregnum of 273 years as it was left as an abandoned ruin following its burning down during the 1592 Japanese invasions, and its reconstruction in 1867).
      • The area passed by Steven and Greg resembles Heungnyemun Gate (흥례문), where (prior to 2006) its front open area served as tourist parking as well as backdrop for souvenir photos.
        • However, in the scene a structure is seen in the distance through the gaps in the gate. In the real palace, the first gate is Gwanghwamun Gate (광화문) (which after its restoration in 2010 with its surrounding walls completely enclosed the front area as in the original), followed by Heungnyemun Gate and its walls, then by Geunjeongmun Gate (근정문) with its walls as well; which then opens to a vast courtyard centrally flanked by Geunjeongjeon Hall (근정전), the palace's ceremonial throne hall (which somehow resembles the "structure" in question), used in the past as the seat of rituals and ceremonies.
      • Among the tourists posing is a girl wearing hanbok (한복), the traditional Korean attire. In an effort to boost tourism as well as promote hanbok, visitors/tourists wearing hanbok in certain areas (such as Gyeongbokgung Palace) are granted free admission.
    • Greg is shown speaking common Korean phrases (albeit with a foreign accent), such as Kamsahamnida (감사합니다), the most common (yet formal) way to say thank you in Korea, and Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요), a term usually used (informally) as a greeting (e.g. "Hello").
    • Greg's "Red!" shirt design is a reference to Be the Reds, a term popularized on T-shirts during the 2002 FIFA World Cup by supporters of the Korea Republic national football team.
    • The Diamonds' personal palanquins reflect Korea's historical past; people within the high-ranking social classes can only ride palanquins. During the Joseon Dynasty, palanquins (generically termed 가마 "gama" and consists of 6 types) were restricted mostly for females: the aristocracy/nobility; the kisaeng (기생), female performers as well as courtesans; and the royal family, especially its females; with the King's royal palanquin the largest, roomiest, and borne by many bearers.
    • Greg and Steven are seen eating kimbap (김밥), Korean food similar to sushi, whose norimaki variant was introduced during Japan's colonial rule over the Korean peninsula. Kimbap is usually packed and eaten during outings/picnics, similar to the father-and-son's tour.
  • Greg's and Steven's tour also pass through an animation studio, where Greg notices a character working on his design for this episode as well as a model sheet being visible. This is a reference to the series itself, as the final animation for the show is done in Korea.
  • Amethyst eating the popcorn during Steven's argument with Garnet is a common TV trope.


  • Amethyst has her hair tied in a ponytail like in "Steven vs. Amethyst".
  • Similar to "We Need to Talk", Amethyst chooses to eat in the midst of an argument between her friends.
  • Steven's empathic telepathy resurfaces, this time being shown to have mind-linking capabilities, his own mind being able to link with Blue Diamond's and feeling her emotions, resulting in crying her tears.
  • The Cluster is mentioned to be close to early emerging, showing that the Homeworld Gems do not know of its bubbling in "Gem Drill".
  • The sign on the fence is similar to the one on the fence in front of the Crystal Temple in "Story for Steven".
    • Greg saying that he is unable to hop a fence like he used to is a reference to when he hopped the Crystal Gems' fence in "Story for Steven".
  • Model sheets from "Mr. Greg" can be seen in the studio.
  • When Blue Diamond grabs Greg, the same tune plays from Lapis Lazuli's warning video in "The Message".


  • After Blue Diamond says "Bring it here," Greg's right arm is uncolored when he's still in the bowing position.
  • When Blue Diamond enters her ship, it resembles a right arm instead of a left one.
  • When Garnet says "I couldn't be here with you" one of her gloves is colored black instead of purple.
  • When Steven asks the gems about the palanquin from Buddy's book, he ends up closing it, but in a scene after that, we see it open again.


View the episode's transcript here.


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