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Soundtrack Attack is a Steven Universe mobile rhythm game that was released on July 21, 2016. The player's customized Gem character (either a Ruby, Pearl, or Quartz) has escaped from Homeworld via an escape pod, and with the help of the Crystal Gems, must travel along various locations to avoid being captured by Homeworld Gems in a Roaming Eye.


Soundtrack Attack is a rhythm runner set to the music of Steven Universe!

Battle to the beat

Let’s do this! Tap, hold, and swipe along to the music to unleash awesome attacks and outrun the Homeworld Gems in Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe.

Make your own Gem

Choose a Quartz, Ruby, or Pearl and make them your own. Customize your Gem with hair, outfits, accessories, and weapons! Unlock even more options as you play.

Play Steven Universe songs

Soundtrack Attack features the music from the Steven Universe soundtrack, including remixes of "We Are the Crystal Gems," "Stronger Than You," "Steven and the Stevens," "Giant Woman," and many more!

Believe in Steven with Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe!

Where to download


Soundtrack Attack Map

The game's hub world.





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