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Season 4 is the fourth season of Steven Universe. There are currently 26 planned episodes [1] in the season. The season started airing on August 11, 2016 with "Kindergarten Kid" as one of the last two episodes of the Summer of Steven event.[2]


No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. Code[3]
1 Kindergarten Kid 000

"Kindergarten Kid" August 11, 2016 TBA
A monster problem surfaces.[4]
2 Know Your Fusion 000

"Know Your Fusion" August 12, 2016 TBA
Sardonyx does a late night talk show with Smoky Quartz.[5]
3 Buddy's Book 000

"Buddy's Book" August 18, 2016 TBA
Steven visits the library with Connie and uncovers a long lost book.[6]
4 Mindful Education 000

"Mindful Education" August 25, 2016 TBA
Steven and Connie learn to focus better.[7]
5 Future Boy Zoltron 000

"Future Boy Zoltron" September 1, 2016 TBA
Steven tells people's fortunes at Funland.[8]
6 Last One Out of Beach City 000

"Last One Out of Beach City" September 8, 2016 TBA
Steven, Pearl and Amethyst attend a rock show.[9]
7 Onion Gang 000

"Onion Gang" September 15, 2016 TBA
Steven finds out about Onion's secret friends.[10]
8/9 Gem Harvest 000

"Gem Harvest" November 17, 2016[11] TBA
Steven’s autumn visit to the barn brings a new stranger into his life.
10 Three Gems and a Baby 000

"Three Gems and a Baby" December 1, 2016[12] TBA
Greg tells Steven the story of his first winter with Steven.
11 Steven's Dream 000

"Steven's Dream" January 2, 2017 (online)
January 30, 2017 (TV)[13]
A strange dream prompts Steven to search for answers.
12 Adventures in Light Distortion 000

"Adventures in Light Distortion" January 30, 2017[13] TBA
Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission.
13 Gem Heist 000

"Gem Heist" January 31, 2017[13] TBA
The Gems try to pull off a heist.
14 The Zoo 000

"The Zoo" February 1, 2017[13] TBA
Steven visits a special zoo.
15 That Will Be All 000

"That Will Be All" February 2, 2017[13] TBA
Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!
16 The New Crystal Gems 000

"The New Crystal Gems" February 10, 2017[14] TBA
Connie helps look after Beach City while Steven is busy.
17 Storm in the Room 000

"Storm in the Room" February 17, 2017[14] TBA
Steven goes into his room in the temple to look for answers.
18 Rocknaldo 000

"Rocknaldo" February 24, 2017[14] TBA
Ronaldo sets out to find all the rock people living in Beach City!
19 TBA

"Tiger Philanthropist" March 3, 2017[15] TBA
Steven tries pro wrestling.


Steven and the Gems return to the Beta Kindergarten to poof and contain any remaining Corrupted Gems who were imprisoned by Jasper in "Kindergarten Kid". Garnet explains to the group that Corrupted Gems are cared for in the stasis of the bubble, making it different than caging them up like Jasper did. Steven concludes that the Corrupted Gem he sees in a cage is the last one, since the Gems were at the Beta Kindergarten poofing the caged monsters for a good amount of time. The Gems struggle to keep up with the Tongue Monster's agility while attempting to fight it, causing her to escape. Peridot laughs at the Gems' failed attempt to capture the monster, believing that she could have done a better job. The Gems agree to let Peridot prove to them that she can contain the Tongue Monster. Steven accompanies her because he feels bad, since the monster has no idea what she's doing. Peridot tells Steven that they are going to outsmart the monster instead of battling it. Peridot devises a number of "Peri-Plans" to try and poof the Tongue Monster, but each results in either her or Steven being harmed, and the monster always escapes or outsmarts them. That night, Steven continuously throws marshmallows at Peridot in an attempt to make her understand how the monster feels: being under attack, feeling trapped, and feeling frustrated. The next day, Peridot falls off of a cliff with the monster, which poofs the latter. Peridot bubbles it, and the Gems reveal that they never left, and that they were watching.

The Gems return home in "Know Your Fusion", where Steven and Amethyst decide to introduce the person who beat Jasper to Pearl and Garnet. They fuse into Smoky Quartz after deciding on what they are going to show off, leading the absolutely ecstatic Pearl and Garnet to fuse into Sardonyx. Sardonyx takes Smoky to her room in the Temple to give Smoky a bigger stage to show off their powers. Sardonyx allows Smoky to be a guest star on her fake talk show, "Sardonyx Tonight", where an audience she created watches as Smoky is interviewed. After Smoky admits that their only known power is their yo-yo, Sardonyx makes it her goal to try and bring out any other powers they have.Sardonyx has Smoky go through a variety of activities to see if they have the abilities of other Crystal Gem fusions. Smoky is shown to not have Opal's precise aim with a bow, Sugilite's powerful swing, nor Alexandrite's fire breath. This causes Sardonyx to realize that Steven and Amethyst had decided on what they were going to show off to Pearl and Garnet regarding Smoky, and that she stole their show. Sardonyx unfuses which causes her room to collapse since she isn't present. Smoky is able to save Pearl and Garnet by using her yo-yo as a grappling hook, allowing them all to safely land outside of the Temple door. Pearl and Garnet are proud that Steven and Amethyst used Smoky's yo-yo with a new ability.

Steven and Connie ride Lion to the Buddwick Public Library in "Buddy's Book", where Connie wishes to introduce what a library is to Steven, since he loves books. After looking around the different sections of the library, Steven finds a journal under a shelf, filled with pages recording different Gem structures. Steven and Connie discover that it was written by Buddy Buddwick, and while reading the book, they imagine Buddy as Jamie. Buddy writes about how he wishes to make his mark on the world, since his captain has already when discovering Beach City. He decides to become an explorer, traveling around to different Gem structures which Garnet and Pearl told him not to go to. At the Kindergarten, Amethyst tells Buddy that he hasn't discovered anything, and gives him motivation to find the Sandcastle in the Desert. There, Buddy travels for days, and begins to lose consciousness due to exhaustion. Rose Quartz and her pack of Lions approach him, and Rose reads his entries in the journal. She tells him that he should be an author because he writes so well. Buddy listens to her advice, and writes enough books to fill a library, which Steven and Connie realize is why the Buddwick Public Library exists in the first place.


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