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Save the Light is a Steven Universe video game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and the direct sequel to Attack the Light. It was released on October 31, 2017, on the PlayStation 4 and on November 3, 2017, on the Xbox One.


Coming to consoles this fall!

A mysterious warrior arrives in Beach City and steals a powerful weapon, and it’s up to the Crystal Gems to embark on a magical mission to end all magical missions. Steven and the Gems must travel far beyond Beach City, battle an army of creepy creatures, and stop a no-good Prism-snatcher in order to Save the Light!


  • Updated battle system with a customizable character selection scheme. The player can choose who will lead the team. Only Steven cannot be removed from the group.[2]
  • More emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving in 3D environments.
  • An original story from Rebecca Sugar and her Steven Universe show team.[3]
  • The game will feature a total of eight playable characters, not including fusions.[4]
    • One of the eight characters will be available as DLC after the game's launch.[5]
  • More fusions will be available as character abilities.[6]
    • According to Grumpyface Studios, there are more fusions that haven’t been shown yet.[7]
  • Side quests, a crafting system, character perks, and upgrades will be available.[8]
    • Helping in side quests will bring random rewards for the characters.
  • There will be situations throughout the game where the player must make gameplay-affecting decisions.
    • This can vary from which Crystal Gem is introduced in the game first, to naming monsters.
  • Helping characters during a battle can increase their bond, adding new strategies to the battle system.
    • This can vary from special team attacks to allowing certain characters to Fuse together for the duration of a battle.


The game starts when Steven is telling the story of the previous game. After the intro Steven and Connie are in the Beach House, playing with the White Light. Then suddenly the Prism starts to feel another presence and leaves Steven, which causes him to follow the Prism. Steven and Connie, after following it, end up at It's a Wash, where they find a terrified Greg. It's shown that a giant spaceship is above the car wash and then crash it when it lands. After that, a Gem called Hessonite exits the spaceship and takes the Prism, only to discover much to her disappointment that the form it takes is a weak one. After leaving, Steven, alongside Connie and his father, fight a group of Light soldiers who attack Beach City. While fighting several of the Light soldiers, Steven finds one of the Crystal Gems, who tell him that Hessonite has traveled to the forest, and go to find her. During their travel through the forest, they discover Hessonite in a terminal trying to fix the Prism, only to discover the Crystal Gems. After that, she makes the Prism attack by creating a creature to destroy them. After defeating the creature, Garnet appears and tells Steven that they must go to The Forge, where they upgrade their weapons, after that, they leave to the Great North.

While traveling in the Great North, the Crystal Gems find another Peridot, who Steven nicknames "Squaridot", who tries to defeat them by orders of Hessonite. They later take her to the Barn where Lapis and Peridot are staying, as Steven believes they can convince her to become friends with them. Only for Squaridot not only being angry at Peridot because of her rebellion, but also attempts to attack Steven only to be poofed, but not before revealing by accident that Hessonite is at the Strawberry Battlefield. Later Peridot tells that she can repair the computer terminal and track down Hessonite by using tungsten, which is around the Battlefield. During the journey, Peridot reveals that Hessonite's behavior is strange, as she knows them for being important military commanders, then reveals that the Hessonite they are tracking down is an important war hero because of the Rebellion and that the Prism is her weapon who she has used against the Crystal Gems. After collecting all the tungsten, Peridot is able to repair the terminal and discovers that Hessonite is at the Sky Arena. In an instant, they fight a giant armored creature who they defeat. After defeating it, they travel to the Sky Arena, where they find Hessonite unsuccessfully trying to make the Prism take a more stronger form, only to keep taking the form of Steven. After leaving, they discover that Hessonite has traveled back to the Gem Battlefield, at the location of where the Pyramid Temple used to be, where they discover a secret entrance to another temple.

While exploring the temple, the Crystal Gems find Hessonite, who defeats them easily in a battle, but before she strikes Steven, the Prism blinds them. When Connie wakes up, she discovers that Garnet has been defused, Sapphire instructs Connie and Peridot to find two keys to open a door. While Pearl, Amethyst, and Greg are instructed by Ruby to fix a couple of mechanisms and a key to leave. Steven then wakes up in an astral plane where he learns that the Prism was a gift from Yellow Diamond to Hessonite, who used it to fight during the Rebellion, only to lose it during a fight with Rose and had to leave it when the Corrupting Light was used. He's then found by Connie, Peridot and Sapphire, and then reunites with the rest. After reuniting to the place where they were defeated, they encounter the Light Warrior, who attacks them. After defeating the construct, they learn that Steven's having visions and discovers that Hessonite is now at The Forge. After getting there, they discover a secret part of The Forge made by Bismuth, who Hessonite tries to use to upgrade the Prism with. After fighting their way through, they discover they're too late and find out that Hessonite has traveled back to her Warship. Steven and the Crystal Gems use Lion to travel there and fight Hessonite, who uses an upgraded Light Warrior, only to be defeated. When Hessonite loses, she admits disappointment in herself for losing against the Crystal Gems and the Prism, who decides to stay on Earth, while Hessonite chooses to rebel and leaves to discover herself. After returning to the Barn, the Crystal Gems celebrate their victory with the Prism.

An alternate bad ending can be unlocked if the Prism chooses to stay with Hessonite; much to her surprise she welcomes back the Prism and announces that together they'll have a fresh start and together can conquer new worlds. After escaping, Connie fears what will happen, while Steven feels disappointed and fearful about the Prism, now that it has chosen to remain with Hessonite and remain with their original programming.








Steven's Items

  • Fry Bits
  • Fire Salt Fry Bits
  • Ranch 'n Bacon Fry Bits
  • Together Breakfast
  • Star Fruit
  • Super Star Fruit
  • Cookie Cat
  • Green/Purple Key
  • Chroma
  • Green Dew
  • Rose's Tears
  • Level Up Charm
  • Beefy Sweatband
  • A Big Donut
  • Speedy Sneaks
  • Star Shake
  • Lucky Crown
  • Bicycle Helmet
  • Redo Charm
  • Ranch'n Bacon Fry Bits
  • Bottle of Rose's Tears
  • Thoughtful Gift
  • Together Forever Breakfast
  • Fire Salt
  • White Star Fruit
  • Feelgood Tea
  • Feelgreat Tea
  • Feelawesome Tea
  • Bagel Sandwich
  • Bear Claw

Key Items

  • Weapon Schematic
  • Mayor Dewey's Doodle
  • Light Dew
  • Big Ice Cube
  • Ice Cream Donut
  • Tungsten
  • An Ode To _______ (Vidalia’s Portrait)
  • Lion Lickers
  • Glow Stick
  • Boltron Token
  • Dull Pizza Cutter
  • Sharp Pizza Cutter
  • Forged Pizza Cutter
  • Really Cool Sword
  • Pizza Deliveries (Suitcase Sam, Onion, and Amethyst)
  • Secret Hoozywhatzit
  • Engraved Stone Piece
  • Perfect Pinchop


  • Healthy Human Badge: Increases total health by 15%.  Can only be worn by humans and half-humans
  • XP Badge: Gain XP 15% faster!
  • Sluggish Regen Badge: Very slowly regenerate health at all times. It's slow.
  • Attack Badge: Increases ATTACK by 2
  • Harmony Badge: Increase total health by 15%.  Can only be worn by Gems and half-Gems.
  • Hardhat Badge: Immune to STUN effect
  • Freebie Badge: Small chance on every attack to make one of your abilities 0 Star Points for one use!
  • Leaf Shield Badge: Increases defense against green and yellow enemy attacks by 25%
  • Parachute Badge: No longer take damage from falling into pits
  • Lucky Badge: Increase luck by 30%
  • Iron Boots Badge: Immune to knockback and slipping on ice
  • Bundled Up Badge: Immune to all cold, frozen, and crystalized effects
  • Sneaky Sneaky Badge: Enemies have a harder time noticing the wearer.  Outside of battle, wearer can get closer than normal.  Inside battle, wearer's actions generate less threat.
  • Insult Badge: Wearer's actions all generate more threat than normal, causing enemies to attack them more often.
  • Star Starter Badge: The team's Star Meter begins 1 Star Point higher than normal at the start of battle
  • Economist Badge: At the start of battle, all your star costs are reduced by 1.  After any ability is used, all star costs return to normal.
  • Friendship Badge: All relationships with the wearer build 15% quicker
  • Nicer Regen Badge: Slowly regeneate health at all times
  • Heal Aura Badge: Emit a small healing aura for nearby allies every time wearer is attacked
  • Kudos Badge: Adds the "Kudos" ability to the wearer's ability ring.  When used, builds relationship points with selected target.
  • Lucky Engager Badge: Guaranteed LUCKY hit when engaging an enemy outside of battle
  • Lucky Berserker Badge: While at 15% health or lower, all attacks are guaranteed to be LUCKY
  • Lucky Restore Badge: Lucky Hits have the chance to restore health
  • Lucky Zap Badge: Lucky hits have a chance to electrocute and DISABLE enemies
  • Lucky Star Badge: Lucky hits have a chance to restore 1 star point
  • Lucky Flame Badge: Lucky hits have a chance to BURN enemies
  • Ember Badge: Chance to BURN enemies on attack or block
  • Fireproof Badge: Immune to BURN effect
  • Turtle Badge: Increase defense by 25%, but reduces attack by 15%
  • Speedy Badge: Outside of battle movement speed increased by 30%. Inside battle, team's star meter speed increased by 10%
  • Berserker Badge: While at 15% health or lower, automatically receive an ATTACK buff
  • Rose's Tear Badge: Upon defeat, revive timer length is reduced by half
  • Immunity Badge: 25% chance to resist all negative effects
  • Poison Badge: Chance to POISON enemies on attack or block
  • The Perfect Cast Badge: Wearer's "charge-up" or "build time" abilities can no longer be interrupted
  • Shamrock Badge: Increases luck by 95%, but reduces defense by 50%
  • Star Block Badge: Blocking an enemy sometimes awards 1 star point
  • Star Cap Badge: Raise star cap in battle from 10 to 12 for the team
  • Grumpy Badge: Incrases ATTACK by 30%, but DEFENSE reduced by 50%
  • CBF Badge: Reduces the entire team's stats by half!  Yikes!  (For when you want a BIG challenge)


  • Donut Hole in One: Jump through a big donut
  • Attack the Light: Defeat 100 Light Constructs
  • Perfect Ten: Perform 10 Perfect blocks in a row
  • Somebody's Perfect: Perform 10 Perfect attacks in a row
  • Delivery Boy: Complete all the Fish Stew Pizza deliveries
  • Work of Art: Help Vidalia finish her masterpiece
  • Future Boy Boltron: Receive every fortune from BOLTRON: SON OF ZOLTRON
  • Boss Beater-Uppers: Defeat any boss without letting any party members be defeated
  • Trifecta: Defeat three enemies with a single attack
  • POW!!!: Deliver over 100 damage with one ability
  • Team Building Exercise: Perform every fusion and team attack
  • Lil' Dudes: Recover every Lil' Light Steven
  • Crying Breakfast Friend: Defeat any boss while wearing the CBF Badge
  • Adventure is Out There: Travel to every zone
  • Perfect Porkchop: Complete the game to 100%
  • Believe in Steven: Collect all other achievements
  • Is This Canon?: Experience an alternate sequence of events...
  • We Always Save the Day: Save Light Steven and the Prism
  • Best Case Scenario: Win the fight and then go out for pizzas!
  • Back in Bismuth: Fully upgrade all weapons at The Forge


  • The game was originally planned for a Summer 2017 launch but was pushed back to Fall 2017.[1]
  • On June 1, 2017, Cartoon Network released "The Light Series"-themed stickers for iMessage.
  • On August 31, 2017, a game demo was released for the first time from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. during the annual ID@Xbox Pre-PAX Open House.[10]
  • Similar to its predecessor Attack the Light, the designs for the game are based on the distant character design for rendering purposes.
  • Grumpyface Studios have stated that there are still plans for porting the game to the PC and Nintendo Switch.[11]
  • An interview of the game development and design process was shown in the CN GAMES Panel in September 1, 2017, revealing some concept art of the Fusion Gems, Peridot and Squaridot.[12]
  • Grumpyface Studios has stated that they plan to release some DLC for the game.[13]
  • When the Gems fuse, they use choreography borrowed from their Fusion dances on the show.[14]
    • Steven and Connie dance the exact same dance they used to form Stevonnie in "Mindful Education", but finish with a jump towards each other rather than standing back to back.
    • Amethyst uses dance moves from the first formations of Opal and Sugilite.
    • Pearl uses the same pirouette from the start of Sardonyx's fusion dance.
    • Garnet uses her dance moves from the first shown use of Alexandrite's fusion dance.

Cultural References


  • Greg mentions that he's still rich from the check he got in "Drop Beat Dad".
  • Steven and Connie's fusion dance is similar to the one from "Mindful Education".
  • Lars still has olive skin and orange-brown hair, indicating this takes place before Wanted, and by extension, StevenBomb 6.
  • The White Light still has its Steven form from the ending of the first game.
  • In Beach City Funland there is a new machine called "Boltron", stated to be the son of Zoltron.
  • It turns out that Bismuth's Forge can still be entered despite Bismuth's bubbling and that it has a secret room with a statue of Rose Quartz.
  • Hessonite recalls the events of the Rebellion from "Monster Reunion", as she comments that her troops had to flee Earth "very quickly" and that she lost some of them.
  • There are Citrine guards watching the entrance of Hessonite's Warship, as they are stated to be a Quartz type made to serve Elite Gems.
  • Peridot mentions The New Crystal Gems to Connie.
  • Steven reminds Greg of the events of "Ocean Gem" and StevenBomb 5 as the two crazy weekends he went through, and also reveals that the other one was about accepting a two hundred taco challenge.
  • When talked to, Bill Dewey comments on an election approaching. Dewey would lose this election in "Dewey Wins".



  • Smoky Quartz is accidentally referred to as "she/her" instead of "they/them". This is intended to be rectified in an upcoming bug patch.
  • Peridot says the quote "Well, I certainley wouldn't know" instead of "certainly". This will be fixed in an upcoming bug patch.
  • Amethyst's gemstone is missing on Opal.


  • The game is prone to freezing during battle or when interacting with items.
    • Saving and quitting is still possible.
    • Grumpyface Studios will be pushing an update to fix this.[15]
    • This bug patch was released on November 10, 2017.[16]
    • Another bug patch was released on December 11, 2017.[17]
    • Another bugfix and stability patch is underway, but they don't have an ETA to provide at this time.[18]
  • Character models will sometimes phase through key gates depending on the gate's placement angle.
  • Sometimes audio tracks will play on repeat, but this seems to go away after a few minutes.



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