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Speaker Dialogue
(Steven and Peridot share their underground experience with the Cluster with Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst outside the barn)
Peridot It was so intense down there! We were already a few layers into the Earth's crust, WHEN SUDDENLY -- WA-PAMO! KA POWIE! All these gross Cluster limbs started clawing at the drill. So, I whipped out the old Photon Blaster and, "PEW PEW P-CHOW CHOW! Take that, Cluster!". And Steven was all, "My feelings!", and then up and passes out on me! Then everything started glowing and... well, yeah, wait.
(Peridot clears her throat).
Peridot I'm sure Steven can fill you in on the rest since he's the one who saved us. You should've seen it, right Steven? Tell 'em what happened in there!
(Steven doesn't respond).
Peridot Steven?
Steven Hold on a sec. I'll be right back.
(Steven walks to the barn to check up on Lapis Lazuli).
Garnet I see you're worried about your friend.
Steven Yeah. When I saw her in my dreams, it looked like she was fighting so hard to keep Malachite from escaping.
Garnet Lapis spent an unbearable amount of time fused with Jasper. The emotional and physical strain of that type of fusion; I can't imagine. She's gonna need a lot of time to recover.
Steven (sighs) You're right.
Garnet Come on, I'm dying to hear more about what happened underground.
Steven (chuckles) Okay.
(Cuts to nighttime. Steven sleeps outside of the barn in a bug sleeping bag when he hears noises from the inside of the barn. He sees Lapis standing inside, fully recovered.)
Steven Lapis, you're okay!
Lapis Steven!
Steven You're... leaving.
Lapis I have to Steven. I don't belong on Earth, not with the Crystal Gems.
(Turns to face the "camera")
Lapis I never have.
Steven It's okay, I understand, I just wish we could've hung out more. I feel like I only get to see you when something horrible's going on.
Lapis (looks relieved) That's just how it is with me.
(Lapis walks out of view, then cuts to her standing outside of the barn with her wings stretched out)
Lapis Steven... thank you. Goodbye, again.
Steven (teary-eyed) Bye.
(Lapis takes off into the skies and Steven sadly watches her go. It cuts to day and the camera pans down to Greg packing his van in front of the barn).
Steven Are you sure you wanna stay? You could always come back to the temple with us and live in the bathroom again.
Peridot (lounging on an old tractor) No thanks, I have seen what goes on in there.
(Steven blushes)
Peridot Besides, I've grown accustomed to this place, and I should probably fix the hole that I made with my giant robot.
(camera pans to giant hole in the barn wall)
Steven Mm, okay! Well, have fun redecorating!
(cuts to Greg closing the van doors)
Greg Well, that's everything... and then some. Steven, you ready to go home?
Garnet (pops head out of the van window) All seat belts are fastened!
Steven (walks up to the van) Peridot says she's staying.
Greg Eh, it's probably for the best. I don't think she would've fit in the van.
Steven You guys go on ahead, I'll catch up with you on Lion.
Greg (heads into the van) Sure, o-okay, I'll see you in a bit.
(The van drives off)
Steven (raises arm to wave) See ya! Now where is that feline?
(Steven walks off)
Steven (calling out) Lion? Hey, Lion?!
Steven (inhales; yells) LEEEE-on! I have a big steak right here in my hand for you!
(Steven drops imaginary steak)
Steven Whoops, I dropped it and it fell out of existence!
(walks away onto a flowery hill)
Steven (still calling out) You can't hide from me too long because you love me soooo much!
(He begins looking around then spots Lapis sitting on top of the silo)
Steven Whoa, Lapis!
(Steven climbs up the ladders of the silo but struggles to keep his balance, then sits beside Lapis)
Steven I thought you left?
Lapis I was leaving, then I realized I've got nowhere to go. Who knows what they would do to me back home after what I did to Jasper? I can't go back to Homeworld and I can't stay here.
Steven Sure you can!
(Lapis looks towards Steven)
Lapis What?
Steven You can totally stay here, it doesn't have to be here here. You can live anywhere! You don't have to stay in Beach City if you don't want to.
(Steven takes out his hands and starts naming the cities he knows on the top of his head)
Steven You could live in Surf City or Sea City, Aqua Town, Bayburgh, and that's just the places I know of off the top of my head. I could show you around.
Lapis Really?
Steven Yeah, we could find you a new place to live. I really only know the tri-state area but my phone (Steven takes out his phone with the GPS on) has a global positioning system.
Lapis Uhh, okay, let's go look.
Steven (Steven stands up and says) Ready Freddy?
Lapis My name's Lapis. (Lapis sits down in order to allow Steven to climb on her back, she stands up after he's up)
Lapis You okay like this?
(Steven nods his head in agreement, and they take off to the skies)
Steven Whoa! (Steven is rallied up with fear and excitement while he holds on to Lapis)
(As Lapis and Steven move further away, so does the Barn. Steven shouts 'Whoa' in excitement as they fly above a moving train and fields of the farms)
Steven So, how about this? You could live out here in the country; there's no noise, no rules, and it'd just be you becoming one with nature.
(Lapis Lazuli flies below the trees of the forest)
Lapis (She looks around out of curiosity) Why would I want to do that?
Steven It's fun. If you live with these trees, you could build a giant bird nest and have squirrels for pets! You could eat acorn pie every night, and when it gets hotter or rains, you would be protected by these nice leaves.
Lapis (Lapis Looks interestingly towards the leaves as her eyes shine due to the sunlight that reflect upon them) "Leaves"...
(Lapis flies above the tree when a leaf gets caught up in Steven's mouth)
Steven (Steven takes out the leaf from his mouth) Whoa, Lapis, look at this! This leaf turned orange. This means the season are changing from summer to fall; soon, it's gonna happen to all the leaves on all the trees
Lapis Wow.
Steven So, what do you think?
Lapis (Lapis looks down as she flies) Hmmm, I'm not sure.
Steven (Steven takes out his phone to look up on the GPS) That's okay, there's plenty of places we haven't been yet. Come on! (Steven points to the north towards Empire City)
Lapis What's this?
Steven This must be Empire City. Isn't it cool?
Lapis It's very bright.
Steven Yeah, that's why they say, "What happens in Empire city never sleeps."
Lapis So, what does happen in Empire City?
Steven Well, let's see. If you lived here, you could get a cool apartment, and be a single gem taking on the big city. You'll have a fun job at a local coffee shop and come home to a wacky roommate-
Lapis I have no idea what you're talking about.
Steven (Steven quietly says) Awww.
Lapis (Lapis Lazuli looks interested upon what lies in front of them) Hey, what's that shadowy place right there?
Steven Oh, that's Jersey.
Lapis Is it populated by machines?
Steven No, those are cars. They make a lot of smog though. (Steven coughs due to the pollution) You'd like it in Jersey. The people here seem to hate the Earth, too.
Random bystander Quit flyin' in our sky, you mooks! (A stranger throws a boot towards them)
(Lapis and Steven respond by making a raspberry related noise and continue flying)
Steven Wow, Lapis! It's so beautiful up here.
Lapis Eh, it's alright, I guess I can see why you like it. (Lapis gets her wings ready for flying faster) Hold on!
(Lapis speeds up and drop-catches Steven above the clouds)
Steven Whoa! (Steven enjoys excitedly while he grabs hold of Lapis's Hand)
Lapis Check it out.
Steven Woohoo!
(Both laugh while Lapis flies towards the Horizon of the shining moon)
Steven Hey, we made it out all the way over the ocean. I wonder how far out we are? Oh, cool, the Galaxy Warp.
(Lapis looks at the Galaxy Warp as it brings her tragic memories. Steven starts to lose his grip)
Steven Umm, Lapis, (Steven starts slipping) I'm slipping a little there, bud. Lapis, Lapis, I'm slipping. I'm gonna-
(As Steven nearly slipped away, Lapis grabbed hold tight of Steven's hands)
Lapis So-sorry, I'm sorry.
(Lapis lands near the Galaxy Warp and both her and Steven walk towards it)
Lapis This is where I was abandoned.
(Lapis Lazuli looks down in despair as she recalls terrible memories)
Steven What happened?
(Lapis Lazuli suddenly starts to control the water and surrounds the Warp Pads with it, creating walls and mirrors of liquid)
Steven (Steven and Lapis stand on a Warp Pad's small flight of stairs) Whoa!
(Lapis and Steven could see their reflections on the clear glass-like water that covered the Warp Pad)
Steven It's like a mirror.
Lapis (Lapis recalls memories that begin on Earth about thousands of years ago in a beautiful green-filled savanna) It was thousands of years ago. I was only meant to visit for a short time, (Suddenly the background turns into chaos showing the devastation of gems) but I got caught in the middle of the war. It was awful! I tried to run but (Lapis is attacked by a Bismuth Gem, dissipating her physical form in the process)... I was picked up by a Homeworld soldier and confused for a Crystal Gem and used as a tool. (Lapis' gemstone is placed on the back of the Mirror). They'd asked me, "Show us your base!", "Where is your leader?" I didn't know. I couldn't say I'm not one of them. It soon became clear that there was no hope in stopping the rebellion. All of the Homeworld Gems fled (They begin to flee through the Galaxy Warp and flying saucers), and all the panic of escaping Earth (The mirror is dropped and her gemstone is stepped on in the retreating stampede, cracking it in the process), I was left behind. (A bright flash of light appears in the sky) And there I stayed. Freedom in my sight, but out of reach for ages, until I was found. (A younger Pearl appears to be scanning the Galaxy Warp and picks up Lapis' mirror)
(Lapis loses her concentration and lets go of the waters)
Steven Are you okay?
Lapis I'll be fine. Let me take you back.
Steven You sure you don't want to take a minute?
Lapis (Lapis presses the left side of her head) It's fine. I just wanna get outta here. (Lapis starts smiling)
Steven Okay.
(Lapis takes off with Steven)
Lapis For a moment, I really felt like things were different, but they're not. No matter where I go, I'm trapped.
Steven But you're not. You're not underwater, you're not in a mirror. This time, you're free!
Lapis But I'm still on Earth.
Steven Yeah, but nothing is still on Earth. Everything's always changing-leaves, cities, even Jersey changes. My dad says the rest stops used to be pretty gross, but now they have sushi. This isn't the same world that held you prisoner, not anymore, and I know it doesn't feel like home but maybe that can change, too.
(Steven and Lapis land near the barn)
Steven I know you can't go back to Homeworld, but if you stay here, (Steven hands Lapis the leaf that got caught in his mouth earlier) it'll be your choice to stay here.
Lapis It's funny. For all this time I spent on Earth, I barely saw any of it.
Steven That's not funny! That's super sad.
(Lapis looks at the horizon as the sun rises)
Lapis I...I wanna see it.
Steven Yeah?
Lapis I wanna stay here!
Steven Here? Like here here?
Lapis Yeah, here here!
(Peridot randomly appears)
Peridot Yes, "hear hear" everybody. What are we talking about?
Lapis You?!
Peridot Lazuli, nice to see you up and about.
Lapis What are you doing here?!
Peridot This is my new home away from Homeworld!
Lapis No, it's not! It's mine! Right, Steven?
Steven Oh, boy. (Steven looks down, not knowing what to do)
(Star exit closes on Steven)

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