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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Gem Battlefield]
Steven This place is even bigger and more weapon-y than I remember.
Pearl This was a site of a historic battle. Every weapon here was left by a Gem over 5,000 years ago. I don't like to disturb it, but Garnet said we can't just leave these lying around.
(Garnet picks up a giant battle-axe.)
Garnet Never know when you might need one of these.
Steven I need one of those all the time!
Pearl Why don't you look for one that's more... you?
Steven Okay! Lion, come help me look.
(Lion walks away.)
Steven Aw, come on.
Pearl You really need to train that thing better.
Steven Oh, we've been making progress, now he looks at me when I say his name!
(Steven begins to repeatedly call Lion's name, but Lion is digging and ignores him.)
Steven Uh, sometimes...
(Lion's digging reveals a scabbard in the dirt.)
Pearl What's he got now?
(Lion lifts up Rose's Scabbard in his mouth.)
Pearl *gasps* That's the scabbard for Rose's sword!
(Pearl struggles to grab it from his mouth.)
Pearl Gimme! Gimme!
(Pearl takes hold of the Scabbard)
Pearl *waves hand* Shoo, shoo.
Lion *grunts angrily*
Steven Mom fought here?
Pearl That's right! And I fought alongside her.
Amethyst Man, I wish I could've seen it!
Garnet No, you don't. Countless Gems were broken here. It was a maelstrom of destruction and death.
(Pearl jumps in front of Garnet.)
Pearl But we won! Your mother led us to glorious victory! The odds were against us, and our hearts were uncertain. *lays scabbard on her chest dramatically* But we chose to fight alongside Rose, and here we made our stand against our Homeworld!
(The Crystal Gems warp home.)
Amethyst This is great! My room's been needing another pile.
Garnet Amethyst! Help me with this axe.
(Amethyst and Garnet are trying to fit the battle axe in the room and during this scene they are making commotion and talking.)
Pearl It's been ages... *looks at scabbard and blushes*
Amethyst (background) Turn it clockwise! No, your other clockwise!
(Steven looks at Pearl.)
Pearl What is it, Steven?
Steven What was Mom like?
Pearl She was courageous, and brilliant... and beautiful... Sometimes, you look so much like her.
Steven Really...?
Pearl Eh—
Amethyst (background) Yeah, lift it backwards!
Garnet (background) You mean "pull!"
Amethyst (background) Yeah, "pull," sure.
Pearl Hey, Steven... Maybe you should hold onto this... *hands Steven the scabbard*
Steven Woah... Thanks, Pearl. If anything tries to eat me, I'll bop them with this! *swings scabbard*
Pearl That's just the scabbard, Steven. It held your mother's sword. Nothing else could fit so perfectly inside. For all this time it's been... incomplete.
Steven Well, let's complete it. Where's the sword?
(Garnet adjusts the axe from the inside until it fits through the door.)
Amethyst That's it! Yeah, you got it!
(Amethyst goes into her room as the door closes behind her.)
Pearl Can you keep a secret?
Steven A secret?!
Pearl Shh! It's a secret, even to Garnet and Amethyst. Rose had a place that she kept hidden from all but me, but you have her gem. That place is yours now, and I can show it to you!
Steven Uh, okay.
(Steven and Pearl warp.)
Pearl Now it's just a three-hour hike that way, followed by a vertical climb at 90 degrees. Think you can handle it?
[Scene pans to Steven tied on Pearl's back climbing up mountain]
Pearl I was your mother's sole confidant— for the words she could share with no one else, I was there to listen.
Steven Why'd she keep so many secrets?
Pearl *climbing* She had to, Steven! It's the mark of a great leader, knowing just what to keep hidden from everyone you're trying to protect.
Pearl Everyone except me!
(The climb is complete and they are at the top.)
Pearl Welcome to Rose's Secret Armory! *smiles widely*
Steven Woah... I've been here before!
Pearl *smile fades* Wha— ? You must be thinking of someplace else, I'm the only other Crystal Gem that's witnessed the Armory's magnificence before now.
Steven Nuh-uh, Lion showed me.
Pearl The lion?!
Steven Yeah! There's all kinds of great stuff hidden in here.
(Steven activates the pedestal.)
Pearl I know! That's why I brought you here! Now let me show you how you can access the artillery.
Steven That's okay! I can do it without you.
(Steven walks up and presses his hand on the pedestal yelling, "Wham!")
Steven Oh, right!
(Steven pokes cheek and activates the room)
Steven We got some... axes.
Pearl The Axes of Ages?
(Steven pokes his side and activates another part of the room.)
Steven We got spikey chain lady and her metal dealies.
Pearl The Heretic's Anguish?!
Steven We got a...
(Steven pokes his side once more and activates another part of the room.)
Steven Three pack of laser light cannons.
Pearl The Quartizine Trio!
(Steven pokes nose and activates the fourth part of the room.)
Steven And... a whole lot of these armor guys.
Pearl *frustrated* The Armor of the Fallen!
Steven What were we looking for?
Pearl Her sword! Your mother's sword! It's a straight bladed saber that's pink with a red handle. There are vines etched in the guard that connect to a rose-shaped pommel. (She shows Steven a hologram of Rose's Sword.)
Steven Oh, I know where that is.
Pearl Huh?
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven summons Rose's Sword from Lion.)
Steven Dadadadada... here it is!
Pearl Rose's sword, how did it get in there?
Steven I don't know, but there's a ton of stuff in there, I keep stuff in him too.
(He jumps into Lion and jumps out riding his bike.)
Steven Ta-da!
Pearl But how?
(Pearl tries to enter Lion but he growls at her.)
Pearl Does Lion have something to do with Rose?
Amethyst Oh... of course! THAT'S why he's pink!
Garnet It's a little obvious.
Pearl But... Rose didn't have a lion.
(Steven puts the bike back into Lion.)
Steven It seems like her stuff in there.
Pearl No, Rose didn't have a lion, because if Rose had a lion I would have known about it!
Garnet Rose kept many things secret, even from us.
Pearl But not from me, I was the one she told everything!
Amethyst Yo, you're not the only one who misses her!
Pearl You can't understand how I feel, none of you had what we had!
Steven She probably just wanted to protect you, like everyone else.
Pearl What do you know?! You've never even met her!
(Pearl slams fist into wall, which causes picture of Rose to fall. Pearl gasps and Garnet catches it. Pearl looks at Steven and then runs off.)
Amethyst Fine, go! Go cry about it!
(Pearl warps out.)
Steven Where did she go?
Amethyst Who cares? I HATE it when she gets like this.
Steven Garnet?
(Garnet doesn't reply, and Steven wipes his tear in his eyes.)
Steven Is she okay?
(Garnet doesn't reply again.)
Steven Well, I am going to find her.
(He turns to Lion.)
Steven Do you know where she went?
(Lion growls in response.)
Steven I'm going to assume that means you do.
(Steven hops on Lion's back.)
Steven Let's go find Pearl!
(Lion opens portal and both teleport from the house.)
Garnet Good luck.
[Back at Gem Battlefield, nighttime]
Steven Pearl?
(Pearl notices Steven and Lion, and runs off.)
Pearl Leave me alone!
(Steven and Lion chase after her. Lion creates a portal to catch up with her.)
Steven Wait for me!
(Pearl runs faster, and jumps on floating chunks of earth.)
Pearl Get that thing away from me!
Steven You better sit this one out, Lion.
(Steven jumps on close chunk of earth.)
Steven Okay, I've had a talk with Lion, he's gonna, uh, chill out here, uh, we're alone now, nice and private.
(Pearl continues to jump higher while Steven struggles to follow.)
Steven Good idea, I'll meet you at the top.
(Steven now at the top chunk.)
Steven This is really hard to do in sandals. Ha, ha.
Pearl Go away!
Steven Pearl! Did I... did I do something wrong? You got to tell me!
(Steven attempts to jump to the largest, highest chunk to get to Pearl but falls when he sees her face.)
Pearl Steven!
(Steven grabs onto a root at the last second and climbs back up.)
Steven Pearl! Pearl, you have to tell me what's wrong.
Pearl Sometimes, you even sound like her... Do you remember this place? Do you have any of her memories? We were right here, over 5,000 years ago.
(Pearl creates a hologram of Rose Quartz, speaking for her.)
Holo-Rose Pearl...
Pearl Yes?
Holo-Rose I'm going to stay and fight for this planet. You don't have to do this with me.
Pearl But I want to!
Holo-Rose I know you do. Please, please understand if we lose, we'll be killed, and if we win, we can never go home.
Pearl But why would I ever want to go home, if you're here?
Holo-Rose *chuckles*
(Holo-Rose offers to hold Pearl's hand.)
Holo-Rose My Pearl.
Pearl You're wonderful...
(Pearl grasps Holo-Rose's hand, with the hologram disappearing soon after.)
Pearl Everything I ever did, I did for her. Now she's gone, but I'm still here. Sometimes, I wonder if she can see me through your eyes. *sighs* What would she think of me now?
(Steven struggles to comprehend her feelings and then hugs Pearl.)
Steven Well... I think you're pretty great.
(Pearl begins to cry.)
(Pearl returns Rose's Sword to Lion. Steven pulls out a hat and does a magic trick for Pearl. Steven jumps into Lion and comes out with Rose's Battle Flag. Pearl, unheard, tells a story to Steven while holding her flag.)
Pearl (unheard) ...and out of nowhere, when it seemed impossible, Rose charged in with me by her side!
(Steven and Pearl ride on Lion's back while Pearl holds the flag.)

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