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It held your mother's sword. Nothing else could fit so perfectly inside.


"Rose's Scabbard" is the 45th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 45th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven joins Pearl on a special mission to a place that belonged to Rose Quartz. [1]


Rose's Scabbard 023

Pearl shoos away Lion.

Returning to the Strawberry Battlefield, the Crystal Gems begin to gather some of the discarded weapons. Garnet quickly claims a massive war axe, much to Steven's delight, though Pearl suggests he finds something that better suits his size. Lion, distracted by a butterfly, wanders off. Pearl tells Steven to do a better job of training Lion, which Steven attempts to demonstrate by repeatedly calling his pet's name. When Lion finally comes back up, he is carrying a pink scabbard in his mouth. Pearl, recognizing the scabbard as having been the resting place of Rose's Sword, forces the scabbard out from Lion's jaws and shoos Lion away. Steven asks about his mother being in the battle that occurred here, and Pearl explains that, 5,000 years ago, Rose led a battle against the Homeworld Gems on this very spot, with Pearl as her second in command.

Warping home to the temple, while Garnet and Amethyst take their new weapons into their rooms, Pearl offers to take Steven to a special place that only she and Rose knew about, where she is certain the sword that goes with the scabbard must be. During the course of the journey together, Pearl explains to Steven that she was the only one Rose shared her secrets with. Finally, Pearl brings Steven to the same cave Lion brought Steven and Connie to in the episode "Lion 2: The Movie". When Steven states he was here previously with Lion, Pearl becomes flabbergasted and refuses to believe it until Steven mans the control console. He activates the storage and presents the items within the artillery to surprised Pearl (who corrects the name of each). Now annoyed, Pearl asks Steven to find Rose's sword. When Steven asks what it looks like, Pearl displays a hologram of it and describes it. Seeing it, Steven says he knows where it is, shocking Pearl.

Rose's Scabbard 071

Steven politely waits for Pearl to climb the stairs.

Back in the temple, Steven emerges from Lion's pocket dimension, now wielding his mother's sword. The Gems are astonished at this revelation, and Steven gladly shows them more, explaining that he has begun storing items in Lion as well. Pearl refuses to accept any of it, however; as Rose never told her anything about Lion or his pocket dimension, and Rose supposedly told her everything. Steven tries to defuse the situation, suggesting that Rose was only keeping a secret from Pearl to protect her, but Pearl exclaims that Steven would not know since he is never met Rose.

She takes the sword and runs away to the Strawberry Battlefield. Steven, feeling bad, asks Garnet if Pearl is okay, but she does not answer. Amethyst, annoyed and upset with Pearl's possessiveness over and grief for Rose, is glad to see her go. Steven asks Lion if he knows where Pearl has went after Lion gives a responding roar, Steven takes that as a yes and rides Lion through his roar wormhole to the Strawberry battlefield. Garnet sadly wishes Steven good luck after he leaves.

Rose's Scabbard 130

Pearl is re-missed with memories.

There he finds a distraught Pearl who immediately tries to get away, shunning Steven and his explanations of Rose's secrets. She exclaims to Steven that she does not want Lion near her. Pearl jumps on the precariously positioned floating land islands very high in the air. Steven leaves Lion behind and follows Pearl. He comes dangerously close to plummeting to the ground far below, pleading for Pearl to see reason. Pearl reaches the last island and ignores Steven until he makes the dangerous last leap, which he falls short. As he begins to fall Pearl looks back crying out his name but does nothing to help him. Steven luckily grabs hold of the roots at the bottom of the island and climbs up where he sees a depressed and ashamed Pearl.

Rose's Scabbard 213

Pearl regales old Gem battles while holding Rose's flag.

She asks Steven if he remembers being Rose Quartz, if he remembered being in that exact spot in Rose's body over 5,000 years ago. Pearl then plays a hologram of the conversation between her and Rose before the battle where Pearl pledged her loyalty after Rose gave her the option to back out. Pearl recites the conversation verbatim, ending the hologram while squeezing her hand. Pearl had told Rose she did not want to go back home if Rose was not there with her, emphasizing Pearls deep emotional bond with Rose and why she felt so hurt and betrayed by Rose's secrets. Pearl wonders aloud what Rose would think of her now, to which Steven replies saying he thinks she is pretty great, causing her to tear up. Afterward is a music montage, in which Pearl returns Rose's sword to Steven, who places it back in Lion's mane, then Steven does parlor tricks with the dimension to cheer up Pearl, then he pulls his mother's war-flag from Lion's mane which brings Pearl around. Pearl re-enacts the battle, and Steven pulls out a can of cola to drink while watching. The episode ends with Pearl and Steven riding home on Lion, with Pearl holding the flag.







  • This episode was originally named "Rose's Secrets".
  • A "scabbard" is a sheath for the blade of a sword or dagger, typically made of leather or metal. Pearl identifies the scabbard in the episode as being the scabbard for Rose's Sword.
  • It is revealed that Steven has since converted Lion's Dimension into a type of storage space.
  • It is revealed that a Gem's weapon does not disappear when a Gem "dies", or breaks, when they fall in battle. This does explain why Holo-Pearl did not disappear when Pearl retreated to her gem in "Steven the Sword Fighter".
    • However, both the weapons present and Holo-Pearl may be separate constructs with ontological inertia (the ability to continue existing without a creator).
  • It is revealed that Pearl had a very close relationship with Rose, even staying to fight with her instead of going back to the gem homeworld without her.
    • Rose also told some secrets to Pearl that she had not told to the other Crystal Gems.
    • It is later revealed that Pearl also risked her life numerous times for Rose, which tended to cause some strain between the two.
  • It is revealed that the Gems did not know of Lion's Dimension prior to this episode.
  • Due to the pink lighting in the Gem Battlefield, Pearl's shorts appear to be pink similar to her debut design.
  • The flag that Steven brought out from Lion's mane is possibly a flag or symbol the Crystal Gems used to symbolize their rebellion against Homeworld.
  • Each time Pearl has a breakdown, her animation and appearance begin to decline.
  • At one point during their conversation, Holo-Rose refers to Pearl as "My Pearl", a possible hint that Pearls can be owned, which is revealed to be true in later episodes.
    • It is also revealed in "Message Received" that Gems refer to those they hold great respect as example: "My Pearl", which in Rose's Scabbard showed that Rose respected Pearl.
  • In Spanish, this episode is called "La Funda de la Espada de Rose", which means "the wrapping of the sword of Rose." In Brazilian Portuguese, it's called "A Espada de Rose", which means "the sword of Rose." These localized titles avoid a double entendre that a direct translation might imply: In both languages, the actual words for "scabbard" (Spanish vaina and Portuguese bainha) are similar to (and actually descended from) the Latin word vāgīna, which originally only meant "scabbard" in the classical language before acquiring its later better-known definition.
  • As Steven is pulling Rose's Sword out of Lion, he sings the track heard when Lapis Lazuli was reforming in Mirror Gem.

Cultural References

  • When Pearl carried Steven on her back, it resembled how Luke carried Yoda in Star Wars Episode V.
  • When Steven pulls Rose's sword out of Lion's mane, he sings a song that is similar to the song that plays in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when Link obtains an item from a chest.
  • When Steven pulls a hat and string of ribbons out of Lion's mane, Pearl wears them in similar fashion to Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor from the television show "Doctor Who", who was recognizable for his very long and colorful scarf.
    • This reference was most likely created because of Lion's pocket dimension being much like the "TARDIS", a Space-Time vehicle from Doctor Who famously known for being "Bigger on the inside".


  • Pearl's ability to create holograms is seen used multiple times again, even to the extent of a semi-independent hologram of Rose Quartz.
  • Steven and the Gems return to the Strawberry Battlefield seen in "Serious Steven".
    • More of the area is explored and revealed.
  • Rose's Secret Armory and sword return after their debut in "Lion 2: The Movie". Steven recalls Lion showing him both in that episode.
  • In "Joy Ride" Steven expresses reluctance to talk with the other Crystal Gems about his mom because he feels that they blame him for what happened to her, most likely as a result of the events in this episode.
  • In "Last One Out of Beach City", Steven mentions that Pearl's reckless driving had made him the most scared since she "almost let him die", referencing either the events in this episode, or the events in "Space Race".


  • The pedestal that rises in the center of Rose's armory appears as a left hand, but then in the next shot becomes a right hand, and then becomes a left hand for the remainder of the scene.
  • When Garnet grunts from picking up the axe left over from the battlefield, the two grunts overlap each other.
  • Right before Steven jumps from the top chunk of floating land, his tongue is discolored white.
  • In Rose's Secret Armory, when Pearl told Steven she was the only one that had seen Rose's Secret Armory, her socks were gone. However, when the camera went to Pearl's face and then back out to Steven talking to her, her socks are there again.


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