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Oh no! It's the Robot Shooty Thing!

Steven, "Lion 2: The Movie"

Robot Shooty Thing is a robot located in Rose's Secret Armory. It attacks Connie and Steven after Steven expresses a wish to see explosions. It made its first appearance in "Lion 2: The Movie" as the main antagonist in the episode.


It has three cannons protruding from its cylindrical body and has glowing white eyes. Numerous opaque crystal shards protrude from its top. The crystal shards, and its eyes, change colors (red, blue, and yellow) before bombarding its opponent with a specific element- fire, ice, and energy/lightning respectively.


  • It resembles a Polynesian tiki.
  • It spits projectiles out of its mouth similar to a "Snifit" from Super Mario Bros 2.
  • The armory that "Robot Shooty Thing" came from is revealed in "Rose's Scabbard" to be Rose's armory, meaning that the robot was owned by Rose for some purpose. It was not revealed why it was hostile, although it was likely used for training purposes.
  • Based on the armory layout upon its arrival, it can be reasoned the machine was made for sparring.
  • Despite escaping from the armory, the robot continues to chase Steven, Connie, and Lion through Lion's portal to the movie theater displaying a pursuit, search, and destroy function.
  • The way both Steven and Connie deflected the robot's energy shot back at it is a reference to the "Dead Man's Volley" technique from the "Legend of Zelda" video game series.
  • It is one of the only antagonists to not have an official name.
  • It was the first opponent Steven and Connie fought with Rose's sword.


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