I'm sorry, I think he's coming to me because... I'm the one who made him.

Steven, "Gem Harvest"

Pumpkin is a sentient pumpkin created by Steven for Peridot and Lapis Lazuli in "Gem Harvest". Pumpkin lived at the Barn until the events of "Raising the Barn". It currently lives in the Beach House.


Pumpkin is a small pumpkin with four stubby legs, two pumpkin seeds for eyes, a carved mouth to bark out of, and a stem for a tail. Pumpkin also has a tongue made of pumpkin guts with pumpkin seeds for taste buds.


Pumpkin's personality matches that of a regular dog, being capable of barking, jumping, and rolling around on the ground, and is happy and playful in general. Pumpkin treats its owners with great loyalty and affection, but responds negatively when threatened, as it turned to Peridot and Lapis for comfort upon seeing Steven carve out a different pumpkin. Pumpkin was also willing to help out Peridot, Lapis, and Connie at the car wash in "The New Crystal Gems".


"Gem Harvest"

Steven felt bad for Peridot and Lapis living alone at the Barn, so he licked a pumpkin seed and planted it in the ground. The next day, it transformed into Pumpkin. Initially, Pumpkin was loyal to Steven, similar to his Watermelon Stevens, until he gruesomely carved another pumpkin in front of it. After this event, Pumpkin shows the same amount of loyalty to Peridot and Lapis instead. Pumpkin is later seen being chased by Amethyst who shapeshifted into it. Pumpkin appears to be afraid of Steven, as it runs away in terror when seeing Steven wielding a knife. At the end of Andy DeMayo's visit to the Barn, Peridot is even shown trying to teach Pumpkin how to say "clod". Pumpkin also spits out the groom figurine from the wedding cake used at the family dinner, having swallowed it earlier, disgusting Andy.

"The New Crystal Gems"

Pumpkin arrives at the Temple with Peridot and Lapis, looking through a laundry basket. Later on, Connie holds it, and Pumpkin is given the role of Pearl on their new team. As Pearl, Pumpkin wears a party hat over its nose to match Pearl's pointy nose. It helps dry off the cars at the car wash with Connie, and occasionally barks throughout the episode.

"Room for Ruby"

Pumpkin can be seen running around the Barn. Pumpkin licks Navy like a dog when the latter appears to be nice, and is shown to be concerned when Navy tricks the Gems. Pumpkin accompanies Steven, Peridot, Lapis and Navy throughout the episode.

"Raising the Barn"

Pumpkin greets Steven via video chat. Not wanting to leave Earth when Lapis says they must, Pumpkin runs away when Lapis levitates the barn with her hydrokinesis forcing the trio to look for it. Throughout the search Peridot and Steven find a basketball and onions sold by Onion. Later in the day Peridot finds it hiding in the crops and forcibly pulls the scared vegetable out of its hiding spot so hard that she falls down and Pumpkin runs to Steven for protection. Peridot instantly apologizes to her beloved pet, cheering Pumpkin up, but Pumpkin returns to its scared state and hides behind Steven when Lapis lifts and drops the barn with her powers. Pumpkin sadly watches Lapis take the barn and leave Earth. With nowhere else to go, a sad Peridot move into Steven's bathroom while Pumpkin is with her.

"Back to the Kindergarten"

Pumpkin happily greets Amethyst and despite seemingly following Steven, Amethyst, and a depressed Peridot, Pumpkin does not accompany them to the Kindergarten.

"Can't Go Back"

Pumpkin can be seen together with Peridot at Steven's bathroom, sleeping.


Pumpkin briefly appears at Ruby and Sapphire's wedding. Pumpkin also breifly appears along with The Crystal Gems, Greg, and Cat Steven after Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond's Hand Ships go down.


Steven Universe

Being created by Steven, Pumpkin initially loved him, and would not leave his side until Steven carved a pumpkin in front of it. For quite some time afterwards, Pumpkin had both disliked and feared Steven. However, near the end of "Gem Harvest" and in "The New Crystal Gems", it appears to be fine with him. In "Room for Ruby", Pumpkin happily greets Steven and allows him to hold it when the four of them swim to shore after being tricked by Navy. In "Raising the Barn", Pumpkin seems as friendly to Steven as it was when he created it, enthusiastically greeting him via video chat, leaping into his arms when Peridot gets angry at it, and hiding behind him when Lapis drops the Barn.

Peridot and Lapis Lazuli

Pumpkin loves Peridot and Lapis, living with them in the barn and acting as a pet or roommate to them. When Pumpkin fled from Steven and jumped into Peridot and Lapis' arms, Steven remarked that it was nice for them to have "a new addition to the family". Although the full extent of their relationship is unknown, Pumpkin has been seen listening to the two of them, and cuddling in Lapis' arms. They are close enough for Peridot and Lapis to bring Pumpkin to Steven's house when they are told to protect Beach City in the Crystal Gems' stead. In "Raising the Barn", Peridot kisses it on the forehead after she scares it, showing she cares for it, and Peridot and Lapis (along with Steven) spend a good deal of time searching for it, seeming very worried by its absence and refraining from leaving Earth until they find it. However, Lapis decides to leave it along with Peridot at the end of the episode.


Pumpkin seems to like Amethyst, as it is seen playing with Amethyst who is shapeshifted into its likeness. Although the full extent of their relationship is unknown, Pumpkin is shown to be comfortable enough to rest in Amethyst's arms before fleeing in fear at the sight of Steven holding a knife, after which Amethyst tells it to "chill out, dude" and chases after it to presumably calm it down.

Connie Maheswaran

Although the full extent of their relationship is unknown, Pumpkin has been shown to be comfortable around Connie, as it rests in her arms.

Episode Appearances


  • The pronouns used for Pumpkin interchange depending on the speaker; Steven refers to it using he/him pronouns, while Peridot refers to it using she/her pronouns. However, in "Raising the Barn", both refer to it using she/her pronouns, as does Lapis, and in "Back to the Kindergarten", Amethyst refers to it as 'girl'.
  • Pumpkin does not seem to rot since its outward appearance remains the same across episodes; this may be due to its magical nature.
    • Watermelon Stevens have been confirmed to have a lifespan of 2 weeks, while Pumpkin has lived for months. The reason for this is currently unknown.
  • Pumpkin does not need to eat or sleep, but can choose to do so just like Gems. As theorized by Rebecca Sugar, Pumpkin probably gets all of its nutrients from the Sun.[1]


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