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The Prime Kindergarten Control Room is a location underneath the Kindergarten, first seen in "Marble Madness". It is the control room of all operations in the Kindergarten, and it housed countless Cluster Gems. It also contains Peridot's logs up to log date 6 5 2, which has information on the Cluster.


The Prime Kindergarten Control Room is used to supervise the Kindergarten. From this room, the Kindergarten's injectors can be turned on or off. A power source housed at the back of the room has many pipes protruding from it, but it only seems to power the room itself. The room also seems to have a backup power source, activated in "When It Rains".


The room is a large, green hexagonal shape. The back wall contains the power source, which appears to be a gemstone. A green pedestal similar to Rose's Pedestal, the pedestal in Rose's Secret Armory, sits near the center of the room when raised. It has Yellow Diamond's insignia on the palm. When powered, the edges of the room glow neon yellow, tinted green (with imperfect power, they glow more dimly).


  • Before "Marble Madness", the Crystal Gems did not know that the room existed.
    • They also did not know of the Gem experiments before "Keeping it Together", when Peridot first checked on them.
  • In "When It Rains" the lift is not used to enter nor exit the control room.
  • As seen in "When It Rains", the green pedestal can be lowered to the height of shorter Gems.
  • Despite the main power source being destroyed by the Crystal Gems, Peridot is able to restore "imperfect" power to the room.
    • The backup source of energy is hidden behind a panel on one of the screens. Peridot claims that the power is adequate, mainly since the room now glows very dimly. The screens are still completely functional.


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