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Speaker Dialogue
[Int. to Beach near Crystal Temple]
(Pearl sets down machine and slightly examines it.)
Pearl *to self* Hmm, this spot should be safe. *to Amethyst* Amethyst, do you have the robonoid?
(Amethyst kicks the robonoid to Pearl as Garnet follows her.)
Amethyst Yeah, don't worry about it.
Pearl *annoyed* Amethyst, I just repaired that.
(Amethyst steps on robonoid.)
Amethyst Yeah yeah, it's fine.
Pearl Ugh! Okay, we have everything we need for the experiment and Steven *looks at Temple* is home fast *looks down and sees Steven* asleeeep?!
Steven *waves* Hey guys.
Pearl Steven! It's way past your bed time - you should really go back to the house!
Steven What? I don't want to miss... whatever this is. What is this?
Amethyst *to Steven* Pearl got lonely, so she made herself a robot friend.
Pearl *annoyed* It's not a robot friend - it's a robot disruptor. It should produce a localized energy blast so when Peridot shows up to... *thinking of an excuse* ... meet with us, we'll have something that can knock out all her robonoids.
(Pearl drops robonoid in front of the machine.)
Pearl *proudly holds remote* Now stand back everyone!
(Pearl presses a button and the machine activates and sends out a very powerful signal that knocks the gems off their feet and shuts off all electricity in Beach City.)
Everyone UGH! *gets blown by the shock wave*
Steven We did it!
(The robonoid gets up unaffected.)
Amethyst Ugh. *falls back down*
Steven Well, you knocked out all the lights in town.
Pearl *a little embarrassed* Steven, that was not the point of the-- *sighs* Alright, that was a start! Now I'm going to need to take some parts out of the washing machine. Steven, you might have to wear the same shirt for a while.
Steven No problem!
(Steven takes off his shirt to reveal a second shirt underneath.)
[Time skip—morning]
Steven Mmmm.
(He reaches for Microwavable Crying Breakfast friends that are in the freezer.)
Steven Yawn.
(He puts them in the microwave and tries to press button but it does not work.)
Steven Whats wrong with the...
(He opens microwave by accident, hitting himself in the face.)
Steven Ow! Ugh... ! What is the meaning of this?!
(There is a knock at the door and Steven opens it.)
Steven Mayor Dewey?
Mayor Dewey Hello there young Universe. Any of your sisters home?
Steven My... sisters?
Mayor Dewey Your caretakers! You know....the tall one, the purple one, the hot one.
Steven *stares blankly at Mayor Dewey*
Mayor Dewey Look, the power is out and I've been mayor long enough to know they had something to do with it.
Steven *confused* My sisters?
Mayor Dewey Is there anyone else I can talk to about this?
Steven *turns towards the inside of the house* Pearl!
Pearl *from inside the house* Coming!
(Mayor Dewey blushes while fixing his collar.)
Pearl Oh, can I help you?
Mayor Dewey *dumbfounded* Yes. *comes to senses* Oh hi! *business-like* Beach city is currently experiencing a wide spread power outage--
Pearl Oh, don't worry about that, the power should be back on as early as tonight or as late as... never.
Mayor Dewey Never coming back?!
Pearl Yes?
Mayor Dewey No, no, no! It has to come back! The people of Beach City can't handle a situation like this, they need their electronic distractions so they won't know that this town is a magnet for disaster!
Pearl Oh, don't be dramatic. I saw humans get on fine without power for millennia. You used to hunt and gather, ha ha, what happened to that?
Mayor Dewey You don't understand, sure things seem calm now in the light of day but when the sun goes down *serious voice* so does the town!
Steven He's right. Mayor Dewey, this is our responsibility, we'll help you clean up this mess.
Garnet *from inside the house* No we won't!
(Pearl leaves.)
Steven I'll help you clean up this mess.
Mayor Dewey Okay, but you're not getting paid.
[Trans. Mayor Dewey's van driving down the boardwalk]
Mayor Dewey All right, we gotta go do damage control now or the boardies are going to get restless.
Steven Boardies?
Mayor Dewey Hello, youth resident of Beach City.
Sadie Is everything all right?
Lars You mean besides the power knocking out the freezer, *throws a box of melted ice cream* ugh, and melting all this ice cream?
Steven *shocked* What?! Ice cream!?
(Lars sits on boxes of melted ice cream.)
Lars It's a real pain in the- Wahh! Ugh...
Sadie I'd offer you some but its pretty soupy.
Steven Is this happening to ice cream all over town!? This really is a crisis!
Mayor Dewey Now lets all calm down here, I have everything under control.
Steven You do?
Mayor Dewey Of course! The power will be back and the freezers will be working by sundown. No need to cry over frozen milk, here.
(He hands Sadie a glow stick and election button.)
Mayor Dewey I'll catch you kids on the side that flips. You take care now.
Steven See ya later.
Sadie Thanks for the glow stick.
[Trans. back in the Mayor's van]
Steven So everything is going to be okay?
Mayor Dewey What? No.
Steven You lied to them?!
Mayor Dewey Look Steven, it's not lying when you're the mayor - it's politics.
Steven It is?
Mayor Dewey Of course it is. Let me tell you something, when you work for the government you can't control what happens in the world but you can control how people feel about. That's the real weight I carry, making the good people of Beach City feel better, safer, more secure.
Steven But -
Mayor Dewey What's my other option? Let the people panic and riot? That didn't work out so well for Ocean Town.
Steven I've never head of Ocean Town.
Mayor Dewey Exactly, that's why you've got to give the people something to believe in. When they see my giant head on this car rolling down the boardwalk they think "Here comes help!". Well, some people think "Here comes that exterminator guy." But then they realize its me - their mayor! Have you seen that exterminator truck with a head on it? He's totally copying me.
Steven Uh...
Mayor Dewey *gives Steven a brown paper bag filled with election buttons and glow sticks* Here, take these.
(Mayor Dewey parks the van in front of a large group of people arguing.)
Mayor Dewey *brings out megaphone and clears throat* Attention, my good citizens. As you may or may not be aware of, there is a power outage affecting all of Beach City Area proper.
Gunga Pizza *sarcastically* Oh, really.
Mayor Dewey This problem is just a temporary one - not a big one at all. Things could be worse - we could be in Ocean Town.
(Some uneasy glances and hushed laughs ripple through the crowd.)
Mr. Fryman *jokingly* Too soon!
Mayor Dewey Anyway, the power will be back on by sundown so in the meantime, just enjoy this beautiful, peaceful day outside. The power will be back on before you know it, I promise.
(The crowd murmurs in approval.)
Gunga Pizza I trust this man!
Mayor Dewey *whispers to Steven* Okay, make sure everyone gets a button and a glow stick. *faces the crowd while waving and grinning nervously*
Steven *walks to the Pizza family and gives them buttons and glow sticks* Have a glow stick. Here you go. Here. *walks towards Greg*
Greg Oh, hey, Schtoo-ball. You get some sort of secret government internship I need to know about?
Steven *laughs nervously* Here. *hands Greg a button and a glow stick*
Greg Apparently you can't have too many 'Mayor Dewey' buttons. Sounds like I'm not gonna be needing this glow stick though. *returns glow stick to Steven* See ya later, buddy!
Steven *dismayed* But... Dad! *softly* Noooo...
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Steven pauses for a moment to look at the ocean before he climbs the steps. He then overhears the Gems talking.)
Amethyst So what if she shows up with more? I say we just mash 'em all!
Garnet It's not just the robonoids. According to Lapis, she's going to have backup.
Pearl Who knows what she's going to have? We won't stand a chance against their weapons. But, if we can just knock them out...
Garnet It's not about the robonoids, Pearl! She's coming with other gems!
(Steven is shocked at Garnet's statement.)
Amethyst Says who?! Who cares! What does Lapis even know?!
(Steven climbs the steps.)
Garnet Calm down, Amethyst!
Amethyst You calm downnnnn. (She spots Steven.) Uhhh, hey!
(Pearl turns to face Steven.)
Amethyst *walks up to Steven* Look who it is! Iiiit's Steven! *laughs before putting her arm around Steven's shoulders* Our best friend, Steven! What are you doing here, buddy?
Steven *slowly* I live here. Is everything okay?
Pearl *nervously* Of course.
Garnet In fact, we were just about to play... cards.
Pearl Yes! Cards.
Amethyst Wanna play "War?"
Pearl *growls in warning*
Amethyst *glances at Pearl* I mean "Peace?"
Steven Yeah! But... how are we gonna play cards in the dark?
Garnet We can light a fire in the fireplace.
Pearl Yes! Like Early Man.
Amethyst *ruffles Steven's hair* C'mon, "Early Man."
(The Gems enter the house but Steven walks to the outside of the window.)
(Steven is watching the Gems sit down and talk amongst themselves before walking over to the balcony and holding the election of Mayor Dewey towards the setting sun.)
[Mayor Dewey's earlier statement echoes as the sun continues to set] When the sun goes down, so does...
Steven The town.
[Camera shows the Big Donut, the Ferris wheel, and the arcade, before panning towards a discontent crowd]
Peedee *angry* How come there's still no power?
Jenny You said it would be on by sundown!
Mayor Dewey *nervously* Everyone just calm down. I'm sure if we just talk rationally, we can come to an agreement.
Gunga Pizza No agreement! You promised us!
Mr. Fryman Without power, I can't take care of my family! *gestures to Peedee* Well, this one's fine *points to Ronaldo* but this one can't take care of himself.
Mayor Dewey I'm sure the power will be on tomorrow... I think... Maybe.
Gunga Pizza Stop pulling our legs! You lied to us and you are lying again!
(The crowd roars in agreement.)
Mayor Dewey Please! Consider things in Beach City! *button hits him* Ow!
(The crowd starts to throw Mayor Dewey's buttons and glow sticks at him.)
Mayor Dewey *climbs into van and rolls down window* If you'd all just calm down -
Gunga Pizza Tip the truck!
(Mr. Smiley, Mr. Fryman and Peedee Fryman rush forward and begin to push the van as Buck Dewey stands by helplessly watching.)
(The crowd roars in approval as the van is successfully tipped over.)
Steven *dismayed at the scene* Ah! *climbs on top of the tipped over van before shouting* Everyone, please!
(The crowd is immediately silenced.)
Steven The power might not be back on tonight. It might not even be back on for even a year!
(The crowd lets out cries of shock and dismay.)
Steven But I know that you're all going to be okay because I know each and every one of you. *looks at the Pizza family* You're smart, *looks at the Fryman family* you're tough, *looks at Lars, Sadie and Greg* and you're resourceful. And you all care about each other more than you care about microwave dinners or video games or being able to see in the dark. I know it'll hurt your businesses, I know it'll hurt your lives. But are we really going to hurt each other?
(The crowd murmurs amongst themselves.)
Steven Of course not! We'll face the night together and we'll survive because we are the light of Beach City!
(The crowd cheers in approval.)
Mayor Dewey *climbs out of van* Yes! Thank you, Steven. I couldn't have said it better.
Gunga Pizza Don't try to worm your way out of this!
Mayor Dewey No, no!
Steven It's okay! It's okay! Mayor Dewey was hiding things from you but he did it because he didn't want you to worry!
Mayor Dewey *nods in agreement*
Steven He was just sheltering you from the truth because he... *enlightenment and understanding dawn on him* He loves you.
(The crowd nods and whispers in approval before cheering for Mayor Dewey.)
Steven *shakes his head before bounding off*
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Garnet is sitting on the sofa with Amethyst lounging beside her and Pearl is working on her machine in front of the coffee table.)
Pearl *looks up as Steven approaches* Oh, hey, Steven. *looks back at her machine and murmurs to herself* If I could just concentrate the -
Steven Um... Do you guys wanna talk?
Pearl *nervously disconnects a piece from her machine* And why would we need to do that?
Amethyst Hey, Steven. You still owe us a game of cards.
Garnet *picks up several cards* Yeah, get in on this.
Steven N-no. I don't wanna play cards. I wanna talk about Peridot.
Pearl Oh, well, yes. Everything is fine.
Steven No it's not! I know it's not. I know you just don't want me to be scared but just tell me the truth!
(The Gems all silently stare at Steven for a moment.)
Garnet *looks down* Peridot is coming. *sets cards on the table* And we don't know who or what she'll be coming with. She's a modern gem with modern gem technology that's bound to overpower us.
(Steven listens with shock.)
Garnet Steven, the truth is... we're scared.
Steven We've been scared before, right? None of us know what's going to happen, but... that's okay. We can figure things out - together.
(The Gems all nod silently in agreement.)
(The power in the house suddenly turns on and it shows that the entire Beach City is getting its power back as well.)
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