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"Pearl" is a Crystal Gem, and a main protagonist in Steven Universe.


Pearl has a thin, bird-like body and pale white skin with a bluish-greenish tint. Her short hair is light peach and is stylized to a point like pixie cut. She has large light blue eyes and a cone shaped nose. Pearl's gemstone is a large pearl embedded in her forehead.


Prior to the end of "Steven the Sword Fighter" she wore a strapless sky-blue top with a pale blue (almost as her skin, but darker) tank top underneath, a yellow star on her chest, and short coral pink leggings under an iridescent blue and lime green fishnet skirt together with a cyan bow. Her shoes were light blue with lime green socks. It looked very dancer-like, but in a different style than the post-regeneration outfit.


Pearl wears a pale turqoise tunic with a yellow star and a large turquoise sash tied around her waist. She has very light amber short leggings, pink socks and pale turquoise shoes. She is a few inches shorter than Garnet. It looks similar to a dancer’s outfit.

Space Suit

She wears a blue unitard/jumpsuit, that has futuristic designs on the top half, and above the knees, and orange knee high flats as her space suit in "Space Race".


In the Pilot, Pearl had a different design. Her hair was rose-pink, instead of peach, which was styled into a quiff. She wore a dark gray top underneath, blue sleeveless jacket or vest with a brown button, a salmon baggy skirt with bright orange short leggings, yellow-green bead-earrings, and blue flat pumps with a pink underside.


Pearl is a perfectionist and strategist who values thought and reason. She is very intelligent, graceful, and controlled, having a wide range of knowledge on many topics from the history of Gemkind to Rocket Science. Although she gets easily flustered when her plans fail, or when Amethyst says something she doesn't think Steven should hear, she is very caring and motherly toward Steven, to the point of occasionally being overbearing, but always well-meaning. Out of all the Crystal Gems, Pearl appears to be the most poorly adjusted to life on earth, generally being unaware of human social conventions and activities such as jokes, games, arcades, and birthday parties, as well as showing a great desire to leave Earth and return to space in "Space Race" (going so far as to risk her own and Steven's life in an attempt to leave Earth, only until it was clear they wouldn't make it did she agree to bail). Pearl also seems to have a generally negative view of humanity as evidenced by her statement in "Keep Beach City Weird" "Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they're a part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world's problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone's control."



Pearl's gemstone.

All Gems have the ability to summon a weapon, shapeshift, and retreat into their gemstone to heal. Activating her gemstone summons a magic spear. She can also fuse with Amethyst to create Opal.

Pearl is shown to be quite knowledgeable in human engineering, despite her naiveté of the overall human culture, as she was able to repair and upgrade Greg's destroyed van and was able to construct a spaceship out of scraps. It is possible that Pearl is the most educated of the Crystal Gems since she seems to proficient in aeronautics and aerospace engineering.

Pearl is shown to be considerably tough too, as she can take many hits before succumbing to her wounds. In "Coach Steven", she took a headbutt and a direct hit from Sugilite's mace, and could still move (though it took Steven's encouragement). In "On the Run", she took an explosion from Amethyst's whip directly and was fine almost immediately after, although she was briefly immobilized and scratched up as a result. However, she did have to retreat to her gem after being stabbed straight through her stomach in "Steven the Sword Fighter".

She is shown to be an exceptional swordswoman that moves quickly, and seems to incorporate dancing into her fighting style.

Unique Abilities

  • Holograms: Pearl can project holographic images from her gemstone, which she uses mainly as a visual aid when lecturing Steven. While most of the holograms seem to be intangible some, like Holo-Pearl, appear to be able to interact with solid matter. They typically function as distractions in battle.
  • Energy Blasts: Pearl can fire arrow-like blasts of energy from the tip of her spear. This can be done rapid-fire or charged to use a more powerful version.
  • Psammokinesis: Pearl is shown manipulating a small amount of sand to create figurines of herself and Amethyst in "Giant Woman". It is currently unknown how much sand she can control at one time.
  • Pocket Dimension: Using a specialized dance, Pearl can summon objects both mundane and magical from her gemstone.


Steven Universe

Pearl acts as a kind, motherly figure towards Steven. She loves teaching Steven about Gem history and culture, as well as teaching him other things such as the art of sword fighting. As opposed to Garnet's more pragmatic and Amethyst's more fun loving personalities, Pearl acts as a mentor. She always tries to speak gently to him and is always the first to show concern when taking him on a dangerous mission. Although as shown in "Space Race" she can allow her own in interests to get in the way of her relationship with Steven and even jeopardized his well being for the sake of returning to space until Steven talked her out of it. Pearl also frequently underestimates Steven's abilities, expressing surprise that Steven could even summon a shield in "Gem Glow", and that Steven made his cat fingers go away seemingly by himself in "Cat Fingers". She also does not feel that Steven is prepared to learn about the dark side of gem history, when she tells Amethyst that Steven "isn't ready" to learn about the bad history of Gems in "On the Run".


Like the other Gems, Pearl respects and follows Garnet's orders without question. She does, however, believe that the Gems are a team and may not exactly see Garnet as a leader. Although when there are signs of danger Pearl usually turns to Garnet.


The two share a strained relationship likely due to their contrasting personalities, Pearl is often seen scolding Amethyst and in return, Amethyst teases her. Despite them fighting often it's revealed that Pearl sometimes think she is getting through to Amethyst ("Tiger Millionaire"). Regardless of their differences, Pearl is still friends and teammates with Amethyst.


Pearl dislikes Sugilite due to her violent actions. Pearl almost admits that she's jealous of Sugilite's strength (in song), but she cuts herself off before finishing the line.


See Pearl/Quotes.


  • Pearl is the birthstone of June.[1]
  • Pearls are light pink or white gemstones, similar to the one "Pearl"

    Pearl's evolution.

    has on her forehead.
  • In the transition from the pilot to the series, Pearl underwent the most drastic change of the three Gems. Among these changes are:
    • Removal of gold ring around her gem
    • Removal of earrings
    • Skin color changed (from blue to white)
    • Pointy nose
    • Different overall body structure
    • Drastically different outfit
    • Different hairstyle
    • Rose-pink hair color to a peach one
    • Eye color changed (black to a light blue)
    • Removal of hearts on slippers and slipper color changed (dark blue to light blue)
  • In gemstone mythology, pearls are often associated with virginity, beauty, modesty, purity, and

    Pearl's pre-regeneration far away render.

  • As revealed in "Together Breakfast", she owns a wide collection of swords.
  • It is revealed that she and the other Gems (except Steven), are ageless in "So Many Birthdays".
  • It is shown that when Pearl blushes, she blushes light blue, as revealed in "Serious Steven."
  • As revealed in "So Many Birthdays", Pearl likes pie, does not understand jokes, and thinks that jokes involving actions are lies (or insults).
    • In "Fusion Cuisine", Pearl states that she hates eating. This is most likely a retcon of her liking pie, but because she never said that she liked eating pie, it could be that Pearl just likes the appearance, smell, or preparation of pie.
    • She is shown to enjoy tea, however, as shown when she brings a tea-pot to Funland in "Serious Steven", and when she talks about finding out Connie's favorite tea in "Bubble Buddies".
      • It's possible that Pearl finds drinking to be much less disgusting than eating, or not disgusting at all.
  • Pearl, with exceptions the opal on Opal's forehead and the alexandrite on Alexandrite's forehead, is the only Gem to not have a faceted gem. She instead has a smooth gem. However, the fusions without faceted gems involve Pearl.
  • Pearl has the ability to house objects within her gem, as first demonstrated in the episode "Lars and the Cool Kids."
  • Pearl had a replicator wand which was destroyed in "Onion Trade" by Garnet.
    • Also, it is revealed in "Onion Trade" that Pearl owns a battle axe.
  • Pearl is the first Gem that's actually shown retreating into her gem to regenerate after sustaining serious injuries, seen in the episode "Steven the Sword Fighter."
  • Pearl sings for the first time in the episode "Coach Steven."
  • "Joking Victim" is the first episode in which Pearl does not make an appearance, the second being "Garnet's Universe".
  • In "Steven and the Stevens", she is seen playing the violin.
  • It was shown in "Monster Buddies" that Steven keeps a framed picture of Pearl on the side of their fridge. It was later destroyed by the Centipeetle Mother.
  • In "So Many Birthdays", we see that Pearl is extremely emotional in serious situations.
  • Pearl, along with Amethyst and Steven, are the only Crystal Gems to mention Connie by name.
Temple Door Pearl

Pearl's door.

  • It was revealed in "Ocean Gem" that Pearl is capable of wielding dual spears in battle, confirming her to be ambidextrous.
  • In "Space Race", it was revealed that Pearl does not like being confined to Earth and deeply wishes to revisit space, much like Lapis Lazuli. When presented with an opportunity to leave, Pearl has no qualms about leaving behind her fellow Gems (with the exception of Steven, who she wanted to "show the cosmos").
    • Unlike Lapis Lazuli, however, Pearl only shows interest in revisiting space, and harbors no desires to return home.
  • It is unknown if the other Crystal Gems have the ability to create holo-clones of themselves.
  • It is revealed that Pearl can use ranged attacks such as the energy blast she created with her spear in "Watermelon Steven".
    • Pearl uses her energy blast attack for a second time against Amethyst in the episode "On the Run".
  • In "Lion 3: Straight to Video", Pearl admits that she often watches Steven sleep.
  • "Warp Tour" is the first episode Pearl and Steven have an argument.
  • Pearl can sometimes let more slip out than she means to, and end up backing herself into a corner when interrogated, as seen in "The Test", when she accidentally lets out that the Sea Spire mission was a test for Steven and makes the situation worse the more she talks.
  • In the beginning of the episode "Warp Tour", Pearl and Amethyst are seen complimenting each other and blushing. This may be an example of the revival of a previous close friendship they may have shared, which had been vaguely hinted at in "Giant Woman".
  • It's revealed by Pearl that the Crystal Gems chose Earth over their true home.
  • It's confirmed by Steven in "Steven the Sword Fighter" that organizing messes is one of Pearl's favorite hobbies.


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