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"Giant Woman"

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"Opal" is the fusion of Amethyst and Pearl, and made her debut in "Giant Woman".


Opal is a tall Gem, although she is currently the third shortest fusion shown so far, right above Stevonnie and Garnet. As seen in "The Return", she is twice as tall as Garnet.


Opal's gemstone (chest) (Amethyst)

She has long white hair pony-tailed off the back of her head that extends to her ankles, pale violet skin, bright blue eyes, four arms, Pearl's pointy nose, and Amethyst's lips along with her gemstones being on her forehead and chest.


Her clothes consist of a blue-green tube shirt with drapes in the front and back with a large yellow star on the front, magenta pants, and gold flat boots.


Opal's gemstone (forehead) (Pearl)


Her second outfit is slightly the same, yet different, with a sash around her waist, and a tank top with sleeves and an added neckline to her top. This is due to Pearl's regeneration in "Steven the Sword Fighter", but the colors are yet to be confirmed, since she appeared in a white and green light. It is worth noting that the outfit cuts out the unnecessary parts of each individual Gems' outfit, Pearl's skirt and Amethyst's ripped pants, possibly implying that the fusion of the two is more practical than either Gem alone.


Due to being a fusion, Opal's personality is a combination of aspects of both Amethyst's and Pearl's character traits. Her disposition is speculated to be mild-mannered and a fusion of Amethyst's power and self-confidence, along with Pearl's grace and precision. She appears to be more open to Steven's desire to have fun and play, as she sang part of his song back to him. This shows a combination of Amethyst's laid-back attitude with Pearl's nurturing tendencies. It was shown that she can easily be distracted from main objectives, such as when she defeated the monster at the Sky Spire, she considered the mission done and left without completing the original mission (retrieving the Heaven Beetle). This could be because of both Amethyst and Pearl, as the two can easily get distracted by simple desires (though in opposite ways).

Due to Amethyst and Pearl's personalities being almost polar opposites, her personality is very unstable and the most minor of disagreements between he two can result in being split.


Opal's bow 2
  • Weapon Proficiency: Bow and Arrow. Like all Gems, Opal can shape-shift, summon a weapon, and retreat to her gemstones to regenerate. Opal can either individually summon Pearl's spear or Amethyst's whip. When combining their weapons together, it creates a long bow, which is capable of firing explosive, deadly arrows, and can bubble gemstones at the same time
Opal Summoning Weapon

Opal summoning her bow.

  • Water Walking: Opal also has the ability to walk on water, much like Lapis Lazuli and Pearl.



Opal retains a protective nature over Steven from Pearl and Amethyst. She is willing to play around with Steven, as when he asked if she remembered him, she replied by smiling and singing his song back to him.


Opal and Garnet are on seemingly good terms and can work together well. This is shown in Giant Woman. When Opal returned back with Steven, Garnet did not seem surprised and simply asked Opal if she completed her mission. Later in The Return, Opal and Garnet are seen working together to try and defeat the Gem Warship.

Episode Appearances


  • She is the second fusion to be seen. The first is Garnet.
  • Opal closely resembles Kali, a Hindu deity, featuring four arms, long hair, and a gemstone lodged in their forehead.
    • She is also similar to the design of Nabooru from The Legend Of Zelda; even to the point of having her pointed nose.
  • Opal's appearance consists more of Pearl's physical appearance and features.
    • This also extends to her weapon; Pearl's spear not only makes up the longbow but the arrows are visually similar to the energy blast the spear can emit. Meanwhile Amethyst's whip merely acts as the bowstring.
  • Opal is the only Gem (fused or non-fused) so far with an exclusively ranged weapon.
    • This is most likely due to Pearl's spear, while being a melee weapon, has the ability to emit a ranged energy blast.
    • This further supported by her arrows resembling Pearl's energy blast, as seen in "Watermelon Steven" and "On the Run".
  • She is the second fusion to have used a Warp Pad (Garnet was the first).
  • Opal makes her second appearance in "The Return"; she tried to shoot her arrows at the Gem Warship, which had no effect.
  • She is the only fusion (besides Garnet) that appears in more than one episode.
  • Opal is among the least "monstrous" of fusions, which could imply that more stable fusions look closer to a humanoid figure, since the only fusions that seems more humanoid than her are Garnet and Stevonnie.
    • It also implies that despite their constant bickering, Pearl and Amethyst are actually very close deep down.
  • Opal is possibly the most likely Gem fusion to be split, besides Alexandrite, due to Pearl and Amethyst hardly agreeing on anything.
  • Out of the 5 fusions shown so far, (excluding Garnet) Opal is one of the 2 to have their weapons shown (the other one being Sugilite).


Learn more about the opal gemstone here.

  • Opal is the birthstone of October. [1]
  • In gemstone mythology, opals are associated with purity and hope.


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