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Opal 3
Voiced by Aimee Mann
Physical Information
Species Gem
Gender None
Personal Information
Occupation Guardian
Affiliation Crystal Gems
First Appearance "Giant Woman"

Opal is the Gem fusion of Pearl and Amethyst who debuted in "Giant Woman".


Opal is a tall Gem. She has long white hair that extends to her ankles, pale violet skin, bright blue eyes, four arms, Pearl's pointy nose, and Amethyst's lips. She has Amethyst's traditional expression. Her attire consists of a green shirt with drapes in the front and back with a large yellow star on the front drape, magenta pants, and gold boots. The location of her gems are on her forehead and chest.


Due to being a fusion, Opal's personality is a combination of Amethyst's and Pearl's. Her personality is speculated to be mild-mannered and a fusion of Amethyst's rash, but powerful and Pearl's graceful, but perfectionist personalities. She appears to be more laid-back with Steven's desire to have fun, as she sang part of Steven's song back to him.



Opal with her bow as she summons her arrow

By synchronizing via dancing, Amethyst and Pearl can fuse to become a more powerful Gem. She can summon Pearl's spear and Amethyst's whip to form her bow, which is capable of firing explosive arrows and can bubble gems at the same time. She is nimble as well, as she is able to do backflips with grace and agility. However; if Amethyst and Pearl disagree with each other while fused, they will separate back into themselves. Like Pearl and Lapis, she has the ability to walk on water. 


  • Opal, Pearl, and Lapis Lazuli are the only known gems able to walk on water.
  • Opal is the Birthstone of October.[1]
  • In gem mythos Opals are assciated with purity and hope.
  • She is the first fused Gem to be featured in an episode.
  • The "dance" the two must perform to fuse may be a reference to the Fusion Dance in DragonBall Z, even to the part where the two fusers must be willing to bond when needed.
  • The locations of her two gems are the same as Amethyst's and Pearl's gems.
  • Opal closely resembles Kali, a Hindu deity, featuring four arms, long hair, and a gem lodged in their forehead. She is also similar to the design of Nabooru from the "Legend of Zelda;" even to the point of having her pointed nose.
  • Opal's appearance consists more of Pearl's physical appearance and features.
  • As an error in one scene, Opal's lips look like Pearl's lips, but in the next scene she has Amethyst's again.
  • Opal's energy arrows are shown to immediately bubble the gems of fallen gem monsters.
  • Opal is currently the only gem with a ranged weapon



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