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For the song of the same name, see Opal (soundtrack).

♫ All you wanna do is see me turn into... ♫

—"Giant Woman"



Opal Regen lenhi



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"Giant Woman"

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Aimee Mann

"Opal" is the fusion of Amethyst and Pearl. She first appeared in the episode, "Giant Woman".


Opal has pale royal-blue skin and long, thick, wavy, cream colored hair. Her hair extends slightly past her knees, and is tied by a pale-orange band into a rowdy pony-tail, resembling Amethyst's hair, except for her chin-length bangs, which resemble Pearl's. Opal has four arms, and her nose is pointed like Pearl's. Her plump lips are similar to Amethyst's.

Pre-regeneration (debut)

Opal sports a pale-turquoise tube-top that drapes down to her shins, featuring an accented star at the base. She wore magenta leggings with lavender cuffs and gold flat-boots.

Post-regeneration (current)

Her attire is similar to her previous outfit, but with a sash around her waist, a tank top, and an added neckline to her top. This is due to Pearl's regeneration in "Steven the Sword Fighter", but the colors are yet to be confirmed, since she appeared in a white and green tint.

Color palettes

Image Description
Opal - Palette - Normal
Normal color palette.

Image Description
Opal - Palette - Morning
Color palette in the morning.

Image Description
Opal - Palette - Darkness
Color palette in darkness.

Image Description
Opal - Palette - Beach House
Color palette in the Beach House at night.


Opal is an amalgam of our combined magical and physical attributes fused into a single entity.

Pearl, "Giant Woman"

Due to Amethyst and Pearl being almost polar opposites, her personality is very unstable and the most minor of disagreements between the two can result in a de-fusion.

Opal's personality is speculated to be a combination of Amethyst's power, along with Pearl's grace and precision. She appears to be more open to Steven's desire to have fun and play, as she sang part of his song back to him. This shows a combination of Amethyst's laid-back attitude with Pearl's nurturing tendencies. It was shown that she can easily be distracted from main objectives, such as when she defeated the Big Bird at the Sky Spire, she considered the mission done and left without completion of the original mission (retrieving the Heaven Beetle). This could be because of both Amethyst and Pearl, as the two can easily get distracted by simple desires.



Opal, forming her bow.

Da supah Bow

Opal's longbow.

Opal possesses standard Gem abilities and traits. She can fuse with Garnet to form Alexandrite.[1]

She is very agile and graceful, being able to stand on the tips of her toes and execute acrobatic reflexes. Opal is also shown to be able to leap considerable distances and "skate" or "glide" across the ground.


  • Bow and Arrows Proficiency: Opal's weapon is an opalescent longbow that fires arrows made of a light-based energy. The bow is roughly as tall as Opal herself. Due to Opal being a fusion of Amethyst and Pearl, she can summon either Amethyst's whip or Pearl's spear at will. She fuses both weapons together to form her bow. Pearl's spear forms the limbs of the bow while the lash of Amethyst's whip becomes the string. Her arrows are summoned when the bow is drawn back. These arrows cause a large explosion and emit a bright light on impact, as well as bearing a striking resemblance to the energy blasts emitted by Pearl's spear. The arrows are also capable of splitting into several smaller arrows and attacking multiple targets at once. Targets pierced by these arrows have their remaining gems bubbled.


  • Water-Walking: Opal is able to walk on water, as seen in "Giant Woman", while she fights against the Big Bird. She presumably retains this ability from PearlLion and Lapis Lazuli are also known to be capable of this.




Stay low.

—Opal, "Giant Woman"
Opal retains a protective nature over Steven from Pearl and Amethyst. She is willing to play around with Steven, as when he asked if she knew him, she replied by smiling and sang his song back to him nicely.



I also see you helped your teammates fuse.

Garnet, "Giant Woman"
Opal and Garnet are on seemingly good terms and work together well. When Opal returned with Steven, Garnet did not seem surprised and simply asked Opal if she completed her mission. Later, in "The Return", Opal recognizes Garnet's leadership and awaits her command to fire her arrow/arrows, working together without problems while attempting to destroy the Gem Warship.



TR - Opalo

A height comparison between Garnet and Opal.

GW - OpalBubbles

Opal's Gem Bubbles.

  • She is the third shortest fusion, right above Stevonnie and Garnet.
    • As seen in "The Return", she is at least twice as tall as Garnet.
  • Opal and Stevonnie are the only fusions that have no more than two eyes.
  • She was the second fusion (after Garnet) to be seen.
    • Although, she is the first to be introduced as such.
  • Opal's appearance consists more of Pearl's physical appearance and features.
    • This also extends to her weapon; Pearl's spear not only makes up the longbow but the arrows are visually similar to the energy blast the spear can emit. Meanwhile, Amethyst's whip merely acts as the bowstring.
  • Opal is the only Gem with an exclusively ranged weapon.
    • This is most likely due to Pearl's spear, while being a melee weapon, has the ability to emit a ranged energy blast and she can throw her spear with incredible speed and accuracy.
  • Opal is among the least "monstrous" of fusions, which could imply that more stable fusions look closer to a humanoid figure, since the only fusions that seems more humanoid than her are Garnet, Stevonnie, and Rainbow Quartz.
    • It also implies that despite their constant bickering, Pearl and Amethyst are actually very close deep down.
  • She, along with Garnet, are the only fusions who have bubbled gemstones on-screen.
  • When Opal's arrow bubbled the Gem Shards from the Big Bird, her bubbles were colored mint-green.
  • Opal has not been witnessed fusing on-screen, much like Alexandrite.
  • She has the second least amount of speaking-time of any fusion.
    • The first is Rainbow Quartz, who received no dialogue, and the third is Malachite who only had a few lines.

Cultural References

  • Opal closely resembles Kali, a Hindu deity, featuring four arms, long hair, and a gemstone lodged on their foreheads.
    • Additionally, Opal was originally planned to make a manji with her arms when summoning her weapon, of which Kali is commonly associated with.[2]
    • She is also similar to the design of Nabooru from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; even to the point of having her pointed nose.
    • She also resembles the Hindu deity Lakshmi, who, like Opal, has four arms. Opal's weaponry also revolves around light, something Lakshmi is closely associated with.
  • Opal's theme is a style of music called High-Energy Piano Anthem, a type of music invented by Masami Ueda, the composer for the Bayonetta games.
  • Opal's hair closely resembles Korra's from the Nickelodeon show The Legend of Korra.


Gemstone Information

  • Opal is a gem-quality form of hydrated amorphous silicon dioxide.
  • 'Opalescence' should technically only be used to describe the optical effects seen in common opal.
    • 'Opalescence' is caused by the reflection of light and appears as a sheen of light, typically milky-bluish in color.
  • Opal is a birthstone for those who are born in October.
  • Opal is also said to stimulate originality and creativity.


Image Description
Pearl's gemstone on Opal. It represents a cabochon, a gem that has not been faceted but has been polished.
Amethyst's gemstone on Opal features a hexagonal facet. It is a tetradecahedron, specifically a truncated hexagonal dipyramid.


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