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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Steven's Room]
Steven I'm... grounded?
Pearl *folds arms* Yes, you're grounded!
Garnet You disobeyed an order.
Amethyst *holds up a shovel* and now we're gonna bury you 'til you've learned your lesson!
Steven *surprised and sweating* Aah! That's not how grounding works!
(The door opens, and Greg comes in the house, panting as the Gems all turn to his way.)
Steven Dad?
(All turns to Greg.)
Greg *breathes heavily* Uh, you guys better come check this out.
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
Mayor Dewey W-w-wha?
(The citizens of Beach City are murmuring worriedly.)
Crowd (various characters) *murmurs* Wait. What the... Where did it go? Whoa! (Ronaldo takes a picture with his phone)
Steven The ocean!
[Camera zooms out to reveal that the ocean is gone]
Mayor Dewey *pops up yelling into a megaphone* Hey, it's those magical ladies! What's going on here?
Garnet The ocean is gone, obviously.
Mayor Dewey That's right. Now it's just a desert. No one wants to take a vacation to... Desert City! Aww, we're gonna lose all our summer business!
Lars And all the beach babes! Awwww!
Mr. Fryman Who's gonna buy my fries?
Mr. Pizza And my pizza!
Mr. Smiley Who's gonna have fun at Funland?
Mayor Dewey As mayor, I DEMAND you explain this immediate (Garnet slaps megaphone out of the Mayor's hand.) —ly
Garnet It was Lapis Lazuli.
Steven Lapis Lazuli?
Pearl She's the Gem you released from the mirror. *projects a hologram of Lapis through her gem*
Crowd (various characters) *murmurs* That's incredible. How did you do that?
Steven But she's a Gem, just like us.
Pearl There's a lot you don't know about Gems, Steven.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(The Crystal Gems, Steven, Greg, Connie, and Lion are standing around.)
Pearl How could I have known the Gem contained in that mirror would be so powerful?
(Steven walks towards the door.)
Connie Where are you going, Steven?
Steven I'm leaving to fix what I did to our home. I was the one who set Lapis free from the mirror. Now it's my fault the ocean's gone. I'm gonna bring the ocean back or get really thirsty trying.
Greg Wait up, kiddo. I'm coming with you.
Connie I want to help, too. Also, I feel weird being in your house if you're not here.
Lion *roars* *puts paw on Steven's head*
Greg *gasps*
Pearl *clears throat* Clearly, we're coming too.
Garnet You're un-grounded, by the way.
Amethyst *jumps on counter* Whoo-hoo! Road trip!
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
(Connie and Steven ride Lion as Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, and Greg ride in Greg's van.)
Mayor Dewey *unshaven and distressed* *cries and pours water from hose onto sand*
[Trans. Int. Greg's Van]
Greg How about some tunes? This was one of Rose's favorites.
(Loud rock music begins to play.)
Amethyst/Pearl *uncomfortable laughing*
Greg What do you think, Garnet?
(Garnet kicks open the van door, and rolls out.)
[Time Skip—nighttime]
(Greg's van and Lion are still traveling to Lapis' tower.)
Steven I can't believe Lapis would do this. Gems shouldn't fight each other.
Pearl We're always fighting Gems, actually.
Steven *gasps* What?!
Pearl Oh, how do I put this? All Gems aren't necessarily... good.
Amethyst *leans forward* All those monster we fight used to be just like us! Right, Pearl?
Pearl [flashback of previous fought monsters] Yes. But they've become corrupted and broken. We have to take care of them, subdue them, contain them. It's the best we can do for them, for now. If we don't, then...
[Trans. Ext. Water Tower]
Steven *gasps*
Connie That's some magical destiny stuff, right there.
Greg Guys... I just had the best idea for an album cover.
Garnet This is it. Lapis Lazuli is here.
Pearl I don't understand. What does she want with the ocean?
Connie *looking at the water* Whoa. Look at all this. It's - it's just like a giant aquarium.
Lapis (booming echo) You shouldn't be here!
Garnet She sensed us.
Steven Lapis Lazuli! it's me, Steven!
[Water sloshing. Lapis Lazuli forms her own face made out of water]
Lapis Go away! before I make you.
Steven But we're beach-summer-fun buddies!
Lapis *forms Steven's face from water* *as Steven* Noooo!
Steven/Connie *gasps*
Lapis *forms her own face again* You're one of them. One of the Crystal Gems.
Amethyst/Pearl *growl angrily*
Garnet *puts a hand on their shoulders* Easy.
Steven What do you mean? We're all Gems, right? Just let us help you.
Lapis You don't understand. Just leave me alone...
Steven We're not leaving, Lapis. Not until you give us back our ocean! -- Aah!
Lapis I said... (She forms a water clone of Steven, and the Steven clone stretches his arm forward to force Steven back.) Leave me alone!
Steven Ah!
(Water clones of the Crystal Gems appear.)
Pearl Greg, kids, you stay behind us. We'll handle this.
Greg Sounds good to me! *runs away*
(Crystal Gems and the water clones summon their weapons.)
Amethyst Ruh-oh.
Garnet Stand together. Don't let them separate us. *punched by water Garnet* *pained grunt*
Steven Garnet!
Garnet *pained grunt* *cracks neck twice*
(Garnet and water Garnet engage in combat.)
Amethyst (Amethyst uses her whip to grab nearby rocks and sling them at her water clone, missing each time.) Aw, come on! Aah! (Her water clone grabs Amethyst with her whip and throws her down.) *screams* *pained grunt*
Amethyst Well, as long as we're playing fair... *transforms into Purple Puma* *yells*
Pearl *slices her water clone in half with her spear* *laughs* (The two halves each create one water Pearl.) *sighs and summons another spear* I hate fighting me.
Lion *roars supersonic waves at water Steven, which he dodges*
Connie Come on, Lion!
Steven You can take me!
(Water Steven stretches his arms forward and slams Lion into Greg's van.)
Greg Oh no, not the van!
Steven Revenge!
Connie Revenge!
Steven and Connie (They yell as Connie throws a rock at water Steven and Steven uses a water gun to shoot his water clone.)
(Water Steven traps Steven and Connie's heads in water bubbles in an attempt to drown them.)
Steven and Connie *muffled screams*
Greg Kids!
Connie *loses her breath and groans*
Steven *muffled distress sounds*
(Greg hits water Steven with his van, freeing Connie and Steven.)
Steven and Connie *coughing and gagging*
Steven Connie!
Greg Is this a NORMAL magical mission for you? 'Cause I'm not so sure how comfortable I am with you going on these any-mo-o-o--re!!!!
(Greg's van is picked up and thrown by water Steven, along with Greg who is still in the van.)
Steven Dad! *runs over to him*
Greg *coughing, pained grunt* *crawls out of the van*
Steven Dad! Dad! Are you OK?
Greg *groans* Ugh, I think my leg's broken. See, this is why we wear seatbelts, kids.
Steven Lapis, I don't want to fight anymore.
(Water Steven hurls a ball of water at Steven.)
Steven I said, "I DON'T WANNA FIGHT"!
(Steven summons his shield and the water hits it.)
(The impact makes a metallic noise and the reverberation causes the water clones to disappear.)
Amethyst Huh? Mm.
Pearl *gasps*
[Metallic clanging]
(Steven walks forward.)
Connie Steven?
Steven Lapis, I'm coming up to see you. ...So please don't drown me.
Connie Wait, Steven!
Steven *grunts and jumps into the water tower* (Lapis makes a water hand, which lifts him to the top of the tower.)
[Trans. Atop Lapis' Tower]
Steven *gasps for air, his body encased in a bubble* Lapis?
Lapis What are you doing here, Steven?
Steven What? I - No! What are you doing here? This thing, the ocean, this is crazy! Can't we work this out? We Gems should be friends. Whoa! (Lapis pulls the bubble that he's in forward.)
Lapis Don't you know anything, Steven? Your friends, they don't really care about other Gems. All they care about is the Earth. But I never believed in this place... *looks up towards space*
Steven (Steven is released from the bubble.) Wha... ?
Lapis I just want to go home...
Steven I know how important home can be. But that's why I'm here. You took the ocean away, and the ocean is an important part of my home.
Lapis I'm only using the ocean because my gem is cracked. If I just stretch it far enough... *sighs* This is never going to work.
[Zooms in on Lapis' cracked gem]
Steven *gasps* I can fix your gem. I have healing powers.
Lapis Wait, you have healing powers?
Steven I know, right?
Lapis Oh, what should I...
Steven Oh, uh, sorry. This might be a little weird.
Lapis What?
Steven *slurps* *licks hand* *determined grunt* *slaps spit-covered hand onto Lapis' back*
Lapis *shudders* (Her gem is restored, as her eyes become normal and she sprouts a pair of water-wings.)
Steven *gasps*
Lapis Thank you, Steven!
Steven No prob, Bob. *wipes his spit-covered hand on his pants*
Lapis ... It's Lapis.
Steven *awkwardly* Yeah.
Lapis Okay. Bye. (She flies off into space.)
Steven Oh! *gasps*
(Lapis' Tower begins to collapse.)
[Trans. Ext. Lapis' Tower]
Garnet The whole tower's coming down!
Greg What about Steven?!
(Lion and Connie look at each other with determination.)
[Trans. top of water tower]
Steven Aaaaahh!!! Whoooaaa-aaaah!!!
(Connie and Lion emerge from a portal.)
Connie Grab my hand! *stretches out her hand*
Steven *grunts with effort* *stretches out his hand*
Steven and Connie *grunt with effort* (Their hands finally meet.)
Connie Gotcha!
[Trans. Ext. water tower]
(Steven, Connie, and Lion teleport back.)
Greg Steven!
(Water falls on the group.)
[Trans. on the Beach]
Mayor Dewey *cries, still pouring water onto the sand* ... Huh?
(The ocean begins flooding back in.)
Lars Yes! Babe city, here we com- Whoa!
Sadie *pushes Lars into the water*
(Greg's bubbled van emerges from the water, Steven unbubbles it.)
Amethyst That's how you do it!
(All gasp, grunt, and laugh.)
(Greg's van falls apart even more.)
Pearl *looks at a distressed Greg* *chuckles* Well, what's that thing you always say about the pork chops and the hot dogs?
Connie Look!
(Crowd of citizens cheering and laughing.)
(Mayor Dewey runs forward and embraces Steven, the crowd follows.)
Connie *laughs*
Amethyst Mm. *hugs Lion*
(Greg is crying in front of his van and Yellowtail hands him a handkerchief.)
Garnet *to Pearl* So, Lapis made it off planet.
Pearl What does this mean for us?
Garnet We wait and see.
(The crowd continues cheering, carrying Steven above them.)
Steven *looking to space* See you, Lapis.
[Zooms in on a single twinkling star]
Steven Wherever you are.
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