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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Maheswaran Residence]
(Lion teleports Steven and Connie in front of the Maheswaran Residence. Steven and Connie are laughing.)
Connie *dismounts Lion* *puts on glasses* Well... time to assume my secret identity.
Steven Same time next week for sword training?
Connie Yeah. *turns around* It's a shame I can't practice more at home.*pets Lion*
Steven Hey, Wait a sec. *jumps off of Lion and turns to him* Hup! May I? (Lion turns his head down and Steven pulls out Rose's Sword from his forehead.)
Connie *gasps*
Steven *kneels to Connie* Here-ethhh. You can borrow- ethhhh my mother's sword- ethhhh.
Connie Steven! That's so nice! If grammatically incorrect, but *in a medieval accent* thou can't just givest me thine mother's sword!
Steven Why not... - ethhh?
Connie *unlocking the door* Because it's really important-eth. (Steven and Connie walk into the Maheswaran Residence.)
Steven That's exactly why you should have- ethhh it! You can have all week to practice- ethhh withhh it- ethhhhhh.
Connie *laughs* Thhhhhhhh- ank you!
Steven *hands Connie the sword* We gotta be ready if we have to fight Malachite or Peridot or *a little bit disgusted* those creepy gem fusion experiments.
Connie I'll make sure nothing happens to it. (The garage door is heard opening.) That's the garage door. Mom's home! We have to hide the sword, there's no way Mom would let me have this in the house.
Steven Lion? Lion!? He walked off!
Connie What are we gonna do? (Dr. Maheswaran walks in.) Hi, Mom. Just finishing my 6 o'clock violin practice.
Dr. Maheswaran You should've finished that 5 minutes ago. You're late for your 7 o'clock study hour. Hello, Steven.
Steven *nervously* Hi, Dr. Maheswaran.
Dr. Maheswaran How are you?
Steven *nervously* Sitting!
Dr. Maheswaran *sigh* I had a rough day at work and I'm not in the mood for any more surprises.
Connie What happened at work?
Dr. Maheswaran There was a really strange case at the Hospital today, straight out of a nightmare. Oh, don't worry, the rules of doctor-patient confidentiality keep me from sharing the graphic details but... Hang on a moment. When did we get a coat rack?
Connie Oh, no...
Dr. Maheswaran A SWORD!? Connie, where did you get this?!
Steven I-it's...
Connie I found it! I just... found it outside and I wanted to show it to Steven.
Dr. Maheswaran How could you possibly think this is okay?!
Connie It's...
Dr. Maheswaran Do you know how many children I see everyday who've cut their faces off playing with swords?!
Connie I...
Dr. Maheswaran NONE! Because they all have parents who love them, and who don't let them play around with deadly weapons like some kind of gang member! No playing with swords! Under any circumstances. (Her cell phone rings and she answers it.) This is Dr. Maheswaran. Yes. Calm down, Stromberg, another one?
Steven Is she gonna give it back?
Dr. Maheswaran Alright, I'll be right there. I'll have a talk with your father to calculate just how grounded you are. *starts to leave but then turns around again* And we're using the abacus!
Connie I hate that abacus. Steven, I'm so sorry she took your mother's sword!
Steven Maybe we can get her to change her mind?
Connie She never, ever changes her mind. We've got to get that sword back ourselves.
(They teleport to the hospital with Lion's help.)
Steven Wooow! *falls to the ground* Ugh.
Connie We can't bring Lion inside, I'd feel really bad if my mom confiscated him too.
Steven Oh, it's no problem! He can stay out here. Look, I finally found a way to get him to do what I want. *gets out Lion Lickers*
(Lion grabs the Lion Lickers with his mouth and shakes it.)
Steven He didn't even take the plastic off.
Connie What an animal. *chuckles with Steven* Okay, serious.
Steven Yeah, serious.
(They run to the hospital's door.)
Connie This way!
Steven Ahhh, you mean the super scary way...
Connie They turn the lights down after dinner.
(A voice is heard moaning at the end of the hallway.)
Steven What was that? (He grabs Connie's hand and walks through the corridor.)
Unknown hospital staff member Dr. West ain't gonna like it.
Other unknown hospital staff member Well, Dr. West isn't here. *both chuckle*
(Dr. Maheswaran is seen walking rapidly through the corridor.)
Dr. Maheswaran *phone rings* Yes, yes, I just got here... Mhm. Mhm.
(Steven and Connie follow Dr. Maheswaran to the patient's room and look through the window. The patient is heard moaning and making loud breathing noises.)
Dr. Maheswaran Where did you say you found them? The side of the road? I'm not sure just yet, I haven't had a look for myself. Wh— It doesn't look like a car accident. You didn't find an ID? Listen, I'll call you back when, or if I have an answer for you. Goodbye. *ends call* Okay, now... *checks patient's pulse*
Steven What's she doing?
Connie She is probably checking their vitals. Haven't you been to a hospital before?
Steven No.
Connie Oh! Lucky. *gasp* Steven! Look. *stares at Rose's sword*
(The patient makes rough breathing noises.)
Dr. Maheswaran (Using stethoscope) Hmm, no heartbeat... Ugh, cheap hospital budgets. (Discards stethoscope, leaves room.)
(Steven and Connie enter the room, and try to grab Rose's sword but they get interrupted several times by the patient's noises.)
Dr. Maheswaran *enters the room* Connie?! How did you even- ? What are you doing with THIS?! I made a rule, no swords under any circumstances.
Connie But mom!
Dr. Maheswaran We will finish this conversation at home.
(A sudden noise is heard, they go out to the hallway.)
Dr. Maheswaran Sir! Ma'am! Dr. West? Ugh, he can't take a day off can't he? You! Uh- It's my other patient. What are you doing out of bed? Why aren't you at Doctor Stromberg's?
(The dark figure reveals itself as a cluster gem.)
Steven *gasps* That's not a patient...
Dr. Maheswaran *screams*
(Connie, Steven & Dr. Maheswaran run back in the patient's room and Dr. Maheswaran closes the door behind them while the cluster gem runs to it and hits it multiple times.)
Dr. Maheswaran I don't know what's going on here, but I am going to get to the bottom of it...
(The patient starts jerking even more under the sheet and Dr. Maheswaran runs to them.)
Steven Connie? I think that's one of the gem mutants.
Connie What? Are you sure?
Steven Preeetty sure at this point.
Connie Mom! (She runs to her and kicks a chair away.) I really really, really need that sword!
Dr. Maheswaran Connie, no. Now is not the time!
(The cluster gem hits the door again several times.)
Connie Now is the perfect time, *jumps at her* mom!
Dr. Maheswaran Connie! What has gotten into you? You—No, I never go back on a rule, young lady!
Connie There has to be some exceptions! I'm not some... rule-driven robot!
(The patient, who is also a cluster gem, comes out from under its sheet, makes a weird noise and grabs Connie.)
Dr. Maheswaran Connie!
Connie Mom!
Steven I'll save you! (He attacks the cluster gem with his shield and frees Connie.) Keep your hands off my Connie!
Dr. Maheswaran *steps back* These patients are beyond reason.
Connie Mom, if you would just go back on your rule this one time...
(The cluster gem that was stuck outside goes to a window next to Connie and Dr. Maheswaran and hits it while making a noise, scaring them away.)
Connie I just need to help Steven to get us out of here! *reaching out for the sword and failing again*
(Steven is still fighting the other cluster gem.)
Dr. Maheswaran Mother knows best!
(The cluster gem outside hits the door once again then Dr. Maheswaran pushes an hospital bed through it, pushing the gem back. Then she makes it roll in a corridor, which makes the outside cluster gem follow it. She starts running away with Connie, but Connie stops because Steven is still fighting.)
Connie Steven, come on!
(He stops fighting and follows Connie and Dr. Maheswaran, while the cluster gem is trying to get out of its room. Once it manages to, it starts running towards them. The other cluster comes from the other side of the hallway.)
Steven Oh no!
Dr. Maheswaran We're trapped!
Connie We don't have to be!
(Both clusters corner Steven, Connie, and Dr. Maheswaran, then Steven summons his bubble shield.)
Connie Really mom! I know how to do this!
Dr. Maheswaran No you don't!
Steven Yes she does! She's been training! She hasn't been playing around with that sword! She's been taking classes learning how to use it right! Even though she's always studying, or practicing tennis, or doing her homework, she still works really hard to be a good sword fighter.
Dr. Maheswaran No. No no no no no no. I know my daughter! I know what she's doing every second of the day. All her activities, all her internets, I know she's definitely not some sword fighting hooligan!
Connie You don't know me at all! You still haven't even noticed my glasses!
Dr. Maheswaran *worriedly* What's wrong with your glasses?
Connie *takes off her glasses* They don't have lenses anymore! *sticking her hand through the frame* I haven't needed actual glasses for almost a year!
Dr. Maheswaran What?! Your eyesight just, magically got better?!
Connie Yes! (Steven shrugs in the background.) I've been dealing with magic and monsters and things like these, (One of the cluster gems shows up in the background.) since I met Steven! That's why I need you to believe I know what to do here!
Dr. Maheswaran But— You...
Connie Ugh! There's no time for this! *grabs the sword*
Steven Ready?
Connie Drop the bubble.
(Steven drops the bubble, which pushes back the cluster gems. One of them jumps towards Dr. Maheswaran and Connie, but Connie jumps at it and cuts it into two horizontally, making it poof. In the meantime, Steven is fighting the other cluster gem with his shield and manages to push it back. Then Connie jumps on his shield and cuts its head, causing it to poof. Afterwards, Steven has them both bubbled and sends them to the temple.)
(Trans. Ext. Hospital.)
Dr. Maheswaran So that's why it had no pulse… (She, Connie and Steven are walking back to her car.) Gem experiments... This is what you've been doing? Training to fight these things- *almost walks into Lion* Aah!
Steven Sorry, Dr. Maheswaran, that's my lion.
(Connie gives the sword back to Steven and walks to Dr. Maheswaran.)
Connie Mom... I'm really sorry about lying to you. It started off as a tiny secret, and then I felt like if I didn't hide it, you wouldn't let me see Steven ever again...
Dr. Maheswaran Is that how you feel? Are we too controlling?
Connie ... Maybe.
Dr. Maheswaran I just wanted to be a good mother. I-- I just wanted to protect you.
Connie I can protect myself now!
Dr. Maheswaran *sigh* Okay. We'll pull back on the rules, and I'll try to keep an open mind about this, and that, and... him. It scares me that you can't talk to me! I need to know what's happening in your life. I need to step in when you're in over your head. Would you just promise me you'll stop all this lying?
Connie That's a rule.
(They hug.)
Dr. Maheswaran I love you, honey.
Connie I love you too, mom.
(As Steven watches Connie and her mother hug, he looks down at the symbol on Rose's sword and hugs it as the iris closes on Connie and Dr. Maheswaran.)

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