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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the song.

♫ You might not believe it, but you got a lot in common, you really do. ♫


"Mr. Greg" is the 8th episode of the third season of Steven Universe and the 86th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven, Greg and Pearl take a trip to Empire City to live the good life.[3]


Mr. Greg 017

The episode begins with the Pepe's Burgers commercial on screen being sung by Marty to the tune of "Comet". The commercial ends and Steven is seen in the van in awe at hearing Greg's song on TV. Greg then states how Marty had sold his song as a burger jingle, explaining the $10,000,000 check Marty had given him. Pearl has been near the van hanging out in a way. Greg and Steven sing a song, "Don't Cost Nothing", about what to do with the money and how many things are free. Steven brings up going on a vacation in the song. Liking the idea, Greg digs through his van and finds a postcard of Empire City, transitioning into the song "Empire City". By now Pearl has moved inside. Steven and Greg pack throughout the song. Suddenly, Steven ends the song by suggesting Pearl should come. There's an awkward moment and Pearl and Greg express their concerns about the idea, but Steven insists. Steven states it will be just the three of them and awkwardly adds in "and don't forget Mom!" as he pulls up his shirt revealing his gem.

Mr. Greg 114

Driving to Empire City, the Empire City instrumental song plays in the background. After arriving at Le Hotel, Greg cunningly appears at the counter and hands the front desk clerk, Ricky, his business card reading, "Mr. Greg: Bazzzillionaire". Steven appears and smirks like Greg and hands him a wad of cash. The employees, Greg, Steven, and eventually Pearl sing "Mr. Greg", a song about the fun they are having. Greg sings "So dance with me, just say-" and Pearl interrupts him yelling, "No!", abruptly ending the song. Embarrassed, she leaves.

Mr. Greg 159

Some time later, Pearl walks into the room where Greg and Steven are sleeping. Pearl reaches for a rose and starts singing the song "It's Over Isn't It". She sings her lament about how "It's over" with her and Rose and how Greg had won Rose's heart. Pearl also states during the song that she "Can't move on". During the song, Steven wakes up and watches Pearl sing. When she finishes, Pearl is surprised to discover that Greg had awoken and heard her singing. Greg leaves the room believing that nothing was going to fix their relationship. Pearl says she shouldn't have come along, but Steven explains that this was exactly why he brought her.

Mr. Greg 233

Greg is seen sitting downstairs at the hotel bar, eating a glass of cherries. Steven appears holding Pearl's hand, who is smiling nervously. Greg and Pearl glance at each other and sweat nervously when the piano music begins to play rapidly. An employee is seen playing, and Steven gets on the piano after bribing the man with more cash. Steven plays the instrument along with the song, "Both of You". Greg and Pearl talk it out about what happened with Rose. They are able to reconcile and they dance together to the end of the song. The waiters cheer and Ricky gives Greg a large bill. Pearl, Steven, and Greg all sing the reprise of "Don't Cost Nothing" and they drive back to Beach City, entering through Jersey and the episode ends.







Instrumental Song

  • Empire City Theme


  • This is Steven Universe's first "musical" episode.
    • This makes sense due to the fact that Empire City is an amalgam of Las Vegas and New York City. New York City is well known for it's Broadway musicals.
  • This is the final episode where Joe Johnston worked as a regular storyboard artist.
  • Steven is shown to be able to play the piano.
  • This episode marks the first time Pearl has had a solo song.
  • This episode's name was first revealed in the episode listing on the Cartoon Network website.[4]
  • Shelby Rabara, Peridot's voice actress, is also a dancer who provided the audio of Pearl and Steven tap dancing in the song, "Mr. Greg".
  • The original draft of Pearl's ballad had a huge difference from the final scene.[5]
  • There are some lines in "Both of You" that may sound like Rose's voice, but it is actually Steven.[6] Songs are often cobbled together from multiple takes, and the best runs are edited together.
  • Rebecca Sugar and Tom Scharpling revealed at NYCC 2016, that "Mr. Greg" was their favorite episode.[7]
    • Rebecca added that the reason was she had always dreamed about working on a musical.

Cultural References

  • Empire City's name is likely derived from New York's nickname of "The Empire State".
  • Pearl's 360° solo scene is a reference to a similar scene in the 1982 movie Victor/Victoria starring Julie Andrews. Andrews also appears in a tuxedo in that scene.[8]
  • The song "Mr. Greg" was inspired by the song "Oh, Mr. Kane" from the classic 1941 movie Citizen Kane as well as the muppets.[9]


  • Greg mentions the events of "Story for Steven", referencing his first encounter with Rose and the song he was singing.
  • The reason for Marty giving Greg a check in "Drop Beat Dad" is explained.
  • Pearl's line "Past experiences have taught me that three's a crowd." might be a reference to past events such as Sugilite's overzealousness in "Coach Steven" and Sardonyx's fiasco during "Cry for Help" up to "Friend Ship".
    • Both occasions involved Pearl getting tangled up in a situation where fusions between three Gems ended up causing trouble.
  • The toy that resembles Sonic the Hedgehog makes its second appearance in this episode.
  • Pearl uses her nephelokinesis once again. (As seen in "Sworn to the Sword", in the Sky Arena.)
  • While Greg is eating cherries, he mumbles: "cherry man...". This is likely a callback to "Winter Forecast", where he used the same expression to describe himself while wearing a cherry sweater.
  • The episode addresses the tensions between Pearl and Greg first seen in "We Need to Talk".
  • When Pearl enters the room again during night time, the game "Golf Quest Mini", first seen in "Rose's Room", can be seen on the flat screen TV.
  • Before playing the piano, Steven makes his knuckles crack even though he wasn't able to do so in the episode "Love Letters", where he stated that "[his] hands are polite".


Mr. Greg 152
  • In one frame before Steven asks "What are you gonna do with all the money?", his right eyebrow disappears.
  • When Steven shows his gem, Greg's tan line on his right arm is drawn with outlines making it look like a shirt sleeve.
  • When the song "Mr. Greg" starts, Greg's eyebrows turn the same color as his beard for a brief moment.
  • During "Mr. Greg" when Greg, Steven, and Pearl are being held above the employees and moved to the dining table, and again when the elevator door opens, Greg's tan lines on his legs and feet are reversed.
  • In one scene, when Pearl was singing "It's Over Isn't It", Greg's hair was the same color as his beard.
  • At the beginning of "Both of You", Greg's beard is colored darker than his hair.


View the episode's transcript here.


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  9. Q: Was the Mr. Greg song inspired or influenced by the Charlie Kane song in Citizen Kane?
    A:Hah, yeah, that and the Muppets. I totally forgot I had been rewatching Citizen Kane around that time.
    - Ben Levin on Tumblr
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