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Mr. Fryman is a recurring character in Steven Universe who made his debut in the episode "Laser Light Cannon".


Mr. Fryman has a very typical adult, no-nonsense type of personality. While he somewhat tolerates the shenanigans of his older son, he is visibly annoyed by them. He takes great pride in the family business and wishes nothing more than for his sons to follow in his footsteps. As such, he reacts negatively towards them if they express feelings to the contrary.

Despite this, he has occasionally shown a gentler and more caring side of himself proving that, like any other parent, he cares deeply for his sons. He also shows a friendly attitude towards Steven. One such moment was when he realized how Peedee felt about wearing the Frybo costume.

However, Mr. Fryman also shows a personality of residing in his 'bubble' of his own reality, not wanting to know what is really out there in the bigger universe. As seen in "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies", he believes he should be concerned about the Crystal Gems and the Homeworld ship invading Earth. Although, due to him believing he is just a normal old guy, he rejects the need to care and should focus on his business.


Mr. Fryman is quite tall with a thick build. He has a dijon-colored short beard, black eyes, and thick rosewood-colored eyebrows.

He sports a fry-shaped hairdo with a red visor hat and wears a light dull red T-shirt and white apron. He also wears a pair of dark grey shorts and yellow shoes.


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"Laser Light Cannon"

He first appears in the second episode where Steven and Amethyst demand fry bits from him. Later, his store is partly destroyed by a piece of shrapnel from the defeated Red Eye.


Mr. Fryman also plays an important part in the episode "Frybo". His son, Peedee, dresses up in a mascot costume to promote people getting fries. However, when Steven adds one of the crystals to the Frybo suit so Peedee doesn't have to do his job, the costume comes to life and wreaks havoc on Beach City. After Steven stops the costume, Fryman is seen giving Frybo a Viking burial, by placing it in a wooden boat and sending it out to sea as it burns.

"Political Power"

Mr. Fryman shows that he trusts and believes that his son, Peedee, is responsible enough to take care of himself more than his older son, Ronaldo who is obsessed with supernatural phenomenon.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Mr. Fryman seems not to care about Ronaldo's video, instead wanting him to work.


Steven Universe

Steven is a frequent customer at the Beach Citywalk Fries. His goofy nature seems to annoy the serious Mr. Fryman, but he is not one to turn away a customer. He even lets Steven order items not on the menu (such as Steven's favorite "fry bits") noting that it is just easier, and quicker, to give him what he wants rather than argue about it.


Mr. Fryman's relationship with Amethyst is very similar to that of Steven. This is due to Amethyst, like Steven, being a frequent customer at the fry shop - as she is the only Crystal Gem to share Steven's fondness of food.


Mr. Fryman's relationship to his younger son is on much better terms than that of his brother, Ronaldo. Unlike Ronaldo, Peedee takes his duties at the fry shop very seriously and seems to show great enthusiasm. Despite this however, Peedee seems to harbour some resentment towards working there as shown in "Frybo". He seems reluctant to share these feelings with his father.

This does not stop Mr. Fryman from being incredibly proud of Peedee, as in "The Return" he commented on how Peedee would do just fine in the dire situation they found themselves in, but he was not so sure about Ronaldo.


Mr. Fryman's relationship to his older son is somewhat strained; Ronaldo doesn't care to work at the fry shop and would much rather be lost in his own weird world. He often shirks his duties (letting his younger brother do twice the work) which seems to, at best, annoy his father - and at worst disappoint him.

Greg Universe

Much like Sadie's mom, Barbara, Mr. Fryman knows Greg well enough to be on a first-name-basis with him, as shown in "The Return" where he asked if Greg and Steven were OK after Steven caused the van to run off the road.

Episode Appearances


  • In the episode "Frybo", it is shown that Mr. Fryman wears a visor cap, revealing that the "fries" on his head is actually his hair. In "Restaurant Wars", Fryman seems unaware of his hair's resemblance to french-fries.
    • In the same episode, Mr. Fryman also appears to have no ears until the ending "viking funeral"-scene where they suddenly become visible. In all future appearances he has ears.


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