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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. Beach House, Steven's room.]
Steven Oh no! MC Bear-Bear, you've got a tear-tear!
(Steven reveals a tear in MC Bear-Bear's arm.)
Steven I should have been more careful. We've lost too many good bears. Don't worry. You're hurt, but I'll look after you. Mwah! [Gasps]
(Steven kisses MC Bear-Bear and the tear sows itself back together. Steven realizes that his healing spit has come back.)
Steven Guys? Guys?!
(Steven meets Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl in the kitchen.)
Amethyst What's up, little Ste-cup?
Pearl We were just about to put away the dishes.
(Steven takes the plate out of Pearl's hand.)
Steven Look what I can do!
(Steven smashes the plate on the ground, to Pearl's shock and Amethyst's approval.)
Amethyst All right! It's a Ste-party!
Pearl What is the meaning of this?!
Steven My healing spit is back! I fixed a rip on MC Bear-Bear! Here, I'll show you!
(Steven licks his hand.)
Pearl Fine, fine, I believe you. I don't want you touching a broken plate. I'll find a broom.
Amethyst I'll find some other stuff to break!
Pearl No, Amethyst!
(Pearl chases Amethyst off screen.)
Steven Now that my healing spit is back... maybe I can finally...
Garnet No.
Steven What? But, I didn't even ask anything yet.
Garnet With my future vision, I can see you're going to ask if you could use your power to heal one of the monsters in the bubble room.
Steven Can you see if I can get you to change your mind?
(Steven puts his hands in a begging motion and eventually wins Garnet over.)
[Transition to the Burning Room.]
Pearl Why did you agree to this?
Garnet I lost a battle of will.
Steven Here it is!
(Steven points to a bubble and floats to get it.)
Steven Gotcha!
Pearl Is that...
Steven It's Centipeetle. If I can help any of them, I want to help her first.
(Amethyst summons her whip and reels in a bubble of Chaaaaps to her.)
Amethyst Don't forget these!
Steven [Gasps] Chaaaaps! They're her favorite! Okay. You guys ready?
(Garnet nods while Amethyst and Pearl get ready. Steven pops the bubble and Centipeetle begins to regenerate into her first form.)
Amethyst Come on dude, do your thing!
Pearl Be careful!
(While regenerating, Steven licks his hand and puts it on Centipeetle's gem, healing her into a semi-corrupt form with humanoid arms and legs.)
Crystal Gems *gasp*
Pearl Is it working?
(Centipeetle turns around and notices the others.)
Centipeetle [Screech]
Steven It worked!
(Steven grabs the bubble of Chaaaaps.)
Pearl Uh, Steven?
(Centipeetle falls on the floor.)
Steven Centi, you're back!
(Centipeetle hisses.)
Steven Whoa! What's the matter? Don't you want some Chaaaps?
(Centipeetle angrily squawks at Steven.)
Amethyst [sighs] I don't think she remembers them.
Steven Forget the Chaaaaps.
(Steven pushes the Chaaaaps bubble back into the air.)
Steven You remember me, don't you?
(Centipeetle looks confused.)
Steven I have a bad feeling this didn't work how I wanted it to work.
Pearl Hmm, possibly not. Oh! Don't go closer!
Steven Maybe she just needs a little extra love!
(Steven kisses Centipeetle's gem, causing Centipeetle to squawk in pain and cover her gem.)
Steven Uh, oops. [Chuckles]
Garnet Hmm. This is the best we've ever seen it work.
Pearl But it didn't work. I guess it'll take more than a kiss to heal damage from the Diamonds.
Steven But why? My healing powers are back. I-I should be able to do this.
Pearl It's alright Steven. Remember, she's not cracked, she's corrupted, and that's something different, something nearly impossible to describe.
Garnet It's sort of like if MC Bear-Bear didn't tear the fabric of his arm, but the fabric of his mind.
Amethyst Sounds pretty explained to me!
Steven Hmm.
Garnet Steven, I'm impressed with your ability to bring the Centipeetle this far, but it's time to let her rest again. Amethyst...
Amethyst Uh, sure. (Summons Whip) I'll poof her.
(Centipeetle squawks at her reflection in one of the Crystal Heart's veins.)
Steven But. She's not a monster anymore!
Garnet Here.
(Garnet puts Steven's face into her body.)
Garnet You don't have to watch.
(Steven pushes himself out.)
Steven No, please!
(Steven runs in front of Centipeetle.)
Steven She can walk, and talk! Just like you guys!
Centipeetle [Squawks]
Steven See? I helped her this much; maybe I can help her more. I have to try. I made a promise!
(Steven begs and turns his eyes into innocence again.)
Steven Pleeeeeeease?
(Steven pouts his lips.)
Crystal Gems [sigh]
Pearl What are we going to do with her? Let her move in?
Amethyst Aw yeah! Corrupted roommate!
Pearl Oh Amethyst, be sensitive.
Steven [gasp] She can even stay in my room!
Pearl Uh, we're... really doing this?
Garnet She can stay un-bubbled. But you have to understand. Some Gems are beyond our help.
[Transition to the living room]
(Centipeetle sits on the couch.)
Steven Okay, Centi. Oh, I guess that's not really your name. What is your name?
Centipeetle *squawks*
Steven Gurgle click-click? Oh, right. Can't talk, huh? You really don't remember me? You don't remember saving me from that seagull or our adventures in the ice caves, or when I electrocuted you with... Uh, actually, do forget that one.
(Centipeetle turns her head, confused.)
Steven [Sighs] You even forgot Chaaaps. [Sighs]
(Steven opens the bag of Chaaaaps. Centipeetle squawks in reaction.)
Steven I love Chips.
(Centipeetle tries to sing "I love Chaaaaps" but it comes out distorted.)
Steven [Gasps] Do... do you remember me singing the Chaaaps jingle?
(Centipeetle takes the chip out of Steven's hand and eats it.)
Centipeetle [Squaks]
Steven and Centipeetle You love chips, and I love chips! We love chips from Chaaaps!
(Centipeetle eats from the bag.)
Steven Your memories are still in there! I just have to draw them out! Oh, I know how we can talk, even if your voice is messed up!
(Steven puts paper and crayons on the table. He holds up a crayon.)
Steven See, this is an Earth crayon! I-I bet you Gems are used to super-advanced space crayons, but we make do.
(Steven draws his name.)
Steven Look, Ste...ven. That's me! Can you do that?
Centipeetle [nods and squawks]
(Centipeetle draws on the paper.)
Steven Ah, Steven, you're a genius!
(Centipeetle squawks and shows Steven the drawing. It is scribbled in the Gem language.)
Steven Okay, maybe not. That's alright. I have another plan! We'll just talk through the language of art!
(Steven reveals a drawing of himself. Centipeetle takes the paper and draws herself holding Steven's hand.)
Steven What are you adding?
(Centipeetle reveals the paper.)
Steven You remember we were buds!
Centipeetle Yeaahh!
Steven Do you remember anything from before y--, I -- I mean from long ago?
Centipeetle Hmm. [Squawks]
(Centipeetle thinks and then starts drawing.)
Steven It's you in -- some kind of spaceship? Is that how you came to Earth?
(Centipeetle continues drawing.)
Steven What are you drawing now?
(Centipeetle reveals the paper.)
Steven Huh. They look kind of like you. Was that your crew?
Centipeetle Awhk!
Steven [Gasps] You were a captain? That's so cool! I'm sorry, that's so cool, sir!
(Steven salutes Centipeetle.)
Steven Oh, yeah, you guys don't salute like that. You go like...
(Steven tries to do the Gem salute.)
Steven Mm. Ow, ow! Oh, this looked so easy when Peridot did it.
(Centipeetle does the correct Gem salute.)
Steven [Gasps] Yeah! like that!
(Centipeetle repeatedly does the Gem salute, squawks, and then continues drawing.)
Steven It's you... saluting... You're saluting someone... (Centipeetle's shows a drawing of her Commander) Your commander? She gave you an order... You and your crew... and your ship. Woah, lots of ships. You flew through space. Towards Earth. (Illustrations of the Homeworld Gems going towards Earth like an armada.) You landed (Gem structures start appearing) and started building stuff. But then... (Steven was shocked ) the Gem war. You joined the fight...
(Centipeetle starts marking through people on the drawing with the crayon.)
Steven You and your crew kept going.
(Centipeetle rips the drawing of her away from her crew.)
Steven You got separated, but you were still fighting. Then, new orders from your commander... to retreat. Everyone's running, but from what? You don't know. Where's your crew? Where's your ship?! You stopped. You heard something. From the sky, a sound. A song? And then...
(Centipeetle stops drawing and tears fall onto the paper. She starts to sob.)
Steven Centi?
(Centipeetle, still crying, breaks a crayon in her hand in half.)
Steven That light. Where did it come from?
(Centipeetle draws The Great Diamond Authority symbol on the drawing.)
Steven Damage from the Diamonds.
(Centipeetle coughs and then spits out some acids onto the floor.)
Steven Are you okay?!
(Centipeetle falls onto the floor, and her left arm reverts to her corrupted form's arm.)
Steven You're reverting. Here, I'll heal you again!
(Steven licks his hand and touches the Centipeetle's gem.)
Steven Why isn't it working?! How can I help you!?
(Centipeetle shows him her drawing of the Diamond symbol.)
Steven I don't understand!
(Centipeetle squawks and runs up to the warp pad. She starts hitting it.)
Steven It's not working 'cause your corrupted. Where do you want to go?
(Steven shows Centipeetle's drawings.)
Steven The battlefield? Your ship?
Centipeetle Awhk!
Steven Is there something on the ship that can help you?
(Centipeetle screams and slams her fists on the warp pad)
Steven Just hold on. I'll get you there.
(Steven and Centipeetle warp to the Gem ship)
(Centipeetle sqwaks and starts running)
Steven Hey! Wait for Steven!
(Steven chases Centipeetle)
Steven Oh no. (He run towards Centipeetle who is already almost back into her corrupted form) Where are you trying to get to?!
(Centipeetle runs to the door of the ship and starts tearing off vines in front of it)
Steven Oh. You want in the door. Steven Universe at your service-erse.
(Centipeetle and Steven tears off the vines and Centipeetles tries to open the door with the hand pad but fails as her arm mutates. Steven opens it for her)
Steven We're in! What now? Other Centipeetles?
(Centipeetle crawls towards the other Centipeetles and gladly squawks with them.)
Amethyst Hey now! This is my style!
(Amethyst shapeshifts into a Centipeetle.)
Amethyst Can I hang with you, dudes?
Pearl Amethyst, don't make fun!
Amethyst I'm not! Ugh! (Shapeshifts back.)
Steven You guys were right after all. I couldn't help Centipeetle.
Garnet You brought the Centipeetle back to her ship. You brought her back to her crew. They've been waiting here for her. They didn't want to leave her behind.
Steven Wait... how did you know any of that?
Garnet (Pulls out papers) She told us. (Hands them to Steven.)
Steven Her drawings?
Garnet Her writing.
Pearl It's actually decently legible!
Steven Wow. (Centipeetle nudges Steven and he laughs) You look so happy here. Can we let the Centipeetles stay? (Makes puppy dog eyes.)
Garnet You can put those puppy dog eyes away, Steven. This ship, it's their bubble now.
(They close the door to the ship with the happy Centipeetles inside.)
Steven Pearl! Pearl! Pearl! Will you teach me to write in Gem?
Pearl Oh, Steven, it's very complicated. And you won't have much use for it.
Steven Oh, just a few things, like, "Hi. How are you? Where's the bathroom?" (Looks sadly at Centipeetle's drawings of Homeworld.)
(Exiting star closes in on it.)
Steven And... "I'm sorry."
[The episode ends.]

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