Minor Human Characters are humans who have been shown and identified, but, as of yet, hold no significant nor recurring roles.

Suitcase Sam


Suitcase Sam is the owner of the small-time business Suitcase Sam's, voiced by Lamar Abrams. He first appeared in "Onion Trade", appearing to have some friendship with Onion. In "Restaurant Wars" it was mentioned that the establishment that belongs to Sam used to be called the "Everything Buffet". He wears a brown suit, along with an eye patch covering his left eye, although in "Onion Gang" it was revealed that his left eye is perfectly healthy.


Handsome Hank Hackleschmidt


Handsome Hank Hackleschmidt is a minor character who made his debut in "Tiger Millionaire", as one of Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma's opponents for the Tag Team Belt. He makes another appearance in the episode "Tiger Philanthropist", where he returns with his partner to claim the tag-team belt, after defeating Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma, he alongside his partner becomes the new winners of the tag-team championship. He is partners with Dashing Danny Doober.

He is muscular with slicked-back blond hair, a tan colored mustache, blue eyes, multiple black hairs on his upper chest and arms, red underwear, and dark red boots with violet soles.

Dashing Danny Doober


Dashing Danny Doober is a minor character in who made his debut in "Tiger Millionaire", as one of Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma's opponents for the Tag Team Belt. He makes another appearance in the episode "Tiger Philanthropist", where he returns with his partner to claim the tag-team belt. After defeating Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma, he, alongside his partner, becomes the new winners of the tag-team championship. He is partners with Handsome Hank Hackleschmidt, and together, they make The Good-Looking Gang.

Dashing Danny Doober appears to have a very bulky build. He has blond curly hair that reaches to his shoulders. In the wrestling matches, he wears blue underwear along with blue boots with white laces.

Chunk Truck


Chunk Truck is a minor character who made his first appearance in "Tiger Millionaire", as one of Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma's opponents. He makes another appearance in the episode "Tiger Philanthropist", where he returns with his partner to claim the tag-team belt. He is partners with Concrete Heat. He is voiced by Zachary Steel.

He has brown hair with a miner's hat on top. He wears a sleeveless vest underneath a checkered, red shirt. He also wears blue jeans which are tucked into his brown-orange boots.

Concrete Heat

Conc clipped rev 1

Concrete Heat is a minor character who made his first appearance in "Tiger Millionaire", as one of Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma's opponents. He makes another appearance in the episode "Tiger Philanthropist", where he returns with his partner to claim the tag-team belt. He is partners with Chunk Truck.

Concrete Heat has a slim build and long, wavy blond hair. He wears broken, light gray concrete wrist-cuffs with slate blue boxer shorts, and he is shirtless.

Billy Bank Assets

Wolf in a tux

Billy Bank Assets makes his debut in "Tiger Philanthropist", where he is seen competing for the tag-team belt. He is the tag-team partner of Howl Jones.

He is tall with a bulky build and short brown hair. He wears a formal outfit with wolf-like accessories such as ears, claws, a tail, and large wolf feet.

Howl Jones

Howl Jonez

Howl Jones makes his debut in "Tiger Philanthropist", where he is seen competing for the tag-team belt. He is the tag-team partner of Billy Bank Assets.

He is tall with a thin build. He wears a red shirt with a floral pattern, a dark red tie, white shorts, brown sandals, and a wolf head that masks his face.


Shark 'o Mania

Shark-O-Mania makes his debut in "Tiger Philanthropist", he first appears alone as one of Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma's opponents where he is defeated. He returns later with a partner, Sea Wasp, competing for the tag-team belt.

He is tall with a bulky build and long blond hair in a ponytail. He wears a shark themed outfit with red gloves, belt, and boots.

Sea Wasp


Sea Wasp makes his debut in "Tiger Philanthropist", where he is seen competing for the tag-team belt. He is the tag-team partner of Shark-O-Mania.

He is tall with a bulky build and wears a blue with cyan spots sea wasp themed outfit.

Greg's family

Greg's Parents

Greg's parents were the guardians and caretakers of Greg when he was younger. As he grew further into his music career, his relationship with his parents dwindled, as they thought he was throwing his life away.

Greg's Aunt and Uncle


Greg's Aunt and Uncle are characters who were first mentioned and pictured in "Space Race".

Greg states that his aunt and uncle had a great love for aviation and each other. They cherished the years they spent together, and they held onto every belonging that they ever owned. These belongings are currently housed in a large shed in Beach City. Greg realizes that his family almost never throws anything away and thinks his family "has a problem." It is revealed in "Maximum Capacity" that an uncle of Greg's, possibly the same, aviation-loving uncle, lived in a mansion, which Greg now owns the deed to. However, he apparently lost it.

In "Gem Harvest", it is revealed that they were Andy DeMayo's parents, and were known as The Daring DeMayos.

It is implied that they are deceased, because Greg mentions in "The Return" that if Steven isn't safe, Greg will "run fresh out of family."

Greg's Aunt Deb

Greg and Andy's aunt. After Greg had moved away from their hometown, she and her partner got an RV and moved away. It is likely that she was, at one point not married or remarried, as in "Gem Harvest", Andy states, "Then after him it was Aunt Deb, she and the partner got the RV. No reason to stick around with that thing!"

Greg's Grandfather

Greg and Andy's grandfather. After Greg and Deb had moved away, he moved to the Keys. Eventually, he stopped visiting because he was too old to make the drive on his own.

Mayor Dewey's friends and relatives

William Dewey

Historical Friction 046

Captain William Dewey is the ancestor of former mayor Bill Dewey, as well as the founder of Beach City. He was the main character of a play portraying the foundation of Beach City and was played by Steven.

Initially deemed a failure and a dunce, he took a ship with a crew including his first mate, Buddy, in search of a new land. After he and Buddy had been almost killed by some form of sea creature, they were saved by an unknown Crystal Gem fusion and placed safely in what would eventually be known as Beach City. It was said by Pearl that William Dewey and the Crystal Gems were friends. Pearl also said that he lived 200 years ago.

Mayoral Bodyguards

Mayor Dewey's Bodyguards

The Mayoral Bodyguards are two male Beach City citizens first seen in "Lars and the Cool Kids", acting as bodyguards for Mayor Bill Dewey and later for Nanefua Pizza (the mayor of Beach City after "Dewey Wins"). They both wear sunglasses, a white dress shirt, a black suit, black pants and a red tie. One of them has light brown hair and pale skin, and the other has darker skin and dark brown hair. The two are cowardly despite their job, but still appear to be deeply loyal to Dewey. They also appear when Dewey is hit by Steven's shirt cannon in "Shirt Club". They are seen to be bodyguards of Nanefua, now mayor, in "Reunited" (also dancing with her on the dance floor).


Gary is a politician that talks to Mayor Dewey over the phone in "Joking Victim". He is said to have gone to a meeting with Mayor Dewey to help set up the largest bowl of ice cream in Beach County and was aware of the possibility that it could melt.



Jane was first shown in the episode "Lion 2: The Movie" working at the ticket counter of the movie theater. She later appears in "Beach City Drift" and in "Restaurant Wars". She is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall.

She had been dating Ronaldo for quite some time, until breaking up with him after witnessing him (pretendingly) flirt with Kiki and mistaking him for cheating on her in "Restaurant Wars". Ronaldo calls her "Jane-chan" or his "ohime-sama" (meaning princess in Japanese). In an entry on his blog, Ronaldo expresses how he is positive they'll get back together again.

She has shoulder-length rosewood-brown hair with teal-green eyes and a matching hair clip. She also wears a red uniform with a white name tag. She has freckles below her eyes.

She seems to enjoy watching anime, since she borrowed a Koala Princess DVD from Ronaldo. As Ronaldo's girlfriend, she not only put up with, but loved, Ronaldo's dorky and eccentric personality.

The Best Diner in the World's Waitress


The Best Diner in the World's Waitress appeared in "Keystone Motel" when Greg, Steven, Ruby, and Sapphire ate at The Best Diner in the World.

She has brown skin and black hair with a reddish-magenta hairband. She wears a bright-pink collared shirt under an apron with navy-blue pants and low-heel pumps in the same reddish-magenta color.

Marty's Roadies

Martie's Roadies Updated

Marty's roadies debuted in the episode "Drop Beat Dad", and also appeared in the episode "The Big Show" with another minor role. Their names or origins are not stated. The first roadie appears to have a mint green hat, as well as mint green pants almost stretching down to his heels. He wears a white shirt with sangria outlines near the shoulder and neck areas. He also has reddish hair and salamander orange shoes. The second roadie has brown skin with and thick black hair halfway covered up by an aqua colored hat. He has a sky blue jacket tied around his waist and has ankle length gray pants, his shirt is white, and the shoulder coverings appear to be torn off, he has glasses and black gloves on, they both appear to be Marty's roadies, as they are seen helping him carry the speakers for his Guacola show.



Ricky is the manager of Le Hotel in Empire City. He was first seen in "Fusion Cuisine" as the waiter at the Crab Shack, serving Connie, her mom and dad, Steven, Greg, and Alexandrite when they had dinner there. He appears again in "Mr. Greg", when Greg, Pearl, and Steven visited Le Hotel, where he works now. He is voiced by Eric Bauza.



Jeff is a student who attends the same middle school as Connie who debuted in "Mindful Education". While walking in the hallway during school, he accidentally bumped into Connie. Connie, due to her training, instinctively responded by grabbing him and throwing him onto the ground, injuring his arm. In shock, she ran away without saying anything.

After being taught by Garnet to confront her issues instead of avoiding them, she apologizes and befriends him the next day. To Connie's surprise, Jeff asks her to teach him some of her martial arts moves.

Mike Krol


Mike Krol is a rock star musician who made his debut in "Last One Out of Beach City". He is voiced by the real-life musician Mike Krol.

Steven's Babysitter

Steven's Babysitter is an unseen teenage girl mentioned in "Three Gems and a Baby" who took baby Steven to the park, then Pearl scared her when they threw a jungle gym at her.


Derrick is an unseen acquaintance of Kevin mentioned in "Kevin Party". While remaining offscreen, Kevin angrily shouts at Derrick and steals his jacket for Steven to wear, claiming that he and Derrick are not friends.


Sabina is an unseen girl mentioned in "Kevin Party" who is implied to be Kevin's ex-girlfriend. Kevin comments on how the situation and drama between Steven and Connie would be just like "Sabina all over again," and blushes when Steven asks him about Sabina.

Sunshine Justice


Sunshine Justice is an old friend of Greg from the music business. She owns a venue in Empire City, and makes her debut in "The Big Show". She is voiced by Joan Jett.

She is a middle-aged woman, who is slightly shorter than Greg. She has short grey hair, the tips of which are dyed blonde. She wears large sunglasses and a red leather jacket, alongside an orange striped scarf, and blue denim trousers. She is shown to be a fan of "Sadie Killer and the Suspects", and allows them to perform at her venue any time they like, following the events of the episode.

William Buford Buchanan

William Buchanan Image

William Buford Buchanan was a citizen of Beach City in the 19th century, known as the town's most notorious arsonist. He was mentioned by Ronaldo Fryman in his blog Keep Beach City Weird.[1]

Buchanan set a record of 335 fires in the summer of 1862, including his own house (which he burned a total of 68 times), and Frederick Ulysses Neptune’s Land of Mechanical Oddities and Entertainment. He died while he was trying to escape the police by diving into the ocean.

Ronaldo says that "Mayor Dewey estimates damages [caused by Buchanan] to be $600,000".[1] But this is likely to be the damage from Lars and the Fire Salt, and not an estimate of the damage known to be caused by Buchanan.

According to Ronaldo, there is a legend about Buchanan's ghost still haunting the Boardwalk, trying to add one more fire to his record. However, this story might be of Ronaldo's invention.[1] Ronaldo believes the ghost caused the fire damage (that was actually caused by Lars) in "Joking Victim".

Empire City Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Employee

Level 2 Canon Section
This section contains informations on a subject that is considered "level 2 canon" and may be contradicted by the TV series.
Center Employee

The Empire City Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Employee is a nameless employee who works at the Empire City Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. She appears briefly in Issue 1 of the Steven Universe comic series when Steven calls the center to request that they take in Susan, a baby songbird fallen out of the nest, only to be told that common songbirds are not accepted at the center.

She wears a white lab coat with dark blue pants and a light blue shirt and disposable gloves, as well as square-framed glasses. Her hair is sandy brown and worn in a bun. Notably, she is very monotonous and speaks with a disinterested expression.

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