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The Maheswaran Residence is the home of Dr. Maheswaran, Mr. Maheswaran, and their daughter, Connie Maheswaran. It made its first appearance in "Mirror Gem", with "Winter Forecast" and "Marble Madness" being the next episodes to feature any part of the house.


The Maheswaran's house is a terraced house that shares a street with other, linked homes. It is a two story house which also contains a garage. The interior is immaculate and clean and includes a couch and portraits, one, in particular, being Connie with her mother and father. The main room also links to the upstairs. It has a window right at the front door, as well as a balcony.

Known Rooms

  • Living Room: With no foyer, this is the main entrance with a warm appeal. The room includes two pull-out couches among other furniture.
  • Kitchen: There is, what appears to be, a kitchen. The alleged kitchen holds a telephone that Connie has used in the past to call Steven. It can also receive messages. There is also a pencil holder on a counter with drawers, along with a calendar on the wall right next to the telephone. There is also a windowed door at the back end of the room, which presumably leads outside.
  • Upstairs: Most of the rooms in the house reside here.
  • Connie's Room: An upstairs room where Connie stores her items and sleeps in.
  • Mr. and Dr. Maheswaran's Room: Where Mr. and Dr. Maheswaran sleep and store their items.
  • Garage: Where the family's cars are located.


"Mirror Gem"

Connie's house is first seen in the kitchen when Steven talks to Connie on the phone, and she informs him that they can now hang out more often, since school is out for summer vacation.

"Winter Forecast"

In one possible future in "Winter Forecast", Greg walks the children home to Connie's through a blizzard when his van gets stuck, because he thinks that this is what a responsible parent does. This ends up only angering her parents as Connie catches a cold in the process, with them reluctantly letting them stay. In the actual future in the same episode where he manages to drive Connie home in time, her parents are very welcoming towards the Universes, inviting them to stay the night to avoid driving home during the raging blizzard. Steven and Greg sleep in the living room couches and Connie comes downstairs in the middle of the night, watching the snow fall with Steven through the window.

"Marble Madness"

The Maheswaran residence is seen briefly again, when Connie talks to Steven on the phone, introducing him to her favorite book series, The Spirit Morph Saga.

"The Return"

A brief shot of the empty house is seen when Steven calls Connie about the Gem Warship, and the phone is hanging off the wall while he leaves his message.

"Nightmare Hospital"

Lion carries Steven and Connie to the Maheswaran Residence and Steven asks if Connie will train in sword fighting the following week at the same time as she did in their present week. Connie agrees, and laments over how she can't practice at home. Steven retrieves his mother's sword from Lion's mane and offers it to Connie. While she opens the door to her house, Connie tries to decline his offer. As they walk inside, Steven counters her statement by saying that the sword's importance is the reason she should "have-eth" it, and that she could have all week to practice with it. They both laugh at their "-eth" lisps, and Connie accepts the sword. Connie hears the garage door open and realizes that her mother is home. She exclaims that she needs to hide the sword from her mother or she will end up taking it away. Mrs. Maheswaran enters the living room, she finds Connie practicing the violin with a nervous Steven by her side on the couch.

"The New Crystal Gems"

Connie is briefly shown in her living room on the phone with Steven in her flashback, talking to him about wanting to go with him to rescue his dad, though promptly accepts the responsibility of protecting Beach City while he's gone after Steven tells her that they were leaving immediately and that she wouldn't be able to get there in time.


  • It is located outside of Beach City.
  • Given that it is located outside of Beach City, it is unknown how Connie can visit Steven regularly.
  • The Maheswarans own a car similar to the Volvo 240, complete with a slash-like grille and a vaguely Scandinavian shield logo.


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