Hey, everyone. Did you guys... 'Bis-muth' me?


"Made of Honor"[2] is the 22nd episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe, the 150th episode overall, and the fourth episode in the seventh StevenBomb.


Steven has a big surprise for the Crystal Gems.[3]


Made of Honor (29)

Steven presents Ruby and Sapphire with a book of wedding options. They request flame and dolphin print invitations. Later, the Crystal Gems enthusiastically create invitations until Peridot moans about the labor, asking how many they have done. Amethyst counts ten, and Sapphire reacts sadly. While Steven is explaining their schedule, Sapphire explains that the root of her sadness is that the rest of the Crystal Gems have been bubbled and corrupted, and thusly cannot attend.

Made of Honor (167)

While preparing place markers, Steven looks at the names before grabbing a new card, writing Bismuth's. He goes to Bismuth's Gem and unbubbles it, releasing her. Shakily, he greets her. She retorts by asking why he'd release her and Steven attempts to reveal the truth, but not before Bismuth sees all of the bubble gems, some of which she knows and assumes Rose just imprisoned everyone who didn't agree with her. She tries to release a Gem she refers to as "Biggs", not realizing that the individual in question had fallen victim to the Corruption Attack back at the end of the Earth Gem Rebellion. As soon as Bismuth realizes her mistake, the two non-corrupted individuals defeat and bubble the Corrupted Gem. Bismuth remarks that only a Diamond could corrupt a gem and asks Steven why Rose didn't stop Pink Diamond. Steven then explains Rose's identity.

Made of Honor (205)

Bismuth calms herself down in lava (after screaming in it) and bitterly jokes about her idea to shatter Pink Diamond. Steven is amazed at how well Bismuth took it, telling her that Garnet defused over the revelation, much to Bismuth's dismay saying that "they're my favorite couple". Steven reassures her, saying that they're back together but they haven't fused yet and explains the concept of a wedding. The two watch the rest of the Gems prepare, with Ruby working a grill while Sapphire looks on, and Amethyst, Pearl and Peridot set up chairs, leading to Peridot knocking down an entire row and Amethyst laughing while Pearl frets.

Made of Honor (380)

Bismuth decides to introduce herself, but Steven tells her he wants her to be a surprise. He goes out to propose a toast and yells out to Bismuth, which the other Gems mistake as a reference to Pearl. He bashfully goes along with it before rushing off, telling the Gems to hold their cups. He goes searching for Bismuth who has disappeared. He finds her in her forge, making weapons, and asks why she declined to come. She tells him the others could have unbubbled her, but they didn't because she tried to shatter Steven. Steven explains that Garnet is the leader, not him and she sarcastically asks where's Garnet. She explains that the Gems are together if it was all a sham because Steven is what they believe in, and tells Steven the Crystal Gems don't want her.

Made of Honor (417)

Steven convinces her by saying that if they arrive together then they will know that things between them are alright. Steven returns with Bismuth, and upon seeing her the Crystal Gems immediately drop their drinks, aside from Peridot, who proceeds to exclaim that she "won". Sapphire approaches the larger Gem in disbelief and hugs her. The rest aside from Peridot, Amethyst and Steven tackle her. Peridot asks to be introduced, but Amethyst tells her to leave them be. Bismuth produces two rings for the couple, saying Steven thought they'd be important. 








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  • The title of this episode is based on the term "maid of honor", as well as the line "I am made of love" in the "Jail Break" song "Stronger Than You".
    • Both meanings refer to the engagement of Ruby and Sapphire in the previous episode.
  • This episode confirmed that "Biggs" (a former Crystal Gem mentioned by Bismuth in the episode of the same name) and the Orange Great North Monster are one and the same — Biggs Jasper.
  • This episode reveals the names of four more Crystal Gems: Tiger's Eye, Larimar, Serpentine, and Beryl.
  • Peridot and Bismuth are shown interacting with Ruby and Sapphire for the first time.


  • This episode immediately begins after "The Question".
  • Bismuth mentions when she tried to shatter Steven in "Bismuth"; moments before she briefly calls him "Rose" before correcting herself, having made the aforementioned attempt due to thinking he was her in a human disguise.
  • The Orange Great North Monster from "Gem Hunt" and "Crack the Whip" returns briefly and is revealed by Bismuth to be the "Biggs" she mentioned in her own debut episode.
  • Just after Bismuth poofs Biggs, the arm that Bismuth swung with is a roman scizzor for a couple frames before she shapeshifts it back.
  • Steven tells Bismuth about Garnet splitting up over Rose's secret identity in "Now We're Only Falling Apart".
  • One of the gift on the registry is a copy of Elite Meat Beat Mania, which is presumably a home copy of Meat Beat Mania, a game that Garnet enjoyed in "Arcade Mania".
  • Bismuth refers to Ruby and Sapphire as "[her] favourite couple", just as Steven does in "The Question".
  • Bismuth now knows about the corrupted gems and that Rose and Pink Diamond were the same person.


  • When Steven enters the Forge, the door behind him is open, and in the next shot the door is closed.
  • When Steven says "They're not gonna side with Rose anymore! Not after-", the star on his shirt is missing.
  • The Corrupted Biggs' gemstone appears rounder instead of hexagonal before Bismuth poofs her.
  • Before Bismuth greets the Crystal Gems, Sapphire's white glove on her right hand is missing
  • Before Bismuth says "Did you guys 'Bis-muth' me?", Sapphire is holding one can. However in the next shot, she's holding two.
  • Pearl is seen hugging Bismuth with Ruby and Sapphire. But she doesn't appear when Bismuth shows Ruby and Sapphire the rings she made.


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