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The Lunar Sea Spire is an abandoned temple that was once an oasis for Gems on Earth, according to Pearl. It is currently at the bottom of the sea after Steven failed to restore it in the episode "Cheeseburger Backpack". However, it is shown in Attack the Light that despite its collapse, it is still habitable and can be navigated.


The Lunar Sea Spire was a free-standing tower structure in the middle of the ocean. Each consecutive floor was slightly smaller than the one before. At the top, there was a shrine to the Moon Goddess. When the Moon Goddess Statue returns to the pedestal, it repairs any damage to the structure. Gems used to gather at the Spire, but, in current times, the Spire has been abandoned. The Spire possessed an extreme gravitational pull that kept the waves from sinking it.


"Cheeseburger Backpack"

When the Crystal Gems visit the Spire with Steven, it is deteriorating and swarming with Crystal Shrimp. The Moon Goddess Statue is the one piece missing from the Spire that the Gems currently possess.The Moon Goddess Statue needs to sit on the pedestal at the top of the spire before midnight, or the entirety of the spire would fall apart. Unfortunately, the temple sinks beneath the waves because Steven forgets the statue at home.

"The Test"

Pearl accidentally tells Steven that his mission to the Lunar Sea Spire was a test to assess his skills, stating that he has passed with a grade of at least 75 percent. She also mentions that the Spire should have been an even easier task, as it was in a much worse condition than the Gems had expected.

"It Could've Been Great"

Schematics for the Lunar Sea Spire are seen on the Moon Base computer screen.

"Monster Reunion"

Centipeetle's drawing of her past shows a sketch of the Lunar Sea Spire, among other Gem structures.

"Buddy's Book"

While traveling around the world, Buddy Buddwick ends up at the Lunar Sea Spire as his second stop. While exploring inside it, he encounters the Crystal Shrimp and the Moon Goddess Statue.

In Attack the Light

Attack the Light - Sunken Sea Spire map

Zone map.

  • Attack the Light reveals the Lunar Sea Spire is still partly intact.
  • This location appears as the 4th world in the Steven Universe RPG: Attack the Light. It has four normal levels, two secret levels, a boss level and a gauntlet level, for a total of 8 levels.
  • The enemies are all blue and include a puffer fish, starfish, anglerfish and jellyfish light monsters. The boss of this location is Blue Light, a whale.
  • The theme song is Sunken Sea Spire.


  • When the Spire began to sink, the ocean moved in similarly to how Lapis Lazuli's water tower collapsed in "Ocean Gem".
  • Bismuth revealed spires are for the intellectuals of gem society to think in.
  • The magic or gem-powered mechanism sustaining the whirlpool below the spire is unknown.

Cultural References


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