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Lion's Dimension is a pocket dimension that is accessible through Lion's mane, currently only to Steven. It first appears in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".


Lion's Dimension is a vast savannah with pink tall grass that stretches to a tall pink acacia tree atop a grassy hill. Beneath and within the tree are Rose Quartz's most treasured possessions. The dimension has no apparent end and goes as far as the horizon.


This area houses some of Rose Quartz's coveted mementos, including a VHS tape for Steven, a treasure chest, a damaged flag with her symbol on it, her sword, which is currently in Connie's possession, a photo of Greg and Rose, and an XXL Mr. Universe Shirt.

Steven now stores many of his possessions inside the dimension, including his bike and helmet, a magician's hat, a long line of handkerchiefs, and a can of soda as seen in "Rose's Scabbard". In "Bismuth", Steven stores his Thunderbird shirt in the dimension after Lion refused to stop chewing on it.

Despite the existence of plant life, there is no oxygen in Lion's Dimension, which means that Steven has to hold his breath while inside. Because pure Gems have no need to respire, Rose would not experience any trouble inside this pocket dimension, a luxury Steven does not have due to being half-human.


  • From Steven's experience, one cannot exit the dimension while on the hill as none of the tall grass grows on it.
    • As the grass seems to resemble Lion's fur, it is likely that the grass is in fact fur. This reinforces the fact that the dimension is only accessible through Lion's mane.
    • In the episode "Bismuth", only Steven can exit the mane from inside as Bismuth was walking on it without falling outside.
  • The dimension in Lion's mane somewhat resembles the Moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, on which Skull Kid sits before the final battle, as both have a seemingly endless field with a single tree in the center. This is likely intentional, as Rebecca Sugar stated in an interview that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of her favorite games.[1]
  • Rose's Sword can also be summoned through Lion's forehead, as seen in "Lion 2: The Movie".
    • However, this is only possible if the sword rests in the dimension.
  • With Steven's help, other Gems can enter this dimension as well.



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