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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode opens in the Beach House. Pearl and Steven are sitting on the couch, doing a puzzle, and Amethyst is shapeshifted into a ball, bouncing rapidly and excitedly, shaking the table]
Pearl Amethyst...
Steven Do you mind not bouncing so much?
Amethyst (Is still bouncing but shapeshifts back in midair, falling,) Oof! Uh, sorry. I'm just super excited. Greg is taking me to a show!
Steven A show? You mean like at the (puts on a fake British accent) theater?
Amethyst No, like at a (puts on a fake British accent) rock show! Ha! Like a band! At a house, with a bunch of people hanging out and doing stuff!
Steven Oh man, that sounds cool! We have an awesome night planned, too! We're doing a puzzle.
Amethyst Wowee.
Pearl I know it sounds tame. But it has 612 pieces. And no corners!
Steven (Picks up a puzzle piece.) I.. found a corner.
Pearl (Surprised.) Oh! (Disappointed.) Oh...
Greg (Enters the house.) Hey, y'all!
Amethyst Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg! So, you ready to throw down in the pit?
Greg No pits for me tonight. I'm sorry, Amethyst, it totally slipped my mind that Barb and Vidalia invited me over for cards.
Amethyst Cards?! Ugh, who broke you guys out of the retirement home?
Greg  Trust me, I'd love to go to the show! But Barb threatened to hold my mail if I didn't. She is not a woman of empty threats.
Amethyst Ugh, man, forget it. I can't go show-lo, that'll be boring!
Pearl You could hang out with us tonight.
Amethyst And do a puzzle? Ha, maybe we could fit in some knitting, too.
Pearl That's... not what I meant. We could go to the show with you.
Steven Really?
Amethyst Wha?! You wanna go to a show, with loud music and people pushing each other? (Playfully pushes Pearl's arm.)
Pearl I've done my fair share of... pushing. (Gently pushes Amethyst's arm back.)
Amethyst (Gripping arm in pretend pain) Ooh, I think it's broken!
Pearl You two just never saw me in action! Breaking every rule, taking on the authorities, so I could indulge in the joys of life on Earth! ... Oh, a sky piece! (Picks up a puzzle piece and connects it to the puzzle.)
Steven Nice!
Greg Well, if you'd like to go, you guys can take the Dondai!
Pearl Thank you, Greg!
Steven Woohoo! Rock show!
Amethyst Hold on, Pearl. This is a human thing, not a gem war. Before you rock out, you're gonna wanna blend in.
[Cut to the inside of the Big Donut . Pearl is wearing a short jacket and jeans on top of her normal outfit.]
Amethyst Now you're lookin' good!
Pearl Oh, yes. But I can make it look even gooder. (Flips up the jacket's collar.) It's cool, because the collar isn't supposed to go that way.
Amethyst You a natural!
Steven (Looking at drinks in the fridge.) We're almost set on snacks for the road. We just need some beverages. (Takes two cans out of the fridge.) Strawberry Sugar Shock Shutdown or good old-fashioned apple juice?
Amethyst Definitely Sugar Shock Shutdown. (Takes the can from Steven.) It turns everything red. (Opens the can before shoving the whole thing in her mouth and eating it.)
Pearl I'll have one, too, Steven. I think I'll try drinkin' tonight. 
Steven Wow, really? I didn't know you liked apple juice! (Hands Pearl the can.) 
Pearl There's a lot you don't know about me, Steven. (Tries to open the can, but fails.)
Steven Whoa... So, Amethyst, tell me more about this band we're seeing.
Amethyst We're going to see Mike Krol. He's got that real garage vibe. Songs about being nostalgic for the suburbs.
Pearl (Finally manages to get the can open.) Nostalgic for the suburbs? Psh, they've only existed for, what, 70 years?
Amethyst (Chuckles) Okay, so, when we get there, we gotta walk in like we own the place.
(Pearl takes a sip of the apple juice. The store's doors open, and after seeing the person walk in, Pearl spits out her juice. A girl with long pink hair walks in, and Pearl stares at her as she walks by.)
Amethyst (Pointing at the girl) Oh, hey, right there! Perfect example!
Pearl (Apple juice can falls out of her hand onto the floor.)
Steven ... Pearl? You okay?
Pearl Uhh... I just didn't realize humans could come with pink hair.
Steven (Chuckles) They don't! You gotta go to the store and get this goo. It smells really bad, and it turns your hair whatever color you want!
Pearl Why would she do that?
Steven Why don't you go and ask her?
Amethyst Hey, yeah! We're about to go hang out with a bunch of cool humans! Go do a practice round! (Chanting) Do it, do it, do it!
Pearl (Nervously walks up to the mystery girl, who is currently fixing a drink. Pearl peeks over her shoulder at her, before attempting to casually pick up a cup and accidentally knocking the whole stack of cups over. ) I... Uh...
Mystery Girl (Walks away and exits the Big Donut.)
Amethyst ... Wooow, woah woah woah, wow! 
(Cut to the inside of the Dondai. Steven buckles up in the backseat, while Amethyst takes the passenger seat, and Pearl buckles up in the driver seat.)
Amethyst Well, you sure showed those cups who's boss.
Pearl Amethyst, seat belt.
Amethyst (Buckles up.)
Pearl Now let's go have the night of our lives! (Turns the radio on and begins to drive.
(Amethyst airdrums along to the song for a while, and nobody speaks until Steven breaks the silence.)
Steven Okay, nobody's gonna say it? She kinda looked like Mom. You noticed, I noticed, we all noticed. 
Amethyst Oh. Ohhh! That's why you were acting like such a goon! Ha!
Pearl No, no, that's not it. I'm done thinking about the past. Tonight, I'm all about the future. I'm going to a show. I'm a new gem who loves socializing with humans.  
Amethyst That's what that was?
Pearl Look, you weren't there by the cups. I could've talked to her! The timing was just wrong.
Mystery Girl (Pulls up next to the Dondai on a motorcycle.)
Steven It's the girl! She's driving right next to us!
Amethyst No way!
Steven You've got another chance!
Amethyst Yeah, do something!
Pearl Like what? Flash my lights? Honk at her?
Amethyst Just shoot her a look! ... Wait, not yet! Okay, okay. You can look... now!
Pearl (Nervously looks over at the Mystery Girl.)
Mystery Girl (Looks back at Pearl and smiles.)
Pearl (Blushes.)
Mystery Girl (Drives up ahead of the Dondai, and drives through a yellow light, and continues driving as the Dondai gets stuck at a red light.)
Amethyst Ooh, there she goes.
Steven Hey, maybe she's going to the same show as us!
Amethyst I dunno. A girl that cool probably knows about a million shows going on tonight.
Pearl (Looks up at the red light anxiously. Suddenly gets a determined look on her face as she shifts the car's gears, and hits the gas pedal, speeding through the red light.)
Steven Pearl!
Amethyst (Yells in surprise, then begins to laugh.) Yeah, P!
Steven W-What're you doing? The light was red!
Pearl I know. (Shifts gears again, and begins to catch up to the Mystery Girl.)
Amethyst There she is!
Steven What's your plan?!
Pearl New Pearl. No plan.
Steven Oh, no kidding.
(A police car sounds its siren as it begins to chase the Dondai.)
Steven The police want us!
Amethyst Oh, snap!
Pearl (Gasps.) What do I do?!
Steven You have to pull over to the side and show them your license.
Pearl I don't have a license!
Amethyst Haha, oh, right.
Steven But you're old!
Pearl What was I supposed to tell the DMV? That I'm from another planet?! I'm not exactly a citizen, Steven! 
Steven Then what do we do?!
Pearl (Steps on the gas while Steven and Amethyst yell. They speed past the Mystery Girl with the police in pursuit. Pearl turns up the music while Amethyst cheers.)
Steven Pearl, you can't just drive away! This is serious! 
Amethyst Pearl, you're a total bad-- (Cut off by the sound of the tires screeching.)
Pearl This is why we buckle up.
(Pearl makes several sharp turns, leading the cop car on a high-speed pursuit.)
Amethyst Woohoo!
Steven Oh boy.
(The chase continues until Pearl spots a billboard that reads "OCEAN TOWN - No longer on FIRE". Pearl spins the Dondai around and parks it behind the billboard, out of the sight of the police. The police car drives by, not seeing them.)
Amethyst Are they gone?
Pearl I think so. (Everyone sighs in relief. Pearl attempts to start the engine, but fails.
Steven What is it?
Pearl We're out of gas.
Amethyst Aw, what?
Steven Wait, I'll find a gas station. (Steven pulls out his phone.) Looks like the closest one is... 20 miles away.
Amethyst (Facepalms.) Ugh.
(Cut to the three walking alongside the road. Pearl stops abruptly.)
Pearl I can't believe this.
Amethyst Huh? 
Pearl I was so ready! I really wanted to see your Krol.
Steven What are you talking about?
Pearl (Throws her jacket on the ground, and struggles to get out of her jeans.) I was going to drink a juice and wear these -- ugh -- pants! (Falls over.) And hit people gently enough as to not actually hurt them, and you'd say, "Wow, Pearl is really cool!" But nooo, instead, we drove to loud music, chased a mysterious woman into the night, and broke the law. Ugh, I've lost my edge. I should have stayed home with the puzzle.
Amethyst Listen to yourself! You're so hardcore! Who cares about pants? You gunned it from the cops!
Steven That's the most scared I've been since you almost let me die! You're a criminal now!
Pearl "Now"? I've been a criminal for 6,000 years.
Amethyst (Chuckles.)
(Music can be heard in the distance.)
Steven Wait. Do you hear that?
(Cut to the three making their way through bushes to find the source of the music, the Mike Krol concert.)
Steven We made it!
Mike Krol (Sings "Like a Star" while a crowd dances and lip-syncs along.)
Steven (Gasps.) And there's the girl! She's actually here! (Points to the Mystery Girl standing nearby.)
Amethyst No way.
Pearl I'm going to talk to her.
Amethyst (Nervously.) Look, Pearl. I already think you're cool. You can ease into the socializing with humans thing.
Pearl Watch Steven for me. (Pearl approaches the Mystery Girl.)
Amethyst Wait, no! You can start smaller! Talk to a nerd!
Steven Amethyst!
Pearl (Holds out her hand to the Mystery Girl.)
Amethyst Oh no! Oh, she's starting with a handshake?!
Mystery Girl (Shakes Pearl's hand with a smile.)
Steven Oh! She went for it! They're both smiling!
Pearl (Begins to speak to the Mystery Girl.)
Amethyst I can't believe this. Oh, what is Pearl saying?
Mystery Girl (Begins to laugh.)
Steven I don't know, but the girl's laughing.
Amethyst Do you think she's laughing at her or with her?
Steven Hard to tell. 
Amethyst Shh, she's coming back!
(Steven and Amethyst run over to Pearl.)
Steven How'd it go?
Pearl I asked her about her hair, and then she asked how I colored mine. I told her, "My appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light." and she said, "I know how that is." although, heh, I highly doubt it. Oh! And then I added, "By the way, I saved your planet, and your species, and you're welcome."
Amethyst And how'd that go over?
Pearl Not very well. She walked off after giving me some sort of code. (Holds out a piece of paper that reads "S. 301-555-0189".)
Amethyst (Laughs.) No way!
Steven Pearl! That's a phone number! She wants you to call her and talk to her on the phone!
Pearl Oh... well... I don't have a phone.
Amethyst Pearl! You just like gave her some Shakesperian spiel about light, then got her number like it was nothing?! (Laughs.) Pearl, you're a total rockstar!
Pearl (Looks down at the sheet of paper and smiles.)
("Fifteen Minutes" by Mike Krol begins to play as credits like those at the end of a comedy movie play, listing Pearl as "Repressed Nerd", Amethyst as "Ultimate Wingman", Steven as "Voice of Reason", and Mystery Girl as herself.)
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