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Sadie...? Do you ever get lonely... Even when you're around people?

—"Island Adventure"
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Laramie Barriga, better known simply as Lars, is a resident of Beach City and an employee at the Big Donut with Sadie. He debuted in the Pilot.


Lars is lanky and somewhat tall. He wears tunnels in his stretched earlobes. His curly, orange-brown hair is styled into a sort of mohawk. He usually wears a white-gray long-sleeved shirt with a green shirt sporting a snake design over it along with a pair of ripped, dark blue jeans. In regards to his shoes, Lars is often seen wearing mint and dark-green high top sneakers. At the Big Donut, his work uniform is a violet T-shirt with a half-eaten donut design on it worn over a pale cream long-sleeved shirt.

In "Joking Victim", Lars is seen wearing a honey-brown T-shirt with a purple-red scorpion on it, which is a reference to when Buck Dewey tells Lars that the snake on his shirt is "nasty" in "Lars and the Cool Kids". In "Horror Club", he wears skull plugs in his gauges and dons a long-sleeved black shirt with a red jacket that is also seen in "Lars and the Cool Kids". In the pilot episode, Lars wore a cyan shirt with a salmon collar and black trousers.


Lars has a bit of a mean personality which he uses to hide his low self-esteem, which is shown to have been carried over from his childhood, as seen in "Horror Club". As a result, he routinely ridicules Steven, who is an easy target. He likes to aggravate him by discrediting the Crystal Gems, although he might just be jealous that Steven gets to hang out with "a bunch of hot girls" as mentioned in the "Pilot". Like many Beach City citizens, Lars is aware of Steven's powers, but he does not think much of them; It is worth noting that this too could be a facade. Lars can be immature and thoughtless at times, such as when he disrespects Steven's mother, Rose Quartz, in "Lars and the Cool Kids". More often than not, Steven either misses or ignores Lars' taunts because he believes he is a good person deep down. Lars is also a slacker, a trait that is highlighted in "Joking Victim", in which he fakes a back injury to get out of work. Sadie has mentioned that Lars has tendencies to turn up late to work and clock out early, as shown in "Lion 3: Straight to Video". Lars has a strong desire to fit in and cares deeply about how others view him, especially the cool kids. Despite his rude façade, he seems to have a bit of a soft side that has been brought out time and time again by Sadie and Steven.


"Gem Glow"

Lars becomes annoyed by Steven's crying and whining after he discovers that Cookie Cats are being discontinued. Lars concludes that the ice cream brand couldn't compete with Lion Lickers. Lars mocks Steven by telling him that he should just make more ice cream with his "magic belly button". Later on outside of the Big Donut, Amethyst destroyed a garbage container. Lars finds the garbage container in two pieces again, shouting "AGAIN?".

"Laser Light Cannon"

Lars can be seen standing outside of the Big Donut, staring at the incoming Red Eye.


Lars is one of the victims that is force-fed fries by Frybo. Frybo throws Lars at Steven and Peedee. He spits out the fries and runs away, saying that he doesn't even like fries.

"Cat Fingers"

Lars is shocked to see one of Steven's fingers is a cat. Lars roughly pokes the cat, causing it to bite him. When Steven states that his cat finger doesn't have any friends, Lars teasingly states that he is just like Steven.

"Bubble Buddies"

Lars makes fun of Steven when he is trapped inside of his bubble with Connie. Lars asks him if it is his "magic love bubble". and assumes that he is in love with Connie. Lars presses his face against the bubble, and makes weird faces with his tongue. Sadie tells Lars to quit being a jerk, but Lars replies by stating he is helping Steven on his "date". Lars and Sadie then get into an argument, which even causes Sadie to push him. Sometime afterward, Lars presses his face against the bubble once more and makes kissing faces with his lips to tease Steven.

"Tiger Millionaire"

Lars shows up to many of the Beach City Underground Wrestling shows with Sadie. Sadie brings up how Tiger Millionaire looks like Steven, but Lars doesn't see it. Lars is seen being amazed by many of Tiger Millionaire's tricks, laughing at his opponents' failures. Lars finds it funny when Tiger Millionaire seemingly buys everyone sodas, and then spills them all on the ground. Lars runs up to Tiger and asks for him to sign his soda, but the latter knocks it out of his hands. Lars then walks away, disappointed. At later shows, Lars holds up a sign saying "TIGER IS A JERK" for what he did to him. When it's up to Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma to save wrestling, Lars cheers them on, and says that he loves Tiger after the duo wins.

"So Many Birthdays"

Steven, aged into an older man, asks for two of the usual order he gets from the Big Donut. However, Lars doesn't recognize him. When the older man claims to be Steven, yelling that he is old, Lars comments "and nuts". Lars looks amused when Steven asks for him and Sadie to fit him in his birthday suit.

"Lars and the Cool Kids"

Lars leans up against Fish Stew Pizza, waiting for the Cool Kids to exit. Steven approaches him, which causes Lars distress because he believes Steven will embarrass him in front of them. Lars tells Steven that he is just "playing it cool", and looks concerned when Steven states that they are alike. Steven believes that Lars is just too shy to go in and order pizza, so he starts walking towards building, causing Lars to stop him. Steven points out Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream, and Lars says that he will probably hang out with them at some point. Lars tells Steven that the plan is to look cool and wait for them to approach him. When the Cool Kids begin to approach them, Lars becomes worried and tells Steven to act natural. The kids walk by, which angers Lars; he lashes out at Steven by telling him his hair was blocking him. Steven tries to fix things by going over and talking to the kids himself, which makes Lars even angrier. Lars watches Steven talk to the Cool Kids from a distance, believing that he will wreck his intentions. Steven calls Lars over, which makes him try to act cooler in front of the group. After learning that the Cool Kids invited them along for a ride, Lars tells him not to ruin anything with his "lame shtick".

In Jenny's Car, Lars points out the snake on his shirt. Buck Dewey says that the snake is nasty, making Lars pretend that he hates snakes as well. Steven tells everyone that it is time to buckle up, causing Lars to tell him to quit being lame, which makes Sour Cream annoyed. At the Big Donut, Buck and Jenny both express how they believe the shop is rundown, and when Steven tries to explain the Lars works there, Lars coughs loudly over Steven's voice. At the Dead Man's Mouth, Lars tells Steven to stop being lame again when the group wants to explore the area. Steven tries to prevent the Cool Kids from entering the lake due to Rose Quartz's Magic Moss. Lars asks Steven what his deal is, and struggles to break free from Steven's grip, who is holding him back so he doesn't enter the lake. Lars falls back in fear when he sees the moss engulfing the other Cool Kids. Lars and Steven try to rip the moss off of their bodies, but to no avail. Lars believes that everything that happened is Steven's fault, and calls Rose weird, which enrages Steven. Ashamed, Lars helps Steven takes the Cool Kids to the car and he drives them to the top of the hill. At the hill, the moss starts to engulf them as well, but the rising sun causing the moss to bloom into flowers and save the kids. Lars tries to credit Steven for saving them, and hive fives his chest. However, Lars soon becomes embarrassed by the two of them touching each other's chests.

"Rose's Room"

Lars appears in the fake Beach City that Rose's Room creates for Steven. At the Big Donut, Lars stands smiling next to Sadie. They both talk at the same time, saying the same things. They give Steven his donuts and leave the building through the back door with walking, saying they love Steven.

"Coach Steven"

At the Big Donut, Lars makes fun of Steven when he sees that Steven's "battle damage" is a tiny scratch. Lars tells Steven to toughen up, and that if he wasn't so modest, he would reveal his six-pack. Lars then struggles to open a can of sardines, so he has Sadie easily open it for him. Lars and Sadie agree to later join Steven's gym. Lars is seen doing crunches while Steven holds down his feet. The two later ask for Steven to join them in working out because, according to Lars, all Steven has been doing was singing some "dumb song". The ground starts to shake which concerns Lars, and he jumps off of the monkey bars when Sugilite emerges. After Pearl causes Sugilite to unfuse, Lars is confused as to what he just witnessed.

"Joking Victim"

Lars is annoyed that Steven ran into the Big Donut and washed his mouth with the soda dispenser, getting soda all over the floor. Lars walks over and slips on the soda. He fakes an injury by telling Sadie that his back is too hurt to clean the soda. Lars then exaggerates his injury to get out of doing any work, and successfully gets the day off by Sadie. Later on, Sadie tells Steven that in the break room, she and Lars watch TV together and sometimes Lars even covers for her so she doesn't miss her show. Sadie goes on to tell Steven that she thinks he is a good guy once you get to know him. She explains to Steven that when a video game Lars wanted came out, Sadie stood in line for seven hours for him since he was banned from the store, but when she got to his house, he actually cleaned up his room a little and got Sadie her favorite oyster crackers, and they spent the night together.

Lars invites the Cool Kids over to his house to play on his trampoline when Sadie and Steven arrive to bring donuts in order to make him feel better. Lars tells the kids that he got the whole day off by faking a back injury, which makes Sadie breakdown into tears. The next day, Lars walks into the Big Donut, still faking the injury to try and get another day off. Sadie gives Lars a donut laced with Fire Salt, which causes his face to swell up and violent breathe a stream of fire. Lars panics and flees the store and looks for anything to cool his mouth down with. Lars becomes angry when Steven reveals that he was the one behind the prank. When the fire finally stops, Lars struggles to speak. Steven gets the fire donut out of Lars' throat by pushing below his diaphragm. Ashamed, Lars approaches Sadie and wishes to help her clean up the mess that he caused.

"Mirror Gem"

Lars and Sadie set up tables outside of the Big Donut for the summer. Lars is excited about all of the "out-of-town summer babes travelling without their boyfriends". Lars is excited about the idea of getting a girl's number. Lars tells Steven that next time he sees him, it'll be around the arm of a woman.

"Ocean Gem"

As the Beach City citizens talk about how the summer won't be good with the ocean gone, Lars is sad that all of the "beach babes" won't come to the town. When the ocean floods in at the end of the episode, Lars shouts "yes! Babe city, here we com-" before being pushed into the water by Sadie. Lars later joins the townsfolk in cheering on Steven and Connie.

"Island Adventure"

Lars sleeps at the counter of the Big Donut. Sadie goes to get Steven and donut and accidentally falls onto him, causing him to wake up with a cranky attitude. Sadie warns Lars that he could get fired, but it doesn't bother him since he is sick of working, and wants to go somewhere new. This gives Steven the idea to take Lars and Sadie to Mask Island. Lars is only more annoyed when they arrive on the island, since they live on a beach, which makes the location nothing special to see. Steven tells Lars that he was on the island to look for a Corrupted Gem, leading him to look for the exit. According to Lars, "if I'm going to be bored out of my mind, and possibly die, I'm gonna go to work, and get paid for it". After the trio aren't able to locate the Warp Pad to bring them back to Beach City, Lars is furious. He then looks for reception so he can use his phone. The next day, Lars is still walking around the island, looking for signal. After being threatened by Sadie, Lars agrees to cook the fish she catches.

That night, Lars cooks the fish. The taste of the fish pleases Sadie, which makes Lars happy. Steven sings "Be Wherever You Are", which showcases a montage of the group's adventures while being stuck on the island. One day, a giant fish emerges from the ocean and bites Sadie's arm. Lars helps her out by grabbing onto her and pulling her towards the land. At night, Sadie is shown wrapping Lars's arm in material from his pant leg; the two seem happy together. When it is time for them to sleep, Lars hugs cuddles with Sadie, and kicks Steven away when he gets close. One morning, Sadie finds Lars once more looking for signal on his phone. Out of frustration, she throws his phone into the ocean. Sadie comforts Lars as he begins to breakdown; he wonders if they will ever make it off of the island. Lars and Sadie then share a kiss, but are interrupted by Steven, who is revealed to have been watching them. When the Corrupted Gem appears, Lars is shown to be scared, and he goes to Sadie for protection. He cries hysterically, wishing to go home instead of facing the threat of an invisible monster. Sadie reveals that she hid the Warp Pad under leaves, which makes Lars livid. He yells at her for tricking him and making him go through all of that emotional pain. The two get into an argument, and Sadie slaps Lars into a pit of mud where the monster is. After Sadie poofs the monster, Lars admits that she did a good job fighting against it.

"Watermelon Steven"

Lars is seen sweeping in the Big Donut.

"Alone Together"

Lars and Sadie are having a conversation when Stevonnie enters the Big Donut. Not realizing that they are a fusion of Steven and Connie, Lars is attracted to them. He nervously takes their order, and even blushes. Lars agrees with Sadie to give them donuts for free.


Sadie Miller

Lars works with Sadie at the Big Donut. They are often seen at Beach City events and gatherings together, as seen in "Tiger Millionaire" and at the end of "Steven and the Stevens". Sadie has a crush on Lars since long before the events of "Island Adventure", but he is never aware of it. In "Island Adventure", they grow closer and end up making out briefly until Steven, unaware of the inherent intimacy and privacy of the situation, awkwardly interrupts them and ruins the moment. In subsequent episodes, he seems to return Sadie's feelings as he is visibly uncomfortable and showed signs of jealousy when Ronaldo got along well with Sadie in "Horror Club". In "The New Lars", Lars rejects Sadie's offer to hang out with her after their job. When questioned why he does this by Steven, Lars says that he does not like Sadie romantically and if she thinks that, "that's her problem". Later on after Lars finds out that Steven (in Lars' body) confessed his love to Sadie, he immediately questions Sadie's response in an excited tone. Sadie comes into the Big Donut, and Lars asks if she wants to come by to his house, and she accepts, leaving Steven to know that the two are in love.

Steven Universe

In early episodes, Lars appears to be annoyed by Steven because he sees him as a little kid that cramps his "cool teenager style". Steven is oblivious to this fact and, as younger kids often do, looks up to the older and cooler Lars and wants desperately to be his friend. He even goes so far as to call him his "BFF" in "Bubble Buddies", despite Lars blatantly making fun of and teasing him. In "Future Vision" Steven does not mind risking getting third-degree burns all over his body for a slim chance of receiving a high-five from Lars. However, he once became angry with Lars and called him a jerk for insulting his mother. As of "Lars and the Cool Kids", Lars and Steven find a way to connect and Lars is seemingly on better terms with Steven, having not insulted him since.

Ronaldo Fryman

Lars and ronnie

In "Horror Club", Lars and Ronaldo are seen to be childhood friends, but their relationship becomes strained after Ronaldo takes a picture of Lars being hit in the face by a board in a Gem-possessed lighthouse which sends him flying. Ronaldo wants to release the photo to media as proof of the paranormal; however, Lars is embarrassed by the photo, worried about what others would think of him, and tears up the photo, much to the dismay of Ronaldo, which leads to their falling out. Lars seems still to be bothered by this event, as he is described by Ronaldo to be "emotionally disturbed".

The Cool Kids

Lars desperately wants to be friends with the "cool kids" and finds anything that they do or say to be cool/hilarious. He will even change his opinion based solely on what they think, even though they do not seem to be bothered by differing opinions. When they first meet, the "cool kids" only tolerate Lars because he is friends with Steven in the episode "Lars and the Cool Kids"; however, they gradually came to accept Lars into their group of friends. They are later seen happily hanging out with him in "Joking Victim" and Jenny thanked him for inviting them over. They are also seen together during the Beach-a-Palooza in the episode "Sadie's Song".

Dante and Martha

Not much is shown of Lars' relationship with his parents, but they are shown to be generally supportive despite his poor attitude which they try to talk to him about. It is implied that whenever they talk to him about his grades, he would loudly yell at them, possibly swearing. While they love their son, when it appeared that he is robbing Steven's house they are shocked but ultimately not surprised.

Episode Appearances


  • Along with Sadie, Lars is one of the first human characters to be shown in either the main series or the pilot.
  • Lars, Sadie, and Steven are the only people that have been seen working at the Big Donut.
Sorry if it looks bad

Young Lars as seen in "Horror Club"

  • He is sometimes antagonistic towards Steven and Sadie, but he is not technically an "antagonist".
  • Lars and Sadie were some of Rebecca Sugar's first characters, made while she attended college.[1]
  • Lars was originally designed with black hair and a darker skin tone.
  • On the Steven Universe Character Page on, it says in Lars' description that he is a "High School Slacker", implying that he is currently in high school.
  • Lars does not like fries, as revealed in "Frybo".
  • Lars attends Beach City's underground wrestling arena with Sadie.
  • Rebecca Sugar has confirmed that Lars is banned from the local video game store in Beach City.[2] This is also confirmed by Sadie in the episode "Joking Victim".
  • In "Island Adventure", Lars demonstrates a decent ability to cook food.
  • It has been implied that Lars might have a relationship with Sadie that is beyond friendship since they kissed and had a falling out in "Island Adventure".
    • In "Horror Club", Lars still has feelings for Sadie as he tries to gain her attention to the annoyance of Ronaldo and Steven.
  • Ian Jones-Quartey stated that Lars is not white.[3]
  • His true first name appears to be "Laramie", as he is called by Martha and Dante in "The New Lars", meaning that "Lars" is a self-given nickname.
  • It's revealed in "The New Lars" that he sleeps naked.
  • His last name is revealed to be Barriga in Keep Beach City Weird: You Can't Hide the Truth!!!.


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