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You are all running around like wild chickens!

—"Beach Party"

Kofi Pizza is a minor character in Steven Universe, who makes his debut in "Steven's Lion".


Kofi has dark skin and brown eyes. He wears a pale sea-foam colored work shirt with a white apron, brown shorts, white socks, tan shoes, and has his dark-brown hair put up in a hairnet.


Kofi is the owner and proprietor of the family ran Fish Stew Pizza. He is rather stern and very high-strung, especially about his business (though he has shown a mischievous side when joking about punishing his daughters over trivial things). He appears to have no time for antics but permits them. He speaks with a thick Ghanaian[1] accent and is not afraid to use his authority over his two daughters as both their boss and father.

Kofi's more authoritarian traits are sometimes displayed in extremes, as in "Restaurant Wars" his new customer service plan involved signing a heavy stack of contracts binding the customer to pledge their loyalty to the restaurant, as well as using a hot, branding iron to permanently mark his VIP customers.


Kofi has been a restaurateur in Beach City for many years, at one point was in what was known as a "Food War" with Mr. Fryman and the Fry Shack for encroaching on his business and vice-versa. When both their restaurants were threatened by a new buffet restaurant, they put their differences aside to take on the new restaurant. They succeeded, and the restaurant closed and was bought by Suitcase Sam to make the store of the same name.




One of his twin daughters and employees. He does not chastise her nearly as much as his other daughter, likely due to her hardworking and mature nature.


His other twin daughter and employee. Kofi does not like it when she slacks off at work but allows her to use his delivery car as her own personal vehicle. Though he allows her to roam freely outside of work, he is not afraid to use parental punishment such as grounding and taking away driving privileges.


His mother and employee. Though he is known to be high-strung and volatile, his mother is laid-back and carefree. Despite these personality differences, he fully respects his mother and still refers to her as "Mom".



He is familiar with Steven, but is unimpressed by his shenanigans. Previously, he looked down on the crowd he hangs out with (The Crystal Gems), calling them "animals" in "Beach Party".

Crystal Gems

Though he recognizes magic, he doesn't fully understand it and often questions the Gems and their strange ways. Though once he severely disliked their reckless behavior to the point of banning them from the shop and calling them a circus act. However, as of "Beach Party" after saving his family from the Giant Pufferfish, he seems to understand they do what they do to protect humans like himself and his family.

Episode Appearances



  • According to Ian Jones-Quartey, both Kofi and Nanefua were born in Ghana.[2]
    • Coincidentally, Kofi Annan, who was the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations (1997-2006), is from Ghana.
  • Kofi's voice is similar to Mr. Stubborn from The Mr. Men Show. This is another Cartoon Network show voice actor Godfrey used to work on.
  • The name "Kofi" is a Ghanaian name meaning "born on Friday".


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    supervising director Ian Jones-Quartey on the ethnicity of the Pizzas
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