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This article is about Kevin. You may be looking for the art director Kevin Dart.

It's Kevin Time!

—"Alone Together"
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Kevin is a character who made his debut in "Alone Together". He tried to get Stevonnie to dance with him before he knew Stevonnie was a fusion consisting of two children, Steven and Connie.


Kevin is a human teen with brunet hair and black eyes. He wears a reddish-brown jacket over an orange shirt with a hot pink stripe down the middle, and a bright-turquoise infinity scarf. He also wears pale-turquoise skinny jeans and short reddish-brown boots, with the colors being mostly the same as Stevonnie's outfit. He is tall, being about the same height as Stevonnie.


He, first and foremost, is very condescending and thinks very highly of himself. This is emphasized when he hits on Stevonnie, saying the two of them were "angels among garbage people". He's also a bit inconsiderate, completely ignoring the fact that Stevonnie didn't like him and wanted to be left alone. He seems to get freaked out easily, such as when Stevonnie dances over-aggressively, which in turn causes them to split back into Steven and Connie. He also seems to become easily frustrated, as seen when Stevonnie ignored his various sarcastic remarks during the race in "Beach City Drift". Kevin is also shown to be sadistic, telling Stevonnie that he is always a jerk because he has a sick little brother, but then says that is a lie and explains that acting like a jerk is funny to him.


"Alone Together"

Kevin first appeared at a rave hosted by Sour Cream, where he initially appeared disinterested in the affair. After seeing Stevonnie dance, he advanced on them showing his own dance moves while pressuring them to dance with him. After Stevonnie ran to a wall to breathe, Kevin continued to pressure them into dancing with him, which Stevonnie angrily agrees to before dancing so furiously they split into Steven and Connie, making Kevin walk away in shock.

"Beach City Drift"

Kevin was seen again, appearing at "It's a Wash" in his fancy sports car, and is met with an angry reaction by Steven. Later at the mountain pass race course, he meets Stevonnie again and remembers who they are, and accepts a proposed challenge for a race from them. During the race, Kevin taunts them mercilessly, and he fabricates a fake story about having a sick little brother in response to Stevonnie asking him why he's such a jerk. After gaining Stevonnie's (temporary) sympathy towards his situation, he reveals the false nature of this story, and states that he only acts the way he does because he thinks it's funny. After beating Stevonnie, he appears initially haughty, right before Stevonnie graciously accepts defeat. Kevin then chases after their car yelling that they were obsessed with them.



Kevin is at first attracted to Stevonnie and is the first (and only) person to offer to dance with them. When they say no, he constantly pushes at them until they finally agree. When they start dancing, he's shown to be freaked out by Stevonnie's dancing, and then flees from the warehouse rave upon learning that Stevonnie is two children.

In "Beach City Drift", Kevin acts rude and condescending towards Stevonnie, claiming they were obsessed with him first calmly, then frantically when they lost gracefully.

Sour Cream

Not much is known about Kevin's and Sour Cream's relationship, except Kevin is possibly one of Sour Cream's "friends on the internet" since he is invited to the party.


Jenny lost to him in "Beach City Drift", and Ronaldo feels that he is the worst.

Episode Appearances


  • In response to a tweet asking if "the third season be even better than the second one", Matt Burnett responded yes, stating that Kevin would be in it. Kevin later appeared in "Beach City Drift", confirming this.[1]. Burnett has also stated on many occasions through his twitter that Kevin is his favorite character.


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