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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. The Barn]
(The episode opens with Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst looking at the sunset over Beach City on a hill near Greg's Storage Shed. Steven is lying on Lion with his ukulele and Peridot walks up to him.)
Peridot Steven.
Steven Hi!
Peridot Why did we stop working on the drill?! Why are they just sitting there looking at nothing?!
Steven We worked hard and we deserve to take it easy for a little bit. I mean just look at that view. It's beautiful.
Peridot It's going to be blown to oblivion by the Cluster if we don't get back to work!
Steven Working hard is important, but feeling good is important too.
Peridot What are you talking about?!
(Peridot accidentally turns on the power drill in her hand and it makes a buzzing sound.)
Steven Hey! *imitates drill* What is that, a C? *plays the note on his ukulele*
Peridot The drill? *makes the drill buzz again*
Steven Yeah! (Peridot makes the drill buzz in a higher pitch.) Oh my gosh, now it's music!
Peridot Music?
Steven Yeah! It's music! Like this, do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. *strums ukulele*
Peridot Do-mi-so-do...
Steven *sing-song* Isn't it pretty?
Peridot That's exceedingly simple. (Steven strums his ukulele again.) Do-mi-so-ti...
Steven *sing-song* We're making music.
Peridot What is the point? You're not making anything.
Steven Well, if it isn't anything, then why does it sound so good?
Peridot I suppose it's just interest... Do-mi-so-do. Devoid of substance or purpose, a hypothetical pattern... Do-mi-so-ti. For the satisfaction of bringing it to completion.
Steven Sure.
Peridot Do-mi-so-ti. Interest without meaning? Solutions without problems?
Steven And then you just add words. Here's what I have been working on.
(He sings the song "Peace and Love on the Planet Earth" and the other Gems join in.)
[Time Skip—nighttime]
[Trans. Ext. Greg's Storage Shed]
(Steven gazes at the drill in awe.)
Garnet Nice work. (She pats Peridot on the back, but Peridot jumps in fear.)
(The Crystal Gems laugh and Steven hugs her.)
Peridot We really did it, huh?
Steven *gasp* We?
Peridot Oh wait. I need to check something! *runs to the drill*
Steven She's come so far. It feels like yesterday she was trying to kill us.
Pearl No no, that was several weeks ago.
Peridot Coordinates! We still need the Cluster's exact coordinates in order to drill!
Pearl There's a Diamond Base that may hold that information, but getting there is going to be difficult.
Steven How come?
Pearl Because it's not accessible by warp pad. (She raises her hand to her head above her eyes and looks up to the moon.) And it's on...
Steven *gasps* *pupils turn into moons* The moon!
Pearl Yes, Steven, the moon.
Steven Lion! Can you make us a special super warp to the moon?
(Lion grunts and stretches his limbs, ignoring Steven.)
Steven Come on, Lion, we gotta do this to stop the Cluster! If we don't there's gonna be no more Earth! No more fun times with your pals, no more Lion Lickers... no more naps?
(At this Lion gets up and roars and his eyes glow white. The Gems stare in awe and look to Steven.)
Steven Guess it was naps.
(Lion then runs with all of the Gems on his back with Steven and Peridot sticking out of his mane. He creates a portal and runs through it.)
[Trans. Int. Portal]
Steven Pretty cool, right?
Peridot *screams*
(Lion creates more portals, increasing his speed with each one.)
Steven Go, Lion! Goooo!
[Trans. Int. Moon Base]
(Lion slides across the floor and hits a wall with the Gems still on his back.)
Steven *gasp* Lion! Are you okay, bud?
Peridot *climbs out of Lion's mane* Erghh, get me out of this furry fre- *slips* whoa!
Steven Oh, Lion. You've earned your naps for the week. *hugs Lion*
Pearl We made it. (She turns her gemstone into a flashlight as Garnet does the same.)
Steven It doesn't... look like the moon.
Amethyst Hey, look over here! I think it's a door. (She places her hand on a wall and two panels open to reveal the surface of the moon. Air sucks out of the base through the open door. She takes her hand away and it closes.) Uhhh, yup! We on the moon!
Pearl Amethyst, please! Don't blow us into space!
(Steven chuckles as he begins to float around in the air.)
Steven Whoa, *laughs* look at me! I'm a *jumps high* moon boy!
Amethyst *runs over to him* Haha, alright moon boy! (She jumps in the air in an attempt to float around like Steven but instead falls to the floor and grunts.)
Steven Moon boy quadruple back flip!
Amethyst Hey! Why can't I be a moon boy?
Peridot We're Gems, we're a space-faring race designed to conquer other worlds. Our physical forms adjust automatically to the gravity of any planetoid.
Amethyst Ahhh, lame.
Steven I was bouncing on the moon one day! *crashes against a wall* Umph! Huh? Hey Peridot, who is this supposed to be?
Peridot *gasps* It's Blue Diamond!  Wait! Are they all here? Ahh yes! There she is!
Steven Who?
(Peridot runs over to the mural.)
Peridot Behold! Yellow Diamond! Isn't she magnificent?!
Steven Wow... so who are the Diamonds anyway? They seem like a big deal.
Peridot Are you joking me?! The Diamonds are the Gem matriarchs! Together they make up the Great Diamond Authority that governs Homeworld and all the outlying colonies! We live to serve them!
(Garnet walks up behind Peridot, clears her throat, and looks down and Peridot, annoyed.)
Peridot *laughs nervously* I mean, we were all made to serve them, even though some of us... don't anymore... *pauses* Hey, I think that's a control service over there! *points across the room* Let's take a look. *heads over*
Steven *following Peridot* Yeah!
(Garnet and Amethyst walk over to Peridot who is inspecting a panel on the floor.)
Peridot I think this is right. The material is different from the surrounding stone. I think if I just do this...
(Peridot moves her hands across the panel and it lights up. It rises up, as do the rest of the panels around the room to create a set of stairs, knocking Lion over in the process.)
Peridot *giggles excitedly*
(The Gems then head up the stairs.)
Peridot This is so incredible. Only the most elite of the elite can enter these sanctums. We are literally walking in the footsteps of the diamonds!
Steven They must really like stairs.
(They enter a room upstairs with only a mysterious object in the middle of it.)
Steven Hey, what's this room?
Garnet It's not what we came here for.
Amethyst Can we hurry it up? This place gives me the creeps.
(They continue up the stairs until they reach the top.)
Steven We really are on the moon.
Peridot *goes over to a device* Oh my goodness! This looks like it could be brand new! I mean it's a relic by today's standards, but, golly! It's so elegant, so simple, so perfect!
Amethyst So how do you turn it on?
Peridot I have no idea.
(The device activates as Steven has accidentally turned it on.)
Steven Hey, it's got one of those glowy hand dealies.
Peridot You can't sit there!
Steven Why not? It's really cool.
Peridot That chair is only for the most elite Gems, you can't go around sitting where an Elite would sit.
Steven Well they aren't here now, right?
(Peridot glances to her left.)
Peridot *sits* *laughs*
(Steven grabs a white, octahedral crystal.)
Steven Hey, what's this doodad for?
Peridot Put that back! Hm, okay, let's see here...
(The chair they are sitting in gets closer to the control panel.)
Peridot There we go. This is a really old system.
(The screen switches between 7 files represented by diamond shapes.)
Peridot Gotta find the right file... aha! Cluster, Cluster where are you, Cluster? Aha! There's the insertion point. Looks like the Beta Kindergarten in Facet Nine. It's the smaller of the two, not nearly as impressive as yours, Amethyst.
Amethyst Uhh... thanks?
Pearl But where is the cluster now?
Peridot Hang on... there it is! It's embedded deep into the mantle, relative to the barn its roughly two thousand five hundred units down. All we need to do is feed this data to the drill and we should be all set.
Pearl That's it then, mission accomplished!
Steven Yeah, team!
Amethyst Great, let's get the heck out of here.
Steven Wait! Hold on, does this thing have any games on it?
Peridot No no no no, this wasn't used for games.
Steven Aw.
Peridot It was used for planning a colony. Here, look.
(A map of Earth appears on the screen.)
Peridot So here is a map of all structures that were originally built on Earth. All told, this probably only accounts for maybe, five percent of what was originally planned.
Steven What was the plan?
Peridot Well, let's take a look.
(A hologram is projected of what appears to be a hollow Earth, with rings around it.)
Peridot Ta-da! A finished Earth colony. Wow, look at this! Eighty-nine kindergartens, sixty-seven spires, a Galaxy Warp in each facet, efficient use of all available materials. What were you thinking, shutting this operation down? It could've been great!
Garnet No! You're wrong!
Peridot What do you mean? It's perfect, look at it.
Pearl We are looking at it.
Amethyst Yeah, this plan stinks!
Garnet Completing this colony would have meant the extinction of all life on Earth!
Peridot But think of the good it would have done. The Gems that would have been made, our Empire expanded.
Pearl Rose Quartz believed all life was precious, and worth protecting.
Peridot Well if she wanted to protect it she did a lousy job! There'd be no cluster if the Earth had stayed a colony. Now there's no colony, and there's gonna be no Earth, so thank you, Rose Quartz! You doomed the planet!
(Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl each look at Peridot furiously.)
Steven *laughs nervously* Is there anything that's worth more th-?
(Garnet picks up Peridot by the front of her tunic.)
Garnet You, listen to me, now. *summons gauntlet* You are talking about things that you do not understand...
Steven Garnet, stop! Please! It's not worth it. We're done here, let's just... go home.
(Garnet drops Peridot on the ground and smashes the control panel with her gauntlet.)
Peridot What did I say? I'm just stating a fact. The Rebellion didn't really save Earth, it just delayed the inevitable.
Steven *sighs* That's not the way they see it. They've spent thousand of years trying to protect the Earth. I thought maybe, you finally understood why.
(Steven walks down the stairs.)
Steven Peridot!
Peridot What? I'm coming.
(Steven glances at Peridot and notices she is holding the chair's gemstone behind her back.)
Garnet Let's go, you two.
(Steven looks in the direction of Peridot and frowns.)

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