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This page contains content that is considered "level 2 canon" and may be contradicted by the TV series.

"Issue 6" is the 6th issue of Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios, and the 6th issue overall.


With Steven and Garnet gone, it's up to Amethyst and Connie to keep Pearl calm. Will Steven be able to heal Pearl in time for the Yard Sale or do these friends have to kiss their library dreams goodbye?


Story 1: "Library", Part Two

Pearl lies on the couch feeling dreadful in her dismay as Connie tells her story in school, but only to her displeasure. She sneezes objects everywhere and lays down again feeling really sick. Steven and Garnet are inside of Pearl's mind as they try to find the root of the problem. They enter one of the doors and find a gem book. The book flies around the room while Garnet combats the book. This causes Pearl to sneeze books. The book escapes deeper into the mind of Pearl. Garnet pursues the book while dragging Steven along with her. Steven reaches the book to read it. Steven finishes the book, making Pearl healthy again.

Story 2: "Lion's Share"

The story begins with Pearl sweeping and Amethyst, on the couch, eating. While Pearl is sweeping, she sees Lion's half eaten food and complains about how Lion needs to stop leaving half-eaten food around. Amethyst thinks Pearl is talking about her. Lion comes in the temple and is carrying a dead magic mouse, Pearl tells Lion to stop when Lion gives Pearl the dead mouse and rubs his head on Pearl. Pearl then says that she can't get mad at Lion for his inmate feline habits but tosses out Lion's "present". Lion then gives Amethyst a present where she's grateful for his gift.

Story 3: "King Hotdog"

Amethyst challenges Greg to a hotdog eating contest and Greg accepts. Amethyst says Greg won't beat her and pulls out a container of fire salt, Greg takes the fire salt because extreme conditioning or seasonings aren't allowed. He goes to the fair and puts the fire salt on Mr. Smiley's table where he's preparing the hot dogs. Mr. Smiley exclaims the hot dogs need more salt and see the fire salt where he proceeds to add it to the hot dogs. Amethyst begins eating the hot dogs when Sour Cream has his mouth on fire, Amethyst summons her whip and grabs a fire extinguisher and releases it on those whose mouths are hot. Amethyst grabs them and drops them in the ocean, seemingly cooling down their mouth from the fire salt.





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