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The Invisible Manta Ray is a Gem monster that first appeared in Issue 3 of the Steven Universe comic series.


The Invisible Manta Ray looks like a typical manta ray based on shape. Her body is transparent with a pale teal tint. She has a coral colored gemstone situated where her mouth would be. She has a long sting with fin-like thorns on it and a triangular barb at the end.


  • Batoidea Physiology: The creature takes on the form of a manta ray and thus has access to its basic abilities, such as a streamlined body for easy and fast movement.
  • Audio Empowerment: Through feeding off of sound waves, the creature can empower herself, but other types of sound waves can cause her harm.
  • Flight: She mainly gets around by flying in a similar manner to how her real-life namesake swims.
  • Phasing: She has the ability to phase through solid matter, such as the front door of the Big Donut.


Issue 3

The Crystal Gems have trouble capturing this sea creature, which feeds off of sound waves and is repelled by loud noises. Greg's guitar playing leads her to his van one night, and she jostles the van with Greg still inside before disappearing again. She is attracted by Greg's guitar a second time during the open mic event at the Big Donut. Amethyst tries to attack her before she can grow stronger, but she barges past them and into the building. Steven rushes in while his dad continues playing to strum a bad note on the guitar. In response to the awful sound, the sea creature's body breaks apart and she is defeated. Her gemstone is bubbled by Pearl.


  • Steven first refers to her as a "Big Flying Manta Ray" and later as a "Giant Sea Monster".
  • Her transparent appearance resembles that of Phantamanta, a boss from the GameCube game, Super Mario Sunshine.


Image Description
Sea Monster Gemstone
The Invisible Manta Ray's gemstone is located where her mouth would be.


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