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Speaker Dialogue
(Title card)
Everyone "The Classroom Gems"
Everyone "How are Gems made?"
(Amethyst runs in, panting.)
(Amethyst slips.)
Amethyst *blushes a little* Whoops! Heh, Yo! Amethyst here, heh. Time to find out, how Gems are made. Okay, first, when a mommy Gem and a daddy Gem love each other very much... Psych!! Haha! There's no such thing as a mommy Gem or a daddy Gem! We're rocks, and rocks are made, not born, ha! Like me, I was made on Earth. Hey Garnet, bring the cards out now!
(Garnet comes in, carrying some cards.)
Amethyst So, Yeah. I was made on Earth, and then what happened was when some Gems from outer space came to here, with these big machines!
Garnet You should mention you're taking artistic license with that spaceship design.
Amethyst Eh, it's for the internet. Who cares? Anyway, they put the machines on Earth, and shot this junk into the dirt, and boom, you pop right out!
Steven Ooh, I have a question!
Amethyst Yeah?
Steven Were you guys ever babies?
(Three images of what Steven imagined Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as babies appear.)
Amethyst Ew, gross.
Garnet Definitely not.
(The three images disappear from Steven's mind.)
Steven Aww...
Amethyst Being a weak baby would be a pain, so we suck up all the good stuff from the ground so we can pop out all big, and strong!
(Pearl runs in, laughing nervously.)
Pearl We understand that Gem production was extremely damaging to the Earth, and we deeply regret our involvement in this process. The era of Gem production on Earth is over, and while we've left scars, please know we've done everything we can to counteract the damage that was done to here!
(Garnet picks Pearl up, and carries her away as she finishes talking.)
Amethyst So, uh... yeah! Heh, that's how Gems are made.
Steven Hmm, are you sure you guys were never babies?
(A dunce hat falls on to Steven's head and he frowns, the bell rings, and the title says, "Class dismissed!".)

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