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Get ready to hop, drop and roll!

Garnet's Universe

Hoppy is one of the characters that was created by Steven's imagination in "Garnet's Universe" when he was telling Garnet a story about what he thought she did with her day.


Hoppy is a gray rabbit who wears a faded pale periwinkle kimono with a pale yellow-green trim, an indigo belt, and faded blue samurai pants. She carries a katana with purple and red handle and a dark indigo blade on her left hip and has a scar on her right eye, which she is consequently unable to open. She also has dark indigo wristbands on each wrist.


Hoppy seems to enjoy training. She encourages Garnet to train harder and improve her fighting abilities, though jokes with her about losing her touch. She seems to enjoy sword fighting as she has a sword with her and tends to use it. Her personality is a lot like Amethyst's although her interests and talents seem to represent Pearl.



She is shown to be a friendly rival to Garnet and her ally during missions.


She seems to be friends with Hopper, but the two have little to no dialogue between each other. It's possible that Hopper is a mutual friend to her or possibly her training assistant as Hopper is to Garnet.


She begins to loathe Ringo after he reveals his deception and his plan to destroy the planet.


  • Hoppy is voiced by Michaela Dietz, who also voices Amethyst.
  • In the fight scene between Garnet and Ringo, Garnet confused Hopper for Hoppy and called her Hoppy, as their names are very similar.
  • Hoppy's appearance is a reference to the character Usagi Yojimbo, a rabbit ronin from a comic series of the same name. The character of Usagi Yojimbo also makes appearances in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. The key differences being that she is female, and uses only one sword whereas Usagi used two.
    • Hoppy may also be a reference to the character King, the leader of Mimiga From Cave story.


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