Homeworld Gems are Gems who are affiliated with the Gem Homeworld. They are led by the matriarchal body of The Great Diamond Authority, who are in absolute power of the existing Gem colonies.


Yellow Diamond

In "Hit the Diamond", Peridot reveals that Yellow Diamond is in complete control of Homeworld's military. All her subordinates have a small Yellow Diamond on their chests (except her personal Pearl, Doc, and Navy, otherwise expressed), traditionally bordered by two symmetrically connecting diagonal black/dark-outfit strap/bars. She created the Cluster when Earth was deemed unfit for a colony, due to the Rebellion. She is the supervisor and superior of diamond-orphaned Jasper, her expansive armies, and formerly Peridot.

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond arrived on Earth to help Pink Diamond back when Rose Quartz's rebellion only consisted of a small group. Sapphire was a former member of her court during this time. Following Pink Diamond's shattering, Blue Diamond took over operations of her human zoo in an additional attempt to keep her memory alive. She is still grieving over her shattering, millennia later, as their relationship was described to have been "very close."

Pink Diamond

Not much is known about her, other than the fact that she was in charge of the Earth colony, and that her symbol is present on the majority of ancient Gem structures. At some point during her reign, she built a human zoo and stole humans from their families, as trophies of her conquests. Her symbol is absent on structures dating as early as the Pyramid Temple, as she was allegedly shattered by Rose Quartz at some point during the Rebellion. Jasper was originally assigned to her as well. She also has a mural in the moon base, along with all the other Diamonds. She is not present in the recent symbol for The Great Diamond Authority. In a flashback in "Jungle Moon", Yellow Diamond was seen colonizing the episode's namesake in a dream, taking on the partial appearance of Dr. Maheswaran, while Stevonnie wholly appeared in place of Pink Diamond. The flashback shows Yellow as partially mothering, partially condescending of Pink, and, at the time, wanted her to act more like a Diamond, and seemed skeptical of Pink's ability to colonize, possibly at all. It's also worth noting that Pink Diamond is nearly exactly as tall as Stevonnie, in contrast to Yellow and Blue's heights.

White Diamond

In the logo of The Great Diamond Authority, a white diamond can be seen as well as the mural depicting her. Not much is known about her or her status. She appears to have spiky hair and her gemstone is placed on her forehead. According to her mural, she had the most colonies when the Moon Base was built; however, it is unknown how many she has now. Her appearance is extremely vague, yet it can be inferred that she wears some-what of a dress in the mural.

Yellow Pearl

A Pearl who serves Yellow Diamond. She is arrogant and somewhat sassy, though she is only fearful of her master Yellow Diamond. She appears to uphold condescension to Yellow's troops, and seems to consider herself the power-relative vice president/second-in-command of Yellow Diamond.

Blue Pearl

A Pearl who serves Blue Diamond. This Pearl seems to very calm and somewhat apprehensive to her owner. Blue Diamond's Pearl also acts mostly indifferent to her surroundings. She is rather opposite of Yellow Pearl.


A Quartz soldier assigned to escort Peridot on her mission to Earth who participated in the first war for Earth. After attempting to build an army of Corrupted Gems to fight the Crystal Gems, she was defeated by Smoky Quartz, became corrupted, and was eventually poofed and bubbled. She was born in the Beta Kindergarten, and has a defensive contempt for Earth, ever since "her diamond", Pink Diamond met an untimely end.

Holly Blue Agate

An Agate who, alongside Blue Diamond, manages Pink Diamond's Zoo in her absence. She also commands the various Quartzes employed there. Her underlings include the Earth Amethysts, the less-numerous Earth Jaspers, and (presumably) one Carnelian.

The "Ruby Squad"

A squadron of Ruby soldiers tasked with finding Jasper on Earth. While at the Barn, they are coerced into playing baseball against the Crystal Gems (posing as humans). After later searching for Jasper across the entire Solar System, the Rubies return to Earth and head to the Diamonds' Moon Base. While on the Moon, they are flung into space indefinitely, except Navy who is able to return to Earth, trick the Crystal Gems, and steal back the Roaming Eye. As revealed in "The Trial", Eyeball was rescued from space at some point and returned to Homeworld.


An Aquamarine sent to Earth by the Diamonds in order to retrieve different "variations" of humans for Pink Diamond's Zoo.


A fusion of two Topazes sent to Earth by the Diamonds in order to retrieve different "variations" of humans for Pink Diamond's Zoo.


Two Zircon Gems were appointed as legal counsel in a trial held on Homeworld. Both served as either the prosecuting or defense attorneys during the course of the proceedings. Both are "poofed" by Yellow Diamond. They have been confirmed to be still alive, but "in trouble".


Former Members


The Homeworld Gems first emerged from their home eons ago. At some point, the Homeworld Gems began to plant and grow more Gems on their home planet in order to expand their empire, draining the planet's natural nutrients. Because of this, Homeworld Gems set out to colonize other worlds under the leadership of the Diamond Authority. By the time the Homeworld Gems first set their eyes on Earth, they had already colonized 43 planetary bodies and 2 star systems.

Over 5,750 years ago, Homeworld Gems under the leadership of Pink Diamond arrived on Earth to colonize the planet. Rose Quartz rebelled against the other Homeworld Gems and began the Rebellion. During this time Blue Diamond and her court arrived on Earth to assist Pink Diamond in stopping the rebels. However, Pink Diamond was shattered towards the end of the Rebellion and Rose was blamed for it.

Due to the loss of leadership and Rose's growing army, Homeworld deemed the planet as unfit for further colonization efforts and began to evacuate the Earth. The Diamonds sent one final attack: the corruption light. All Homeworld Gems who were still evacuating were corrupted alongside the majority of the Crystal Gems.

Post-Rebellion saw the dawn of Era 2. Homeworld Gems produced on Homeworld began to lack basic Gem abilities such as shapeshifting. During this period, Homeworld Gems upgraded their technology such as light-speed space travel.


  • Many fans have nicknamed the leader(s) the "Great Diamond Authority" based on Ronaldo's conspiracy theory created in "Keep Beach City Weird". Later, in "It Could've Been Great", Peridot confirmed this theory.
  • Gems in alignment with Homeworld have diamond symbols on their outfits and weapons as opposed to the stars on the Crystal Gems' outfits and weapons.
    • This is confirmed in the Guide to The Crystal Gems.
    • The diamond symbols are colored off of whichever Diamond the Gem serves. For example, Eyeball, who serves under Yellow Diamond, wears a yellow Diamond, while Holly Blue Agate, who serves underneath Blue Diamond, wears a blue diamond.
    • There appear to be exceptions to this rule, as some Gems are known not to wear the Diamond symbol, such as the Zircons, or Blue and Yellow Pearl. In the former's cases, both wear diamond-shaped ties, whereas the Pearls have diamond key-hole necklines.
    • In "Gem Heist" and "That Will Be All" the Crystal Gems were able to pass off as Homeworld Gems, despite only Amethyst's outfit containing a Diamond.
  • In the episode "Bismuth", Bismuth mentions a Gem known as "Nephrite" piloting a Homeworld ship.
    • Nephrite gemstones are smooth, green gemstones that are classified as jade.
  • Modern Homeworld Gems (or Era 2 Gems) appear to be unaware of who Pink Diamond is and events and participants of the Rebellion.
    • Peridot was originally unaware of who the Crystal Gems were.
    • Leggy and the other members of the Ruby Squad except for Eyeball are unaware who Pink Diamond is at all.
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